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Who's There ?

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posted on May, 27 2009 @ 02:55 PM
On the left side, as seen from this plateau, rises a craggy mountain that extends up
into lofty clouds. On the right side, another huge mountain rises out of the earth,
strewn with giant boulders and fallen trees. Towering sheer cliffs loom over the
ground far below, watching. The two mountains form a notch where they touch, and
it is there that I will end this tiring trek. From this plateau I can see, and now hear,
the giant waterfall that feeds the hidden lake in the notch. The lake where I will
make camp for the night. I continue the hike.

As I near the lake a gentle breeze blows through the tall, weedy grass, bending it
ever so slightly, and it seems to be leading me over and down the hill as if
announcing my arrival. I am here. The air is fresh and cool, and filled with the
scent of lilac and pine. If not for the roar of the waterfall, I am convinced this
would be the quietest and most peaceful spot in this world. Yet it is teeming with
so much life and energy that I feel a bit giddy. It's as if it has been created
especially for me.

I remove my backpack and begin to set up camp. I have chosen a stand of trees
that overlook the lake and falls on one side and provides a view of the path back
down the mountains to my right. The ground is littered with leaves and I use them
to soften the ground under my tent, making a very comfortable bed and natural
pillow. Soon I am walking in circles around my campsite, checking the lay of the
land and collecting rocks for my firepit. After the firepit has been dug and lined with
rocks I return to the circling, expanding it here and there searching for firewood.
It is extremely peaceful here, in this notch between the mountains.

As the sun slowly sinks behind the western hills ,my campsite is complete and
ready for the night. A small fire to cook over also provides light as the darkness
settles in around me. I lay on my back and look up into the deep night sky,
amazed at the number of stars visible to the naked eye. Billions !

My mind wanders, and I begin to wonder what I will find tomorrow. Behind the
waterfall. There's something there, or someone ! I know it ! I've seen it every
night in my dreams. This place. The lake . The waterfall. Something behind the
waterfall. Movement ! Movement ! . . . .Who's there ?

posted on May, 28 2009 @ 09:56 AM
The night turned pitch black and the temperature dropped rapidly.

Across the lake, eyes watched his fire burn down to glowing embers. The
campsite was being closly scrutinized.

posted on May, 28 2009 @ 09:58 AM
I want to investigate, but I am hesitant. I am worried what this might mean.
"All those dreams! All those dreams!"
Do I dare?
I do.
If not to satisfy my sense of curiosity and adventure, but to answer the more burning question, "Why do I dream this night after night?".
I hear sounds, and a voice.......................................

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posted on May, 28 2009 @ 10:09 AM
He threw back the covers and jumped to his feet, all his senses on high
alert. But of course there was nothing there. There never was.

He'd been through this before, many times.

Sitting back down by the fire he made himself a cup of hot coffee.

He couldn't see much beyond the perimeter of his campsite because the
glow from the fire hindered his night vision. But . .he felt someone
watching him.

Across the water, nothing moved.

posted on May, 28 2009 @ 11:40 AM
The early dawn found him fishing off the top of a huge boulder that was half submerged in the cold waters of the lake. Immediately he had a hit,
and then he was reeling in a three pound trout that would be his

He would hike on over to the other side of the lake today and find out what, if anything, was behind the waterfall.

By midmorning he had made it to the falls. Only then did he realize that
there was no possible way to enter the falls by land. Sheer cliffs on both
sides of the falls prevented any chance of access. He'd have to enter the
water and swim directly through the falls if he wanted to get in at all.
Removing his boots and jacket, he slipped into the frigid waters and swam
in a semi-circle until he was directly across from the falling water. The
cold water numbed his body and the roar of the falls all but deafened him.
Taking in a big gulp of air he dove underwater and swam through the
falls, finally coming to the surface again two minutes later and about thirty
feet on the backside of the waterfall, where he found a shallow place to
rest. He concentrated on getting rid of his involuntary shivering. Turning
his head from side to side, he was startled to see a black-hooded figure
staring directly at him. Quickly he ducked his head underwater again,
hoping he really hadn't been seen.
When his lungs were finally bursting for air he surfaced again.
But the hooded figure was gone !

posted on May, 28 2009 @ 03:12 PM
Slowly he paddled over to the rocks and pulled himself up and out of the
water. His shivering had disappeared, replaced with confident resolution.
So far . .so far . .his dreams had been right ! There had been move-
ment behind the falls ! He had seen someone or something !

