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I Can Proudly Say I Havn't Watched Television In 5 Years!!

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posted on May, 28 2009 @ 01:10 AM
I think one should be very selective with their use of TV. And should not watch TV for any longer than an hour per day. Not that its a rule, but I just think its unhealthy to get glued to a box like that.

The internet is very different. You interact with the web, mostly engage in reading and acquiring very selective information. You can learn about anything. You can discuss and do almost anything. Its the most comprehensive treasure trove of information - you're mostly likely learning something each time you surf the web. This is not necessarily the case in most circumstances with the TV, in my opinion.


posted on May, 28 2009 @ 01:13 AM
1. My attitude is - if they want me to watch TV, listen to radio or read papers, they have to pay me a lot and I'll think about it.

2. I don't watch TV for more than 6 years.

3. It is different from Internet. TV is providing the content for you - in internet I have options to chose from.

4. Think how absurd it is - they want to tell me something and I have to pay for it... oh no no - they have to pay me, if they want their message to be heard.

posted on May, 28 2009 @ 01:52 AM
The last time I paid for anything TV related was back in 2000. Until recently I did not own a TV. I just recently bought a 46" LCD for my movies and the kids Wii and my own gaming. Even then it really is not even a TV because it is hooked to a media center PC as the monitor.
For me, TV became disjunctive and I could not get immersed in the tube like when I was a kid. I also could not stand that high pitch "hiss" the CRT tubes make. It would cause head aches.
Whole family (including kids) are without TV. The Fiancee was harder but the shows she cares to watch can be seen on the web.

I have lived with people addicted to soap operas. This chick had 2 (two) channel direct TV tuners just so she could record 4 different shows (two ran at the same time on different channels) each day and still watch what was on in "real time" Her social life/eating dinner did not happen until she consumed the 4 hours of prerecorded soaps.

For me the only problem if you can call it that is everyone else always asks "have you seen this or that show or commercial?" and I have no clue what they talking about. Then I tell them I don't watch TV and they get a puzzled look on their faces.

Often I just think of how many people first get home and turn on the TV and plop down in front of it just like the Simpsons intro. All those people that watch the sitcoms and reality shows are fodder if anything like when the s.h.t.f. happens.

posted on May, 28 2009 @ 04:02 AM
In my early 20s I went to work in the Snowy Mountains (N.S.W Australia) for 3 years on a large remote cattle property. No TV, or internet for 3 years.


Work was the only thing to take your mind off the boredom. At night, once the sun went down and it got dark, there was nothing to do other than sit around an open fire and talk. And talking was at a bare minimum anywayz as there was not a lot to talk about.

I think I did more daydreaming, laying on a sack, starring at the stars every night than any other time in my life. No books to read, no music to listen to, no 'intelligent' conversation to stimulate the mind.

Did I miss TV?

Yes and no. I do remember when I returned to the city how colourful everything was, including TV. LOL the biggest thing to HIT me was women's perfume. No jokes, I got off the train and wham I could smell a woman a mile away! LOL

TV was good when I came back in that it looked really colourful/beautiful but the content was the same old rubbish.

posted on May, 28 2009 @ 07:05 AM
WOW its good to see so many people have tuned out from television and understand what i was talking about in my original post, thank you all for your input

last night i had a long discussion with my father on the subject and he agreed to try no tv for amonth and see what differences there wil be, i will be making a day to day record and post my results here on this thread when the month is over
i wil be monitering such things as

2) appetite
3) health
4) intuition
5) relationship with family
6) activitys the he will be doing instead of television ( all his own choice of activitys )
7) hours of sleep
8) general attitude
9) and ofcourse any major changes,

i will also have a little interview sort of thing with him which i will transcript and post here also

thank again everyone for your input

if anyone can think of anythig else i should monitor during this little experiment then feel free to U2U me and let me know
peace and love to you all

posted on May, 28 2009 @ 07:38 AM
Nothing but trauma and drama that insults the intelligence. It's not called the Boob Tube for nothing. And of course the Main stream news is all propaganda. Good for you that your awake enough not to waste your time with it.

posted on May, 28 2009 @ 07:51 AM

Originally posted by Free4Ever2
As the title says i havnt watched television for just over five years now

Since switching it off for myself i have noticed i am more sociable, more literate, more able to connect with other human beings alot easier.

