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Finally A National Sales Tax...err Wait a Minute....

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posted on May, 27 2009 @ 12:52 PM
Hello all, it’s been a few since I’ve had a chance to give my take on things so now it’s time to get back into the swing of things. Today the Washington Post reports that the government is considering a “national sales tax” or “VAT” as they call it to help curb the big government deficits. At first glimpse I jumped for joy, hey finally the government is waking up to the fair tax it’s about damn time. Then the details emerge and this is no fair tax this is just an additional tax. The 16th Amendment stays and now we add this.

Now the report says the Obama administration aren’t really talking about this but in reality, umm, yes they are, otherwise this story wouldn’t have been leaked. This is what you call floating a story to get the public’s reaction. You want my reaction, Ok, I’ll give it to you. If our government passes a national sales tax without repealing the 16th Amendment I will leave America. I will move and I will take my stuff with me. I’ll become a citizen of some miscellaneous Caribbean country. If a revolution happens I’ll be sure to come back for that but otherwise I am GONE. This to me would be the final straw.

Now I know the critics are just itching to call me every name in the book from greedy to just plain un-patriotic but I say consider this. To this day we continue to bailout banks and other bankrupt multi national institutions with our taxpayer dollars. These same institutions have not by far been paying their fair share in taxes and have also shipped millions of jobs overseas. The bailouts may not be in a direct fashion but it is happening. We continue to police the world and continue to push the warfare state although we have been promised by almost ALL politicians this would not be the case. I remember when Bush II ran his campaign destroyed Clinton for his nation building policies and un-necessary wars. So what happens when Bush gets into office? More nation building and more wars. Obama runs on ending the warfare state and what do we get? You guessed it, an EXPANSION of the warfare state.

We continue to run the huge welfare state and just flat out bloated government agencies like the DOE, DE, DOA, DHS, etc, etc, etc. Some of these agencies serve a purpose but most of them need to be trimmed at least 50%. We need to start letting states handle issues especially issues that are not delegated to the federal government via our Constitution. We continue to run the police state here at home with more and more of our rights being swiped away via laws like the Patriot Act. Now they are trying to pass a new Patriot Act to finish off our last right the 2nd Amendment. It’s known as HR 2159 which is an obvious attempt by our government to snatch up anyone’s guns whom they deem a “terrorist” or from what we have seen in recent history just people who are sick of the status quo.

We continue to run the nanny state here at home telling people how to raise their kids, educate their children, how to live, what to eat, and on and on. The vote in California was a sign of the times. The people are getting fed up with taxes and big government. When you have California voting against tax hikes en mass that’s when you have to realize that enough is enough. Actions like that vote will force the government of California to make the hard choices. Our government however just continues to stick this big government to us either by taxes or indirect means like borrowing or creating money out of thin air creating inflation. I have a great idea Mr. Politician, why not quit policing us here at home and quit policing the world and then you’ll have the money to start to pay down this massive debt without a VAT.

Even better if you want a national sales tax, GREAT, but get rid of the income tax right along with it and let’s get back to saving money and producing things to get us out of this mess. Let’s also go on a nation wide campaign push AGAINST this consumer driven economy that pushes people to spend and borrow money they don’t have to keep the house of cards standing. As an American I’m getting more and more pissed off at the two party crime family and their antics. Divide and conquer is only going to work so long. People on BOTH sides are waking up to this. We need a leader in Washington someone who can think outside the box and right now and in the past we just haven’t had it.

posted on May, 27 2009 @ 01:07 PM
One of the big things Obama was proclaiming when running for president was his agreement that Personal Income Tax was unethical and quite probably illegal. His plan was to REPLACE Personal Income Tax with a Flat Sales Tax on Luxury Goods (meaning non-essential, first house, first car, etc would be exempt). The rationale behind this was that it was wrong to tax the working person on labor, just so that they could feed and clothe and house their family, while those who buy Russian Caviar, have a stable of Ferraris, and buy each of their mistresses Diamond Necklaces and Fur Coats, and vacation at their 5th home in the Hamptons don't pay any taxes. The difference in Taxable Revenue for the IRS of a Flat Sales Tax on Luxury Goods compared to Personal Income Tax is unbelievable. It makes good sense, monetarily as well as ethically, to do such.

Granted, this plan was before the Economic Crisis that erupted in America (although any one with half a brain should have seen it coming since 1992).

However, I totally agree that if this is an additional tax on top of Personal Income Tax that the government is going to have more than just Tea-Baggers protesting.

posted on May, 27 2009 @ 01:24 PM

Originally posted by tjeffersonsghost

Welcome to Europe

I hate VAT.. we have to pay 21% VAT on almost all non essential items but it varies on the product..

If you are self employed, you can claim it all back though.. which is helpful.

If the US wasn't wasting all those $ with that stupid war, you probably wouldn't be subjected to this. We have it to subsidize our social policies..

At the moment in Ireland, its the only thing keeping the Country afloat

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posted on May, 27 2009 @ 01:26 PM
Obama also promised nobody under $150k would see a dime of new taxes.

How's that going for you smokers?

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