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Tesla, Atomic Signatures, and the Artificial Rendering of Matter

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posted on Jun, 1 2009 @ 03:18 PM
reply to post by Eitimzevinten

I can't find online reference anywhere but I read in a book about a proton that theoretically has a 13.7 billion year half life or something. That being so it is thought to be key to proving the age of the universe. Also I think the 'ether' and 'aether' is probably best described today by "Subspace" and "Hyperspace" (also called the "Bulk").

posted on Jun, 1 2009 @ 05:06 PM
OMG, this thread is so exciting for me

Basically, i don't believe many things, they just don't make sense.

Firstly, science proclaims there are four 'fundamental' forces:

* Strong nuclear force
* Weak nuclear force
* EM
* Gravity

Well i propose that only EM is the true force pervasive throughout nature. The other three are just made up BS to fit the numbers, especially gravity where scientists call G the God constant - a constant of proportionality to make the formulas work.

Secondly, i don't believe wave-particle duality. There exists only waves (which ties in with EM & Schrödinger's wave equation), and particles are just perceived as some kind of dumbed-down version of 'quantum foam'. This electric quantum foam consists of many, many dimensions of vibration on a frequency we cannot measure with today's technology and is fundamentally just WAVES.

So here's the exciting bit; i strongly believe this device (below link) may unlock the mysteries of the Multiverse:

If you put some Tesla coils around the edge, then i believe you will resonate with the ethereal waves all around us and portals of extra dimensions will open up before your eyes!

This device basically is assimilating an atom. It has an outer metal sphere with neodymium magnets and it rotates clockwise. Inside, there is a smaller shell that rotates counter-clockwise. If both 'shells' spin up and you somehow get over the magnetic lock-up effect, then there will be an EM resonance around the device that may produce some strange effects, such as a dark mist appearing or mini black hole portal forming.

I believe this is the case since cymatics is fascinating if you view it as wave interference patterns, that make up all matter. Change the frequency, then the waves transmute and you end up with another structure of matter. Here's a great video of cymatics:

For further research, i'd suggest:

* Ed leedskalnin's Coral castle
He made rocks move with EM devices!

* Viktor Schauberger's Repulsin
Creating EM vortices to produce lift & anti-gravity! A similar analogy exists with fish as trout have a remarkable zero resistance to water flow.

In summary, Tesla was a true genius of mankind. He had all his patents taken off him and his peers rejected his work all because they didn't know where to put the meter for his free electricity.

I would also like to add that i believe gravity is a pushing force of EM radiation that comes from black holes. For example, we are pushed into the Earth from a pressure wave above and NOT pulled into the Earth by an imaginary Newtonian gravity created by mass.


N.B. if you search for 'Kosol Ouch' on ATS, there are a few threads. Basically he came across as an arrogant twit, thinking he will be God if people adopted his technology that was given to him from Guardian Angels. I see past his BS rhetoric and really believe his device is something special.


posted on Jun, 2 2009 @ 12:10 PM
reply to post by Eitimzevinten

Some people say that dark matter may be the ether of old but I
say no because they only mention the gravity aspects and
not the electrical aspects.
Modern science will not expose or examine what Tesla did because
the technology has already been established, declared national
security by lieu of the power brokers, Illuminati or what ever,
and will never be disclosed.

That is why only what Tesla is known to do or say is frozen
in time for anyone to discover what happened as the Illuminati
took over the science and left us with confusion.

Web page of vibrations. Forth Illustrations down is drum.
How do you think a flat coil vibrates electrically.
At the bottom of a metal craft other oscillations might arise.
See my analysis on My youtube channel.

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posted on Jun, 12 2009 @ 06:56 PM
I've overhauled my idea quite a bit over the past couple of days. I'm going to change a previous post of mine and say that matter and everything else is infact a manifestation of em. The problem at hand is discovering what would cause these waves to start changing (and where they came from to begin with but thats another story). After one change is made, it's not hard to imagine a cascade of complex changes being brought on by the new variables in a young universe. For the sake of continuing this thread, I'm going to assume an EM universe model is correct.

