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Transmitters Being Sought for Teaching Mission

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posted on May, 26 2009 @ 04:42 PM
May 26, 2009
The Teaching Mission

Our world has a great many problems and not just political. The recent swine flu outbreak is probably going to lead to a follow-on pandemic, and perhaps more after that due to a vulnerable population stressed by over population and economic woes that will continue on for several years.

We are not alone in attempting to find some recourse to those things which obstruct our normal mode of living. This post is yet another attempt to awaken those readers who may resurrect in their souls that which will benefit mankind while they find ways to ameliorate those problems they personally experience.

I have a few suggestions and a few questions, if you will, which if you answer may help me find a way to expand to others around this world that information which is still not believed, but exists in such plentiful means, that it is as shame that it is not used more than it is.

There is something available now called the Teaching Mission. I need not go into all of its background, but the important thing is to know that it is a program sponsored by the higher authorities of this universe to our creation.

I have established a place to go to ask questions of these high authorities about the spiritual repercussions of what is happening here on earth. We provide a weekly session with a chief of protocol to the people that hail from perfection and who know and can forecast the probable end to many of our misfortunes as we experience here. In turn, knowing a little helps a lot when we must respond to a local disaster.

This web presence of a Q & A of the highest authorities available for input to our planet has recently addressed questions concerning how to establish a teaching mission among you. If you are willing to open yourself to learning the process, your service is urgently requested. A teaching mission transmitter provides direct input from these authorities to a person in a group you may wish to form, or as a transmitter to interest other people in the world to step up and perform the same function. This is not religion. It is a practical application in problem solving. There is no church. There is no group commune. The program is dispersed over the entire globe and is not maintained by human authority, but by spiritual authority of the highest caliber.

I would invite you who are interested to a recorded session made at the end of April this year (Q & A Audio Session #47) to listen to one of the authorities discuss the formation of the teaching mission anywhere and the use it may be put to. In addition, he is also asked about the probabilities of what is to happen with the current swine flu outbreak that have our health official so concerned. I think you may find his answer illuminating as to what may come.

Link: Q&A Audio Session 47

I do have some questions as the teaching mission in the United States is somewhat isolated from the activity taking place elsewhere in the world. Can anyone help me with answers to the following?

1) In your part of the world, do you know of, or do you have contact with a group of people who come together to ask questions of a spiritual teacher as is transmitted through one of that group?

2) Can you tell me that teacher’s name and what language (if other than English) they respond to questions with?

3) Where is this group located and is there a way to contact them? An email address is sufficient.

4) What, if known, are the types of lessons being given? Overcoming fear? How to Sustain the world if and when some catastrophe over takes the normal working of community? There are dozens of subjects; I only mention these as an example.

5) Are you personally interested in participating?

You are welcome to answer in this thread, of course. If anyone feels they have sensitive material to provide, please either U2U me or send to my personal email address. I believe that address is given in my personal info; if not, I do not mind providing it on the public list if necessary.

I wish it were possible to select more than one category on this site. Education is certainly what this is albeit through an unusual process. Because of the tape subject, the H1N1 threads and Diseases and Pandemics would be on subject. By necessity of having to choose one, I have selected Paranormal Studies; however, because it gets into the occult, it lacks all the audience needed. What we have here is a universe-wide educational program aimed at the average person, and other than the fact a transmitter has to be used to overcome physical obstructions, the classrooms are the same give and take of any public school exchange.

Thank you for your time. There is an urgency in some of what I ask, so I am most beholden to you who would share with me all that you can, so I may apply that knowledge to enhance what must be done.

Thank you

posted on May, 26 2009 @ 09:36 PM

You will forgive me if I feel leery of this... I mean, this is the sort of thing I would concoct if my aim was to target the spiritual growth amongst Human hearts.

I'm just sayin'.

Let me offer you something else.

You see... I wrote a book, and it's about bliss.

It's about bliss for all 6.7 billion of us on this planet. Now I know that We have a gross abundance in this Universe, between the awesome expanses of Our planet and the energy from the plenum.

Right now, Our planet struggles under a scarcity paradigm, even though, if the work was mechanized, providing all we need through efficient distribution, and managed in full thought for natural processes (i.e., rotating crops and leaving plots fallow or with medicinal hemp growing and producing the fantastic levels of oxygen that the hemp plant can), we could enter an abundance paradigm.

With the energy from the plenum, we could mechanize. And instead of scientists working in secrecy, with bits of the puzzle in this lab, and something useful in that one, have all the information in internet forum and solve the the task of having everyone fed organically and well, clean free water (Dean Kamen's water purification with energy from the plenum would solve so much there), and also do very job no one, or not enough people want to do.

Free transportation - private transportation!

Everything in public works must be open source programmed. If you are willing to use a proprietary source, you accept the dangers that are inherent. On a private level, this is acceptable. On a public level it is not.

I wax on here... Read my book which does better justice to what I am trying to say than the 10,000 character limit I have here.

My FREE book:

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posted on May, 26 2009 @ 09:56 PM
Hello Amaterasu,


However, let me ask you: How would you present what I have to make people feel comfortable with what is an unprecedented opportunity to have contact with the very God the world religions give honor to?

