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Bin Laden - Ultimate Mastermind of our time? Great Success!

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posted on May, 27 2009 @ 02:23 AM
I think over the years Bin Laden has gotten a seriously bad rap, and I personally don't believe that, that should be the case.

Why is it that when someone does something so horribly terrible, that we forget about all the great things they accomplished?

The most obvious other example of this would be Hitler, most don't know that he pulled Germany out of a dire depression. Erased unemployment, industrialized the nation and founded arguably the most fantastic automobile manufacturing company of all time, Volks Wagen, makers of the even more fantastic Beetle.

Bin Laden, or as he was referred to at the time "Tim Osman" was trained by the CIA to fight the Russians during the Afghan War. I would like to note the defeat of the Russians and their removal from Afghanistan as Bin Ladens first accomplishment for the Western World. So for that, I give him a big SUCCESS.

I feel I could honestly be here for weeks writing if I truly had to list every accomplishments of such a fine, distinguished man, thus I will continue by only listing his accomplishments of one day in history.

The date is September 11th, 2001, and today will be the day of all days of accomplishment. Now here's likely where some will argue "Well just pulling off 911 was a super accomplishment, I wanna take my hat off now for the guy"

I ask only that you please learn of all his accomplishments before tipping your hat good sirs and maddams.

- Prior to 911, the nice guy that Osama Bin Laden was, decided that he should have one section of the Pentagon structurally upgraded, in case of the practically impossible scenario that someone may attack it.

So on 911, knowing that the upgrades were complete, Bin Laden rang up Khalid Almihdhar on his new black berry pearl. Khalid was at the moment heading directly for the Pentagon. Since the WTC hits went so well, Osama decided he would be nice and tell Khalid to hit the ONLY part of the pentagon that was upgraded to withstand such a strike. Khalid, never one to fail his master, executed (depending on who you believe) a 190-270 degree turn to avoid hitting the pentagon in a spot which would maim or kill top pentagon brass. For this I give him both SUCCESS and COMPASSION.

- In september of 2000, Bin Laden was a co-author of Rebuilding Americas Defenses In which the authors felt the need for a "new pearl harbor" to bring about "cataclysmic changes" and in true fashion, he delivered, a year almost to the day later, by delivering the new pearl harbor. For that, SUPER SUCCESS.

- As the (plane?) headed towards the pentagon, fearing that supersonic jets stationed 10 minutes away may thwart his success, he decided to ring up old friend and associate Dick Cheney and say "Hey good friend, allah asks that you please don't give the shoot down order".. voila.. SUCCESS.

- Prior to that, he had already rang up Norad and told them to forget about scrambling jets and instead just beat the bush a little bit, just long enough that his planes would hit their targets, and voila... SUCCESS.

- After 911, Bin Laden went so far as to have all tapes that would have shown his plane hitting the pentagon, seized by the FBI. They then sent them to him, so he could sit at home and masturbate to the images. Although it would have been nice to show the American Public video of a plane attacking the most heavily defended building on earth, he was greedy. Kind of weird, I know, but still a SUCCESS

- Worried that his plan of destroying american lives may be short lived by the immediate burn off of Jet fuel, and concerned that the strike alone may not be enough to bring down the WTC's, he had 200 men running around the complex that day planting Military Grade Nano-Thermite. And an hour later, poof into it's pad. 3 times. SUCCESS.

- Bin Laden, seeing the obvious errors that the makers of "Microsoft's Flight Simulator" had incorporated into their game. Personally trained each pilot how to fly 757's as nimble as a Harrier, for this I am going to have to assign a SUPER SUCCESS.

- After realizing that he forgot that there was actually 3 big buildings in the World Trade Center complex, and realizing that he had only decided to highjack 2 planes for the complex. He wondered how he would bring down WTC 7. So he turned to his Quran and prayed to Allah, DEATH TO THE INFIDELS, ALLAH MY LORD BRING DOWN WTC 7 AT ALMOST FREEFALL SPEED, BUT DO IT NICELY TO MINIMIZE DAMAGE TO SURROUNDING BUILDINGS.... and believe it or not... SUCCESS again.

- Always one to make a little side-bonus from his plots, Bin Laden wasted no time making money that day. In fact, he started before he even attacked the buildings, sadly though, the gold that he was removing under the WTC that day was poorly timed as Khalid accidently fell asleep at the wheel. The gold never made it all the way out of the complex, so for this, unfortunately im going to assign my first FAILURE.