Looking around, he noticed a rocky ledge that led off into what seemed to
be, . . caves. He followed the ledge and was amazed to see it turn into a
formal sidewalk, complete with handrails and stairs. Continuing on, he
rounded a bend and came face to face with a door. Not just any door
either, he could tell this one was "different". To begin with it was
approximately 8 feet wide. And about 15 feet high. It loomed over him like
a sentinel. Cobwebs and vines covered almost every inch of the door, but
he was able to make out some kind of inscription etched deeply into the
upper panel. Brushing layers of accumulated dust from the panel he read :

He had no idea what the inscription meant, if anything.

He brushed more and more of the cobwebs aside until suddenly his hand
touched something that sent fire burning into his body like lightning, and
he fainted.

He awoke at dusk, finding himself somehow back at his campsite, with a
warm fire burning quietly.

He asked himself if he was dreaming again or was this for real. He looked
down at his hands, which were shaking out of control, wickedly. Then he
looked at his feet and remembered he had taken off his boots before he
had slipped into the water. No boots ! This was really happening !

But how did he end up back here ?

posted on May, 29 2009 @ 09:56 AM
From a nook in the rocks a hundred feet away the hooded figure observed
his awakening. Satisfied that he was unhurt, the black cowled individual
shrank away into the woods and was gone.

posted on May, 29 2009 @ 02:03 PM
Sleep didn't come easy but eventually he did fall back into dreamland.

He was back at the tower, climbing the stairs two at a time until he
reached the highest chamber, their library. Going immediately to the
nearest bookshelf, he pulled an old volume down and began to carefully
flip the pages until he found what he was looking for, a chapter on latin
phrases. Running his finger down the list, he came to :

He rushed back down the stairs . . .and woke up again by the firepit.

He made himself a cup of steaming hot tea laced with honey, and thought
about the inscription's meaning. "When the day has arrived" ! What did it
really mean ? Was it meant for him or someone else ? Had he really been
to the other side of the waterfall ?

In the morning he found his boots down by the shore. He had left them
way over on the other side of the lake yesterday !

posted on May, 29 2009 @ 02:44 PM
A gusty wind formed tiny whitcaps across the lake as it made its way over
to the other side. It did not, however, stir the cowl from the black-robed
individual seated in front of the door. His features were hidden inside by
shadows of gray light, as if he was meant to remain unseen. From a small
wooden box he removed a perfectly round stone and set it out in front of
him. His arms moved under the robe and rose above his head until they
met in prayer-like fashion. He stayed in this position for approximately two
minutes, then lowered his hands and touched the stone. Bolts of lightning
burst from the skies over the lake and thick, dark clouds swiftly appeared
overhead. The stone began to glow red, then into white, and as he opened
his hands a magificent beam of light shot skyward. A tremendous clap of
thunder followed . . .and everything went silent. The stone ceased to glow.
Carefully he put the stone back into the box. The signal had been sent.

posted on May, 29 2009 @ 04:01 PM
The bus station was not used to this kind of traffic. Nor was the tiny town
of Unity for that matter. A sudden onslaught of tourists and visitors turned
their quiet little village into a beehive. People were arriving from every-
where ! All kinds of people. Old people, young people, people of
different ethnic backgrounds, women and men from all parts of the world.
Priests, Rabbis, Lamas, Mystics, Seers, and believers galore !

They all had one thing in common . . .they wanted directions to Storm
Lake, located way up in the Twin Peaks range. Out of the way and difficult
to get to. But they all believed they had to get there, and soon. The local
food mart did as much business in one day as they would normally do in
one month. And now, the pilgrimage to Storm Lake was beginning.

posted on May, 29 2009 @ 04:27 PM
Jonathan Two Moons gazed out over Storm Lake, awestruck by what he
had just witnessed. The massive beam of white light that had cracked open
the sky had disappeared. But the intense silence lingered, as did the
electrically charged bolts overhead. No thunder from the lightning now,
just stab after stab of light show theatrics. And no rain.

He turned to look at the waterfall . . and there was that feeling of being
watched again. He wondered aloud, "Who's there ?"

Miles below, the believers climbed ever nearer.

posted on Jun, 2 2009 @ 04:39 PM
I have been waiting so impatiently for you collaborators out there to join
in on this with me. I'm trying to keep it entertaining, but I may need help.

