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Astral Dimensions/Planes. What are they and how many actually exist?

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posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 02:36 PM

Originally posted by IamNow

It’s in our nature to search and find answers; however some answers prove pointless in this dimension. There is always a lot of confusion around these topics, more to the point there is always conflict in people’s opinions. I don’t believe there is anyone on ATS that can turn around and say “Hey there is (X) amount of Astral Planes and they are here for (Whatever) reason” despite that though there will be people who share their version of that truth, you just got to ask yourself are you ready to become attached to somebody else’s beliefs and put your trust in them, have you still not learned from the past yet. At the end of the day “You already know your answer” if you don’t you soon will, you just need to read something your mind agrees with.

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Correct there is NO ONE on ATS that knows how many dimensions there are and what is in them. I fully realize this, I do not put my total faith in anyone but I am a natural seeker, I can not help it and I will continue to seek. I understand what you mean about becoming attached to another and their beliefs, this is no longer an option for me, I listen and take away only what resonates with me. I know once we step over the line into metaphysical practices we are in effect playing with fire, I know I have been burnt but it is only through this we gain knowledge and experience of the greater realms and are then able to increase our discernment. How can we expect to step out unless we take a few chances?

Two years ago I knew nothing of astral dimensions, astral entities and astral projection. Today I still know not a lot but the experiences I have had in this area even though slightly dangerous and risky I would not change for the world. They have opened up an entirely different understanding of this reality I find myself in and I love it and I will continue to seek. If this gets me into psychic trouble then I will learn from these experiences as I hope I have up to now.

I do live in the now, I do not believe there is any place in our lives for past or future, this you also know, however these other dimensions are also in their now and I have a wanting to go so for me just forgetting about them isnt really an option.

posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 05:44 PM
reply to post by Taskism

Great post, astral projection is something I would love to be able to do.

me too but do we take a risk like the OP says and Iamnow says. Is it risky to step over this line if so I will stay here

posted on Jun, 24 2009 @ 03:16 PM
I just happened across five dimensional geometry to explain ELF waves.
Who knows how many to explain string theory and other such
manipulations of nature.

Now it seems one may have as many variables or dimensions as
one needs and I will tell you how this may have become acceptable.
The story is about this guy:
Perhaps it is folk law.

A computer math teacher related this story as he taught us
linear programming.
Deming was late for class and copied the problems off the board.
The next class Deming told the teacher those problems were more
difficult than usual.

Those three problems were considered the three most unsolvable.

Well one was in linear programming, used for product lines for
manufacturing, marketing and plant management and was
unsolvable for a lack of variables.

So Deming put in slack variables. Problem solved.

Don't go looking for these popular dimensions, their just a marketing ploy.

ED: Looking over the wiki page none of the key words I thought
might appear never showed up. Secrets never are revealed how
he did things. The Discussion page looked like an opportunity to
add this anecdote but nothing even came close.

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