More literate? You spelled Haven't wrong twice.

I'm just saying

posted on May, 28 2009 @ 08:11 AM
reply to post by Free4Ever2

I haven't watched TV for around 15 years or so - not sure exactly. I have seen some stuff on TV occasionally when I look for it on the net to find a clip, or when I am sitting someplace like an airport and they have TV.

It is simply a propaganda tool. If I want to know what the controllers want someone to think then I can look up news headlines and see what the current agenda is.

Of all their powers, media is probably the most powerful weapon against freedom of the mind.

Laws and legality, education, tax, loans, advertising, regulations - they are all weapons of control - plus many others.

Freedom isn't defined by being able to act freely within the law, because they control the law. The only laws that need apply to men and women are do no harm and cause no loss. All other laws are to be treated with disdain and broken, twisted and avoided where possible.

posted on May, 28 2009 @ 08:33 AM
I dont watch that Teldavision anymore.
I just watch da U-tube.
I am heaps that smater. More smarty now than M&M.
4 sure youse should all do what it says more.
All the documents tarys are all true on it, and have u seen all da UFO stories.

On a serious note, I went about one year without TV, radio, or print media. I lived on a greek Island working for a british sailing company. I lived in a little villa with my girlfriend and we had nothing at all but beds and a bathroom. The resort had nothing electronic, by way of TV or radio, and we were a few km's from the main . All the media was in greek so I was totally out of the loop.
If any body has read the book, The Beach. That was my life for nearly a year.
When I flew back to London I felt like John Savage in Brave New World. It was Bizarre.

I actually felt overwhelmed by information when I re-joined "society".

T.V is great, if you treat it like any other tool. It has its uses, but just don't rely on it for everything.

posted on May, 28 2009 @ 08:35 AM

Originally posted by Thebudweiserstuntman

Originally posted by Free4Ever2
As the title says i havnt watched television for just over five years now

Since switching it off for myself i have noticed i am more sociable, more literate, more able to connect with other human beings alot easier.

More literate? You spelled Haven't wrong twice.

I'm just saying
But how do you know that is not an improvement?

Just saying.

posted on May, 28 2009 @ 08:46 AM
reply to post by Free4Ever2

Why would your father "agree" with you to go without tv for a month? I find that rather odd. Either your old man likes tv or he doesn't I seriously DOUBT he is going to follow your urging to not watch. Men tend to want to see the news on a daily basis, and some are interested in sports updates. You've gone from one end of the spectrum to the other, like full tilt. Now it seems like a contest of wills or something for you to stay away from tv. Sorry but two and two aren't making four.

posted on May, 28 2009 @ 08:53 AM
reply to post by Bombeni

my father watches television on a nightly basis for hours on end, he agreed to this EXPERIMENT that i wished to do! My father and i have an amazing relationship and after a long discussion about my views and his views on television when i proposed this experiment he agreed to do it! why is that so hard to grasp, its not a battle of wills, i chose not to watch television because i felt it was making me someone i didnt want to be! I at the time of choosing decided i would rather spend my time doing more productive things like concentrating on my music, taking in my surroundings ( i mean the nature surrounding my hometown ) if you had read the whole thread then you would know this already, my father and myself are both interested to see the outcome of this little experiment! thanks

posted on May, 28 2009 @ 09:51 AM
So are you saying you have not seen ANY Of the new Doctor Who episodes??? OR Torchwood?

... oh dear oh dear!

*mysterybee loves her telly*

posted on May, 28 2009 @ 04:21 PM
reply to post by Free4Ever2

By God this is amazing.

You are an example to the world. I gave up on it for two weeks and it was harder than anything I've given up before. I don't even watch it normally, I'm critical of nearly everything on it. Well done, I think it is clear that I am envious. I hope I have the power to get rid of it one day but for now, Have I Got News For You is on.....

posted on May, 28 2009 @ 11:40 PM
Congratulations for living a life without the mass hypnotizer!

In the Internet you can make your own 'channel'. You can't make a TV channel, can you?

You also have way more options at the Internet. Billions of sites compared to just dozens of channels.

You can watch what you want, when you want on the Internet. You can't do that with television.

On the Internet you can block advertising using plugins like AdBlock (Firefox). You can't block advertising on TV.