Jonathan ate his supper slowly, savoring the last tastes of his biscuits and
beans with detached amusement. He did not remember such a simple meal
tasting so good. The hot tea laced with honey was a dessert unto itself.
Sitting by the fire, he watched the arrival of the believers as they wound
their way up and into his little valley, settling here and there on the small
hills in back of him. More and more came, with torches lighting the way.
They surrounded his higher campsite, on all sides, except the side that
faced the lake. It was as if no one was supposed to get any closer than he
was now !
And although the number of arrivals now exceeded probably 1500, they
were quiet and orderly, making camp around him and behind him, igniting
fires for cooking and heating yet keeping their respective distance at the
same time. Jonathan knew now that the time had come . . . .at last.

posted on Jun, 2 2009 @ 11:21 PM
(I'm here, be patient with me, I will try to keep half of your pace)

He reached up to scratch the back of his head, as he glanced down at his other hand. The scar that had always been there was gone. He ran his fingers softly over the skin on his hand between his left index finger and his left thumb. Now he was thoroughly confused. Just yesterday, that scar was there. He was positive of that detail, in fact, he remembered a mosquito landing in that very same spot yesterday - mid afternoon-ish and biting him. He had swatted it and killed it. What was going on? The only thing he could think of that he had done out of the ordinary, was getting into that ice cold water. Was it the water? He then pulled up his pant legs and started to carefully examine his legs inch by inch. All of his childhood scars…all of them, were gone!

Slowly, he turned his head from side to side looking at all of the people that had come up into the mountains where he was. Why were they here? Why were there hundreds of people - Here? Thoughts slowly ran through his head. Everything all of the sudden seemed surreal, and he once again considered that he might be dreaming all of this? In fact, he wasn't at all sure what was real, and what was not real anymore...

posted on Jun, 3 2009 @ 04:54 PM
Ah, my friend and co-conspirator, JS31, . .welcome.

From his vantage point across the lake, the tall, hooded figure watched the
arrival of the believers as well. One single, solitary campfire across the
way had grown into a sea of fireflies. Indeed, it was the beginning.

The Seer turned away from the glittering darkness and returned to his
post near the door. He had been "watching" this particular door for more
than 2000 years, for any signs that the time had come. Not until the visit
yesterday by the Believer did he ever feel his job here was important. He
had accepted his assignment many years past, when the earth was
struggling through magic and religion as if to do away with both. He had
been a priest with the Dissenters, a group of Seers supporting the
continuance of magic as a staple of life. They had been defeated. The
hoards of God-fearing soldiers had dispersed his kind, until after a while
Seers could only be found guarding ancient secrets, if found at all. He had
sent the message, and now he would wait some more.

Back across the lake, Jonathan Two Moons drifted off to sleep . .to dream.
Although he was not aware of it, all of the newly arrived believers were
also getting ready to sleep for the night. But they would not be dreaming
this night. At least not the dreams that compelled them to come here.
Their dreams tonight would be typical, pleasant, and many. Only Jonathan
would continue to dream about . . . . destruction !

posted on Jun, 4 2009 @ 04:34 PM
He moved effortlessly down the mist-filled hall, guided by the hooded
Seer. It was decision time. Decision time for him and maybe for all of
humanity. He wondered to himself if he was ready and able. His
purification process completed, he knew that he would never be more
prepared than he was now physically. It was the mental preparation that
worried him. He would have to make a choice in a few minutes, a choice
that would either be right . . or a choice that might bring complete and
utter destruction to planet earth. He slowed down and stopped as they
arrived in front of what looked to be two shimmering windows.

Jonathan woke up from his dream with a start ! Sitting up, he looked
around, guessing that it must be about two hours before dawn. He could
hear the crackling of numerous fires and the aromas of coffee and teas.
Suddenly he jumped up and began to inspect himself. Overnight his dark
brown hair had changed color, it was now completely white ! And it was
longer, a lot longer, extending down to the middle of his back ! Like
yesterday, when he had noticed that all of his scars had disappeared, he
was again amazed at the physical differences now apparent from one end
of his body to the other. He seemed leaner . .but taller. He felt stronger.
Peeking into a small mirror, he found his eyebrows had also turned white.
What had caused these changes ? The water ? The shock he had received
from the door ? What ? . . And why ?
He started to remember some of his dream.

posted on Jun, 5 2009 @ 12:57 PM
The morning sun found him standing tall, leaning partially on his walking
staff, watching the entire camp prepare for breakfast. The smell of bacon
and eggs carried on the wind made his stomach growl, and he realized he
should eat something himself, and soon. As he prepared a little something,
his attention was drawn to a small group of men and women inching their
way down to the shore of the lake. They were dragging and pulling a boat
behind them, and Jonathan was sure they meant to put it in the water. It
was the first time any of the newly arrived believers had ventured out in
front of his position, between him and the lake. Quickly they lifted the boat
and set it in the water, taking care to never come in contact with the water
themselves. An anchor line was secured to the nearest tree to keep the
boat from floating away, . . and then they scurried back behind his hill of
command, waiting.