Dealing with God is full of unknowns and surprises. They ask nothing but to have contact with those who feel they have a connection to them. God is an educator as well as a savior, and we need some help to learn what is coming in our near future, and how to be of help to those around us.

How would you present what has been given for me and a few others to present?

Thanks for bringing your book to my attention and for your post.


posted on May, 26 2009 @ 10:53 PM

Originally posted by Aronolac
Hello Amaterasu,


However, let me ask you: How would you present what I have to make people feel comfortable with what is an unprecedented opportunity to have contact with the very God the world religions give honor to?

You'll pardon me, but I am not one that a claim of godhood is likely to impress. You see, I am of the considered opinion (and considered well) that Consciousness is "God." That Consciousness creates reality, and that We co-create this Universe in which we live.

Whoever you are claiming is "God" is God, as much as I am. As Individuals of Sentience, we stand equal.

So perhaps we are unlikely to see eye to eye on things...

Dealing with God is full of unknowns and surprises. They ask nothing but to have contact with those who feel they have a connection to them. God is an educator as well as a savior, and we need some help to learn what is coming in our near future, and how to be of help to those around us.

God is "They?" Really? In my view, God is Us. All Consciousness, in its myriad forms, specks, though each of Us are, together We create the Universe.

Afterall, "God" IS the creative force, is It not? And we create through collapsing wave functions, and controlling our behavior. (Some make "better" choices of behavior on average than others).

I would meet your They as One Queen, First Ascended of the Billions, of the solar system, and welcome Them to My planet.

If this confuses you, you are unlikely to be what you say. If it does not, you are likely familiar with The Terra Papers (linked in my sig, for convenience).

How would you present what has been given for me and a few others to present?

Start presenting. I will listen with as open a mind as I can. I would be interested to know why you were selected to this task, how you came to know you were selected, and what these gods have in mind.

Thanks for bringing your book to my attention and for your post.

Most welcome. I do hope you read it. I apologize for the amateur writing. It is my first book. It is the message that is important. Please spread it if you feel it has merit.

[edit on 5/26/2009 by Amaterasu]

posted on May, 27 2009 @ 09:53 AM
Hello Amaterasu,

Thank you for replying.

Although we may have a different perspective on the subject of God, I do not feel we have any great difference as to the importance of God.

I use the term “they” when referring to the plural presence of the three primary personalities which collectively are God. Certainly, God makes consciousness possible and God is in consciousness.

Maybe it would help you and others reading this thread if I try another approach to explain what is being offered to all. There is no “cost” except the desire to have your questions answered. To do that the celestial beings have allowed us to ask questions and established a school room where one may ask them.

The school has a head master to see to it that the curriculum is well presented. The head master, the one-time mortal in charge of its quality and outreach, is none other than the personality we know from stories in the Bible, and at that time he was, and still is, called Abraham.

Non-Bible readers may not know who this individual is, but during his life in the flesh he was a tribal leader of renown about 2,000 years before the birth of Christ. He lived in what we call the Middle East today and is said to have been the father of the tribes of Israel. That is not as important as is the fact that he met and went to the schools of Machiventa Melchizedek who, then known as the Sage of Salem, taught of the one God under the name of El-Elyon. Abraham loved to work for Melchizedek and learned more about the finer points of behavior that is spiritually motivated than in any other period during his life in the flesh. Abraham’s influence was known far and wide in those days and he brought to other tribes what he had received from Melchizedek. Abraham was one of the great leaders to spread the concept of monotheism.

Fast forward to our present day. Abraham has joined up again with Melchizedek in the spiritual realm. Together they wanted to educate the modern nation tribes about their side of life and the spiritual values involved. Abraham agreed to come to the modern-day earth in the late 1970's to scout the people who would be receptive to a teaching mission - literally, an in-home classroom to speak to students who ask questions and undertake to apply the lessons learned.

Abraham began teaching in New Zealand and people in that country who knew of what he did, wrote letters to many Americans telling of what they found. By the end of the 1980's, there were perhaps as many as 100 groups formed in the United States and the rest of the world. Abraham assigned spiritual teachers from a group of spirit volunteers and wished to meet human interest as it became available.

Always Abraham and his fellow teachers have the problem of not being able to advertise what they do for us. Another problem that is tough to over come is finding people who would act as a moderator for them so the lessons could be transferred from the spiritual side to the human side through the voice. The spiritual teachers call the moderator a transmitter because the volunteer human acts like a radio station for the words transmitted by the teacher on high.

The teachers do not call transmitters, channel, either as transmitters do not channel, but are awake while they allow the transmission to proceed. The spiritual teachers train the transmitter to easily allow this to happen.

What I am asking via this thread is if there is anyone reading it who is actually participating in one of these classrooms, or knows of one? In addition I have provided an audio session example where a spiritual being addresses questions about the need for transmitters and expansion of the teaching mission. Coincidently, there is also a question about swine flu on the tape (Session 47).

That’s about it in basic terms. I’d be happy to respond with more if there is something I have not covered.


posted on May, 27 2009 @ 04:29 PM
Thank you, Ron, for your response.

I guess I don't qualify as one of the ones you're seeking.

On top of that, I hold little truck with the Bible. Though I believe there are truths within, as The Terra Papers suggest, I believe that the bulk was written with a mind to keep the "beasts" (Us) in their place.


Best of luck in your search. Wish I could be of more help.

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