Internet is way more interactive than TV.

TV has way more subliminal advertising than Internet.

posted on May, 28 2009 @ 11:59 PM
the TV machine (as all technology) is not bad but congrats on living without it. in the past - those old days before the internet - one would be quite uninformed and isolated without a TV.

however i fail to see the difference between the information overload of the internet (youtube, hulu, many others) vs the cable TV with its garbage. or even video games which can become a days long experience making you forget most of your normal tasks and even bodily functions. as with anything in life, moderation is the key. i try to avoid cable like the plague and i usually wait for a 6 month promotion with DVR to come along, then disconnect for 1-2 years.

but i do watch the over-the-air digital broadcast networks. i've had a digital converter box since 2006 and PBS has been great with their "create" channel and travel, nature & science shows
my PC doubles as a DVR so i'm recording some of the network primetime shows to watch later on my PC. that way i can watch tv while surfing the internet at the same time and skipping commercials

i grew up on over-the-air tv only because cable was not available in my area back then so i don't mind watching less than 20 channels.
i'm amazed how people can spend $50 or more each month for TV only - that's over $600 a year which would buy you a new HDTV each year

in the end it's your own choice whether you're a couch potato or use your technology to widen your horizons and become more aware of the world that surrounds you. TV is there for profit, it's not a charity so it will air whatever the majority of people demand. well except for PBS which still has decent non-profit user-supported shows

posted on May, 29 2009 @ 04:03 PM
reply to post by staple

For me the only problem if you can call it that is everyone else always asks "have you seen this or that show or commercial?" and I have no clue what they talking about. Then I tell them I don't watch TV and they get a puzzled look on their faces.

I get this a lot and sometimes you can become a social outcast because you cannot join in. But then even if you did know then most aren't life improving.

The other thing people talk about is celebs and you don't who any famous people are.
I worked in hotels for a while and met lots of famous people but I had never heard of them. So I would ask who they were and people would explain that they are in the new James Bond movie
and I reply "What new James Bond movie?"

Often I just think of how many people first get home and turn on the TV and plop down in front of it just like the Simpsons intro. All those people that watch the sitcoms and reality shows are fodder if anything like when the s.h.t.f. happens.

I think when the SHTF then we will have at least 24 hour head start, hopefully enough to stock up and bug out.

[edit on 29/5/2009 by lightchild]

posted on May, 29 2009 @ 04:07 PM
reply to post by mysterybee

The last time I saw Dr Who it was Tom Baker.
Whats Torchwood?

edit to add - Also whats lost, 24, x files, friends

That's the thing about not watching TV after a while you do not even know what you are missing.

Most people watch a programme and they advertise a similar programme and they think "Oh I will watch that" and so it goes on.

[edit on 29/5/2009 by lightchild]

posted on May, 29 2009 @ 04:31 PM
I stopped watching TV in 1996. I just moved into a place of my own, had little money and I worked long hours. After a while I didn't miss it so I never got another TV. My wife bought her TV to the house when she moved in but its in another room. We did have cable for a couple of years, but I only ever watched a couple of hours a week.
Over the years I have watched less and less, I can't remember the last time I watched any TV.

I don't watch movies either and even on ATS I don't understand a lot of references to movies so I look them up on Wikipedia.
The last movie I saw on TV was American Pie 2 and in the cinema it was the Pokemon movie with my kids.

I think the problems with mass media are that people use them in their interpretation of real life. What is normal on the screen is then normal in real life.
There is no way of answering back on TV, to question or criticise it's all one way and if you look at people who watch TV they are in a trance.

What puzzles me about TV are the following

1. Why do people have it on so LOUD, it's equivalent to shouting?
2. Why do people have the TV on when no one is watching it?
3. Why do people watch TV for hours when "there ain't nuffin' on"?
4. Why do people need the TV on to go to sleep?
5. Why do people believe what they see when they know most of its fantasy?

posted on Aug, 26 2009 @ 01:03 PM

It's Official:
TV Linked to Attention Deficit Disorder
babies and toddlers parked in front of the TV have a much higher risk of developing ADHD by age 7, a new study shows…

Save your Brain! Eh. Well we always said TV was *&%$ Nice topic BTW, heres my rant and

So. TV is poisoning billions of minds. Conspiracy, I don’t think so!