But, don't fret! Prior to 911, in July, he called up ol' pal Larry Silverstein and said "Hey, you know that World Trade Center complex, yes, yah, the one with the two big towers, ok yes so you buy it, and put huge terrorism insurance policy on it... Then allah forbid, something terrible happen, we make a big money"... For this I assign a SUCCESS.

- Also worth noting, is that on that day he did a lot of praying to Allah for him to suspend the laws of physics. This came in extremely handy when he made steel structured buildings fall at nearly free fall speed. For this, yes, you got it, another SUCCESS.

- Additionally, he accomplished what no man, beast or even mother nature herself could accomplish by making fire completely implode 3 steel structured buildings. TRIPPPPLE SUCCESS.

- Furthermore, through praying of course, he made it so that Alluminum Airliner hulls mere milimeters thick, able to slice through steel as if it were butter. For that, SUCCESS.

- After so much success, he HATED seeing a failure that day, so when Flight 93 crashed, Bin Laden dispatched the best cleanup crew known to man, and they removed almost all evidence that a plane had even crashed.. almost anyways. For that, A SUCCESS.

- Bin Laden, always worrying about vanity, even went so far as to almost completely change his facial features in videos that would be touted as his "CONFESSION", this really had no effect, other than the fact that he thought he looked damn good, and the new atkins diet was definitely kickin ass and takin names. For this, VANITY SUCCESS.

- Another practically unknown fact is that a lot of people recall the video of the president reading to a class of school children and an aide walks in and says (reportedly) "Mr. President the country is under attack". That is not the truth, the actual fact is that the aide had just got off the phone with Bin Laden and Bin Laden had told him, to tell the president "Mr. President, the school your at isn't a target". So for literally saving the presidents life, I give mr. Bin Laden a PRESIDENTIAL SUCCESS.

- Bin laden even went so far as to plant people like the Harley Man, who would be first on the scene to talk to the major news outlets so that he could inform them that "Fire damaged the buildings structurally and they failed". This would removal all suspicion that may have arisen following the attacks, to the legitimacy of a fire 80 floors of the ground destroying structural steel in the basement. SUCCESS

- Furthermore, to even better erase the evidence of his crimes, following 911 Bin Laden ordered all steel to be shipped off to as far as china to be melted down and recycled. For this RECYCLING STAR AND SUCCESS.

- Bin Laden even went so far as to have a specialized team in place, to plant molten metal in the basements of each WTC building. This wasn't only just for his fun, it was for the fun of infrared operators that weeks later would get to see the screens of their cameras glow beautiful colors signifying temperatures of nearly 2000 degrees. RAINBOW SUCCESS, and NORMAL SUCCESS.

And that concludes today's lessons on success. For further reading consult, "911 was an inside job", or "The neo-cons did it", or "Follow the failures, find the perpetrator". And people, next time someone tries to tell you that Bin Laden was just an evil man, take a minute to pause, and just think of all the success he had, and then try and think of someone just as successful. It's tough, he was a very successful man.

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posted on May, 27 2009 @ 02:30 AM
I'm aware of the wit in this post, but yet I know this will make some people angry...

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posted on May, 27 2009 @ 02:32 AM
Your sarcasim and wit is by far par exellence... Could we add coming back from the dead to the list of his achievments.. You know according to the Egyption papers and those videos he released for US consumption every time the US people were feeling blue about bush... he helped us to like bush despite the fact of his raging love for the drink.

posted on May, 27 2009 @ 02:34 AM

Originally posted by bvproductions
What? Really?

Inside job, or not... labeling anything relating to 9/11 as a "success" may be a bit offensive to people who had loved ones that were killed that day... don't you think? Just a tad bit.

Have some consideration. This topic is going to stir up a lot of angry posts...

Oh look, it's another person who thinks that just cause someone does something terrible, we should MAGICALLY forget all the great success that person had. You're a thunder theif my friend.

On a side note, I think a government murdering 3000 of it's own people, then subsequently murdering millions of people in two illegal wars is a bit offensive.

Furthermore, I find it especially offensive, when the murder of the citizens was done just to further an elitist agenda that systematically removes peoples rights and imposes a police state.

Then, to top off the cake, go around for the next 7 years claiming they are making everyone safer, and touting only having one attack, which they themselves orchestrated, as a "mission accomplished".

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posted on May, 27 2009 @ 06:55 AM

Originally posted by bvproductions
What? Really?