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posted on Jun, 5 2009 @ 03:38 PM
He finished a light breakfast, and was preparing to leave when the crowd
around him became instantly quiet and still. He observed that all were
standing and facing the shore and he followed their attention on down to
the shoreline . . . where the black-robed individual he had seen yesterday
stood waiting by the boat. Evidently, he realized suddenly, he wasn't going
alone. Jonathan walked down the hill to meet him.

The Seer raised his right hand and the anchor rope uncoiled magically from around the tree. It floated over to the Seer's right hand, where it was
caught and held. With his left hand the Seer now beckoned Jonathan to
step into the boat, which he did. Jonathan seated himself in the front of the
boat, the Seer took the back. Slowly the boat began to turn and face the
far side of the lake . . the waterfall. Gently it began to move. The boat had
no sails, no motor, and no oars or paddles, but it moved gracefully across
the water towards its destination. Together, Jonathan with his now long
flowing white hair, and the Seer, in his cowled flowing black robe, . . . . . .
made quite a picture.
As they left the land behind, the crowd of believers began to cheer loudly.

posted on Jun, 5 2009 @ 04:25 PM
Steadily the boat headed for the waterfall. The lake now seemed bigger
somehow, at least from Jonathan's vantage point up front. A mild wind
blew across the water, creating small waves that lapped against the sides
of the boat, making soft splashing sounds. It had no effect on their route
or speed.

The giant waterfall roared as they neared its entry into the lake. Damp
mist filled the air and bubbles churned in the water. Just as Jonathan
thought that they'd be soaked to the bone, the Seer raised both hands
skyward . . and the waterfall parted in the middle to let them through, as
dry as when they had begun. The boat coasted over to the rocky ledge
and the Seer helped Jonathan get out, then jumped out himself and tied
the boat up to a ring embedded in the stone wall.

Together they headed for the door. As Jonathan walked up to the door he
realized something had changed. No longer was the door covered with
cobwebs and dead vines. It stood clean and massive and appeared to be
copper colored. The inscription was still there : UT DIES HAS SUPERVENIO.
"When the day has arrived".

Well, today was the day, wasn't it ? The Seer stepped to the side and let
Jonathan approach the door by himself. Jonathan remembered the last
time he had touched this door . . the physical shock had rendered him
unconscious. He wondered what awaited him this time. But he knew, he
knew all too well, that he had to enter through this door. The time was
now. He was the one. He reached out and touched the inscription.

posted on Jun, 16 2009 @ 04:25 PM
And lived ! The eerie, mind-numbing shock he expected didn't come.

The door hissed, as if steam was now escaping from its edges, and then
smoothly and silently it turned inward and to the right, granting them
access to a hall. The Seer stepped in ahead of Jonathan, leading the way
into . . whatever awaited them. Although no signs of lighting could be seen,
Jonathan was amazed at the level of visibility encountered. The farther in
they progressed, the lighter it appeared to get . .until they arrived in front
of the shimmering windows. Under closer scrutiny, the windows actually
resembled computer monitors, but of a make or design never seen by
humans before. Strange pictographs encircled each window, but they were
not identical whatsoever. The one closest had an inscription that read :
"Quis est non". The other, an inscription that read : "Quis est". Jonathan
quickly translated the phrases in his mind. The first read : "What is not".
The second : "What is". Latin again. Was this some kind of test or just an
informational presentation ? He didn't have a clue. But he felt that he must
find out about "Quis est non" first. He didn't know why, it was just a feeling.

He stepped up to the nearest shimmering window . . and it came to life !

posted on Jun, 22 2009 @ 04:18 PM
Pictures appeared, pictures of the earth, . . the whole planet. Mountains,
valleys, deserts, jungles, plains, rivers, lakes, and oceans. Plants came
next, millions of plants, from roses and ferns to vines and trees. And then
animals and fish of all kinds and sizes. Jonathan did his best to recognize
most of what he was seeing but he had to admit there were many, too
many, that he failed to recognize at all.
And then came man. Slowly at first, from caves and such, then more
rapidly, with women and children filling the screen until . .they were spread
out across the world . . and then the screen returned to darkness.

Just as quickly the screen came back to life . . with only the picture of a
cross showing. The cross changed into a church, then many different
churches, of all denominations and beliefs. All religions visually appeared,
then faded away, until only one object remained. Jonathan realized he was
staring at the Ark of the Covenant. It's image also faded away into
nothingness . . . and the screen went dark again.

The ten minute presentation left Jonathan exhilarated, but wary.

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