Is TV Turning us into weak brain dead consumers and sheeple for those would be distracted weak-minded populace. You bet it does.

Do most of the populace “believe” what the TV has to say. Absolutely.

And right now the TV resides in just about everybody’s abode. THAT worries me. All the really “brainy” people I look up to are telling me to turn TV off. I did years ago. I’m still being advised that TV is poison. Its not the TV that’s the problem. The TV works fine, always did…Its the networks. But like a PC the Hard Drive is useless without the processor…the two are inextricably linked symbiotically if you will.

My story or rant if you like is a generalization please… not an attack. But flame if it makes you happy, I care not. I do have a mission. X2 for emphasis.

Is it just me that thinks TV is total crap, pure poison? Utter Drivel? Absolute Garbage…Well at least 95% of it? (other 5% would maybe equal learning/discovery channel/comedy/occasional movie maybe etc etc)

You see I don’t “really” hate TV… as a hateful negative or evil bad emotion can be sustained. I don’t want to see TV banned, limited or even more controlled than it is. That’s just plain silly. But if TV were a religion (it is to some no doubt!) am sure it would probably take the No1 spot, in the top three anyway.
I realize TV is here to stay just like Radio & hopefully the Internet but I wish it would hurry up, smarten up its act, and evolve into something that’s not used to harm us, and I’m not just talking about babies dropped in front of Jerry Springer for 4 hours in the morning. TV could do with a hovering and polish. TV and the very “fabric” of TV itself has been poisoned, its got a bad bunch of viruses that wont go away. We need some NORTON on this TV app.
But really after giving up TV (I’ve been “clean” since 2000, thanks) I have observed what it has done, what it has been used for, and certainly how more it is controlled than ever…RIGHT NOW. So what do we do about, well bugger all I suppose but I think one can start with yourself.
I’m making it MY personal mission to warn people not about Drugs, Terror or war. Its my mission to help people wean themselves from TV, the official foghorn of the PTB. Now that does give me strength. Its my own little mission HA.
(BTW I do watch Youtube, google video and alternatives, so much more choice, no adds every 10 mins, no lies, no rubbish. I watch learn, discover, evolve… soak up what I want, when I want, when I can. TV does not offer this, and even though you can record anything you want when you want on TV, why would you.. its still utter bollocks IMO of course (Sorry))

Let me make this abundantly clear. I regard Television and their networks (or NWO Hypno-Box as I like to call it) as a completely separate entity from the Internet. Two completely separate life forms as such here. There IS a distinction IMO.

Because am of the opinion that TV definitely is about 90% poison, just like the Swine Flu Vaccines. And it’s the governments who control and administer the TV Shot. Don’t believe it? I don’t really care if you do or don’t. But try an experiment… Turn off the TV for a while prove it to your self. The less and longer you don’t watch TV, the less you want to watch it.

Please please PLEASE Turn off the TV, for a while anyway. Take up a new hobby, go for a walk, pint, smoke or whatever you do but anything else, please do it. Replace that squandered time with something creative, after all is that not what we are about…. You will be better for it, even if its only in a small way…You see I worry about the people closest to me most, just like you prob do too…

You see so many of them, family, friends work colleges seem to be so dumb, brainwashed, materialistically blinded and just spiritually shallow, hollow to the core. Does anyone see the same patter…???

Sorry but I have to agree with the sheep mentality even though its hurtful to say so. I see people claiming to be religious doing the most horrid things to each other. So sorry folks…religion is over for the Captn, finished, filed under “recycle”. I don’t mean to insult any religious belief’s you have either. I’ll leave that to TV!!!

So I’m not religious, but hey “all roads lead to Rome” yea, whatever paths your on and its working for, I tip my hat to you.

But I follow no path due to obvious violations in each so-called path religion might take me. Just too much carnage involved, man made religions seem to be fundamentally flawed, lies, wars, death, murders, violence can all be explained away within all the earthly religions….no problem there…

You see I am the direct result of a Catholic Mother and Protestant Father born in 69 Northern Ireland…just when all the war, murdering and butchering was reaching it peak. TV was pretty new to most people, luxury item, u were glued to it…..