Inside job, or not... labeling anything relating to 9/11 as a "success" may be a bit offensive to people who had loved ones that were killed that day... don't you think? Just a tad bit.

Have some consideration. This topic is going to stir up a lot of angry posts...

Oooooops!!! Edited post!!!

posted by bvproductions

I'm aware of the wit in this post, but yet I know this will make some people angry...

[edit on 27-5-2009 by bvproductions]

What happened? Did you change your mind?

Were you unaware that 9-11 was an INSIDE JOB attack on America by the Bush Regime; coldly and deliberately murdering 3000 innocent people for political gain? Do you know now?

No, the Bush Regime has failed to convince enough people that Usama bin Laden survived past December 2001, and bin Laden's original statesmanlike denial of anything to do with 9-11 has trumped the lousy fake videos put out by the Bush Regime.


"I have already said that I am not involved in the 11 September attacks in the United States. As a Muslim, I try my best to avoid telling a lie. I had no knowledge of these attacks, nor do I consider the killing of innocent women, children and other humans as an appreciable act. Islam strictly forbids causing harm to innocent women, children and other people. Such a practice is forbidden even in the course of a battle.

"It is the United States, which is perpetrating every maltreatment on women, children and common people . . . "

The false accusations against Usama bin Laden have failed so miserably that the Bush Regime switched to plan B in their Mastermind of 9-11 Propaganda Campaign; Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

Yes, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is now the new CHAMPION of the Bush Regime 9-11 OFFICIAL STORY; the new Mastermind of 9-11.

Waterboarded over a hundred and eighty times, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed not only confessed to the crime of Masterminding 9-11, but he also confessed to almost every Al Qaeda crime for the past 25 years.

But it is what KSM did not confess to which should open eyes.

1. KSM did not confess to calling up Lucky Larry and having him prepare WTC7 for demolition before 9-11

2. KSM did not confess to calling up Tricky Dick and having him schedule multiple NORAD war game exercises on 9-11

3. KSM did not confess to calling up the FBI and having them stage the taxi and light poles and confiscating all local videos and photos proving so

4. KSM did not confess to calling up the CIA and having them invest tens of millions in 9-11 put-options

5. KSM did not confess to calling up FEMA and advising them to be in New York on 9-10-2001 ready for action

6. KSM did not confess to calling up his Israeli buddies so they could tape the WTC destruction and dance and cheer on the sidelines

7. KSM did not confess to calling up the airlines and havng them fake the flight manifests leaving his 'hijackers' whom he did not know the names of, off the flight lists

8. KSM did not confess to convincing the Secret Service that Dubya would not be a target on 9-11; so just leave him in with the kiddies looking stupid

9. KSM did not confess to calling up Jerome Hauer and Harley Guy and having them present the 9-11 OFFICIAL STORY early on TV to billions of people worldwide

10. KSM did not confess to calling up Dubya and convincing him the Iraqi chicken coops caught on military satellite photos were really ICBM missiles ready to take out American cities

11. KSM did not confess to calling up the US Military and talking them into giving thousands of Al Qaeda 'terrorist' freedom fighters a free pass out of Tora Bora and other traps

12. KSM did not confess to talking WTC security into letting his guys into the towers to plant demolition explosives and nano-thermite

13. KSM did not even confess to inventing nano-thermite

It's hard to tell what the Pentagon's objective really is in releasing the transcript of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's confession. It certainly suggests the Administration is trying to blame KSM for al-Qaeda terrorism, leading us to believe we've caught the master terrorist and that al-Qaeda, and especially the ever-elusive bin Laden, is no longer a threat to the U.S.

But there is a major flaw in that marketing strategy. On the face of it, KSM, as he is known inside the government, comes across as boasting, at times mentally unstable. It's also clear he is making things up. I'm told by people involved in the investigation that KSM was present during Wall Street Journal correspondent Danny Pearl's execution but was in fact not the person who killed him. There exists videotape footage of the execution that minimizes KSM's role. And if KSM did indeed exaggerate his role in the Pearl murder, it raises the question of just what else he has exaggerated, or outright fabricated.

posted on May, 27 2009 @ 07:09 AM
Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is the new Mastermind of 9-11 as the Bush Regime 9-11 OFFICIAL STORY receives yet another revision in a long unending stream of revisions.

Poor Usama bin Laden is relegated to an unmarked grave somewhere in the mountains, unwanted by anybody, not even the FBI, and replaced by an unwashed illiterate hairy beast.