So please understand I watched the carnage unfold around me on TV and off, 24/7 This permanently changed my views on religion, which the TV and other media, was so successfully used in promoting the propaganda issues, of either sides of Irelands newest conflict’s and vile atrocities. Fear sells. The fear was spread successfully dividing Catholics and Protestants forever and ever….the sage continues to this day…Rest in peace all fallen.

But, I have spiritually matured enough to know were all part of something really huge, unexplainable. I don’t need Man made religions to tell me that obvious truth. And neither do I need a government telling me how I should live. Its not their life. Its mine. But through their sponsored paid for Big Mouth official media TV they brainwash US on how we SHOULD live.

This seems to be the PTB main weapon at the minute. I just see to many links to the obvious. Minds are being poisoned right now, I believe this in my soul, lets try and save some!! I bets lots of folk here at ATS watch little, or like me no TV…. none whatsoever. The thing is I am REALLY happier for it. No Joke. I got tooo many hobbies now that TV just would interfere with it

But people just don’t plain understand that I don’t watch TV PERIOD

Its almost like they think I’m lying, but I swear I don’t, Not sport, no News, defo none at all. My wife and kid are complete opposite of course.

It’s not just my theory that the TV is mostly drivel, the general consensus goes something like this …

“TV a great invention of its day informing the world, but now sadly full of celebrity crap, mind numbingly boring talk shows, sitcoms, reality rubbish, disinfo and just plain old horse manure.”

So no I’m clean what’s my passion. How do I spend my FREE time, instead of sitting in TV Hypno world…Well, Reading is my passion, always has been. I just finished reading a whole pile of books by Richard C Hoaland, most of Jim Marrs including of course ATS along with John Perkins COAE Hitman, Zecariah Sitchin, Eric von Diniken, David Icke etc etc…not to mention I got 2 laptops and a main desktop all wired for learning, as well as a whole pile of other stuff going on.

VIDEO KILLED THE RADIO STAR, rem the song. Well no it didn’t…not a bit. I listen to more radio (online and off) than ever before, talk radio is cool, and especially C2C rense, and a whole pile of others get some time. Ultimately TV time would interfere with this….I rest my case.

Well when I’m not resting. I got 5 guitars, no joke I got a traditional leather skin Irish Boran(drum) I got a keyboard, I got a banjo, I got my Big Boss Seban Reflector scope for watching the moon on clear nights. I got the gym and the fun new people I’ve met, I got health and happiness in life. Sometimes my only fear is that something should interfere with all this!

I’m more thankful everyday for being here and turning off TV…. and I DON’T GIVE A FLYING **** about Chantell, Jordan or Britney whatever…and I’m only 40. Christ if I’m having this much fun now, roll on 50, 60, 70, 99, hell stick me in a cryonics tube, life is good, why shouldn’t other people experience this..

I wish people could wake up and Turn off (I know it’s a bit Timothy Leary, but maybe the guy had a point after all!)

But my hope is that more people should experience the power of “TURNING OFF TV” I think I’m learning something about it all though, hopefully I can evolve a bit better. I think I am. Life is good and its been better since I gave up TV. If it worked for me, like others, should we not take more control of the TV time we subject our children too, and more importantly shouldn’t WE set that example.

But my main concern is its propaganda brain washing effects used by governments, official, secret, shadow or otherwise, on the world populace. You can call it a conspiracy if you want, but I don’t, cause its right in front of your face every piggin minute God sends.

I have observed the brain washing TV had done, its so obvious, like an elephant in the room, turd in the punch bowl call it whatever. My continued research and basic education has taught me that the TV is an effective mind control device for brain washing the mass public.

OK that said cleaning it up is difficult, tantamount to a drug addiction it is. But for my own therapy use I go by this personally designed checklist.

“Feed your mind with knowledge, it’s a sponge and can soak up lots.”
Read books about your passions & interests.
Watch, observe the Internet and/or alternative news sources, learn.
Refuse to accept the mass media version of reality.
Evolve spiritually.
Release hate from your heart and soul.
Resolve your Karma by whichever spiritual or religious route, if the hat fits WEAR it. Deny ignorance and question those that claim to be in charge.
Deny stupidity, materialism and cast out war and evil.
Live your life with purity and don’t be a sheep.
Become closer to the one Universal Creator.

HA HA Hope that works for ya all, l8rs

Peace. Kirky

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