Usama bin Laden is a victim of his own honesty; his refusal to receive blame for an attack on the innocent he had nothing to do with.

The Confession Backfired

by Paul Craig Roberts
March 17, 2007
The first confession released by the Bush regime's Military Tribunals – that of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed – has discredited the entire process. Writing in Jurist, Northwestern University law professor Anthony D'Amato likens Mohammed's confession to those that emerged in Stalin's show trials of Bolshevik leaders in the 1930s.

That was my own immediate thought. I remember speaking years ago with Soviet dissident Valdimir Bukovsky about the behavior of Soviet dissidents under torture. He replied that people pressed for names under torture would try to remember the names of war dead and people who had passed away. Those who retained enough of their wits under torture would confess to an unbelievable array of crimes in an effort to alert the public to the falsity of the entire process.

That is what Mohammed did. We know he was tortured, because his response to the obligatory question about his treatment during his years of detention is redacted. We also know that he was tortured, because otherwise there is no point for the US Justice (sic) Dept. memos giving the green light to torture or for the Military Commissions Act, which permits torture and death sentences based on confessions extracted by torture.

Mohammed's confession of crimes and plots is so vast that Katherine Shrader of the Associated Press reports that the Americans who extracted Mohammed's confession do not believe it either. It is exaggerated, say Mohammed's tormentors, and must be taken with a grain of salt.

In other words, the US torture crew, reveling in their success, played into Mohammed's hands. Pride goes before a fall, as the saying goes.

Mohammed's confession admits to 31 planned and actual attacks all over the world, including blowing up the Panama Canal and assassinating presidents Carter and Clinton and the Pope. Having taken responsibility for the whole ball of wax along with everything else that he could imagine, he was the entire show. No other terrorists needed.

Reading responses of BBC listeners to Mohammed's confession reveals that the rest of the world is either laughing at the US government for being so stupid as to think that anyone anywhere would believe the confession or damning the Bush regime for being like the Gestapo and KGB.

Humorists are having a field day with the confession: "'I'm a very dangerous mastermind,' said Mohammed, who confessed to the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby, the Brink's robbery, St. Valentine's Day Massacre, and the Lincoln and McKinley assassinations. Mohammed also accepted responsibility for spreading hay fever and cold sores around the world and for rained out picnics."

If there was anything remaining of the Bush regime not already discredited, Mohammed's confession removed any reputation left.

The most important part of the Mohammed story is yet to make the headlines. Despite having held and tortured hundreds of detainees for years in Gitmo, and we don't know how many more in secret prisons around the world, the US government has come up with only 14 "high value detainees."

In other words, the government has nothing on 99 percent of the detainees who allegedly are so dangerous and wicked that they must be kept in detention without charges, access to attorneys and contact with families.

And little wonder. The vast majority of detainees, alleged "enemy combatants," are not terrorists captured by the CIA and brave US troops. They are hapless persons who happened to be outside their tribal or home territories and were kidnapped by criminal gangs or warlords who profited greatly at the expense of the naive Americans who offered bounties for "terrorists."

The US government does not care that innocent people have been ensnared, because the US government desperately needs both to prove that there are vast numbers of terrorists and to demonstrate its proficiency in protecting Americans by capturing terrorists. Moreover, the US government needs "dangerous suspects" that it can use to keep Americans in a state of supine fearfulness and as a front behind which to undermine constitutional protections and the Bill of Rights.

The Bush-Cheney Regime succeeded in its evil plot, only to throw it all away by releasing the ridiculous confession by Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

Will Bush's totalitarian Military Tribunal now execute Mohammed on the basis of his confession extracted by torture, or would this be seen everywhere on earth as nothing but an act of murder?

If Bush can't have Mohammed murdered, the US government will have to shut Mohammed away where he cannot talk and tell his tale. The US government will have to replicate Orwell's memory hole by destroying Mohammed's mind with mind-altering drugs and abuse.

It is to such depths that George Bush and Dick Cheney have lowered America.

posted on May, 27 2009 @ 10:38 AM
reply to post by SPreston

AHhaha good call on the edit catch.

At least he wasn't another 911 official story believer coming here to spew insanity all over our faces.

I wish I could star AND flag your list, it's almost as good as mine

posted on May, 28 2009 @ 08:53 AM
reply to post by king9072


I love your wit too!-

Of course!. They needed something more shocking than Pearl Harbor. So to have the perfect excuse (and society consensus) to invade an innoncent country for their hidden agenda.

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