By taking into account the various different ways EM has manifested, you would be able to understand the requirements for various forces in the universe (or the local area of earth). For instance, it may be necessary to electronically "remove" an objects gravitational pull wave aspect before you are able to alter its wave characteristics into a non-material form. The opposite may also be true as you may need to instill a gravity aspect into a wave before you can materialize it. It may even be necessary to make both (and several other) changes simultaneously

While it may very well be the case that rendering matter from wave energy requires a foundation in quarks and fundamental forces, my hope is that it's possible to fast track the process by learning the net wave aspects of matter and its properties. Without having a genuine foundation, the rendered matter and its properties would require a constant feed of stabilizing energy input (probably managed by several advanced A.I. nanotechnologies that regulate all the aspects of the wave) to replace the various energy reactions its nucleus and its components would give off. Going about the process with the basic compnents however, will give us the ability to render stable matter as needed.

Obviously the idea is far from perfect and leaves a lot of questions though it should be noted that there are many other approaches being taken to achieve the same thing (all of which are moving forward). In the future (pending man's longevity), we will know how to alter matter and the various forces that surround it. It would be in our best interest to know how to actually "make" matter that is compatible with our surroundings.

I would like to suggest, that if the day ever comes when we are approaching this technology, to start with helium. Just an idea that trying out hydrogen while not fully perfecting the process may result in a mini star or explosion due to the extra unbound EM interacting with the hydrogen.

posted on Jun, 12 2009 @ 07:32 PM
reply to post by Eitimzevinten

Wasn't the 'ether' similar to the modern hyperspace concept? Or was that the 'Aether', I guess that might be it, and the 'ether' would be what, spacetime or the spacetime foam (subspace)?

BTW, you might find this new thread interesting, a major discovery in cosmology and

posted on Jun, 12 2009 @ 08:56 PM
reply to post by jkrog08

Aether and ether are generally interchangeable terms in physics as far as I know but there is a theory of an "Aether Unit" and the Luminiferous (a)ether.

These things (neutrinos) are the result of radioactive decay which I attribute to the breakdown of a matter wave and its various properties by other EM wave interference over time. The estimated "size" is irrelevant as only the actual amount of energy the particle represents matters.

These might actually explain where a lot of the wave energy ends up after various changes and where ongoing change gets its required energy from. I haven't had enough time to really consider what impact these might have on my idea or even if I fully believe in their existence.

I have reason to believe the quantum entanglement results have been a bit misleading as well. If you synchronized a bigger atom's gravitation pull and its like charge magnetic repulsion in a single wave, moving the larger atom would move the smaller atom with a slight delay that is unobservable due to the high speed of light and the relatively small distance that seperates them. There is no "spooky action at a distance" that can't be attributed to existing forces.

posted on Jun, 13 2009 @ 09:31 PM
Call me when someone invents a replicator.

posted on Aug, 1 2009 @ 05:37 PM
I've over-hauled my idea yet again. This time I think I have it. Two separate phases. The first gets you a blank slate and the second gets you the ability to alter it into what you want. This model assumes that everything in the universe has an impressionable "wave" aspect to its intial phase of existing. The "wave" is then affected by finite changes in the various information surrounding it (particles). Upon becoming these finite changes (particles) the outcome of an event is predeterministic aslong as every variable is accounted for.

The basis for this idea is altering EM into a blank slate. So, basically you take the "molded" EM and resonate it in an enclosed area until its finite information particle form breaks down. This is achieved when the enclosed area has enough EM and its resonated at such a degree so that no single particle retains any integrity and its a giant "mass" of alterable EM.

Once you achieve the solid "Wall of Light" Tesla was talking about, phase one is complete. For future reference, this "mass" isn't composed of any specific type of EM, just an alterable generic form. I believe the results of phase one might very well be what comprises the entire universe.

Phase two is the hard part, if you can believe that. I haven't figured phase two all the way out yet. We can't change the potential within this "Wall of Light" simply because we'd have to have the ability to completely alter its previous contents (change EM's properties across the board) and aside from becoming God, thats not going to happen. What we can do, is try to "shape" it by influencing it with exterior conditions.

Recap: Blank Slate "Wall of Light" to be shaped by controlled external factors we expose it to. Atomic (basic understanding) and Molecular signatures (which I haven't even figured out yet) would be my best guess as to what could be used as a "blueprint". To prevent future natural events from altering what we've custom designed, some form of local "property lock" would have to be instituted but how to created such a condition eludes me at this time. If magnetic field properties can be altered at that level, it might be a start but I'm convinced, that aside from forming some kind of local shield, the natural universe will overtake anything custom designed from shear energy.

This whole idea assumes EM to be the key component of everything in the universe including matter and that non-local sources are responsible for local properties but not in an instantaneous "Quantum Entanglement" way. There's been other theorized ways to create matter artificially, but I feel this approach (if successful) would yield the greatest range of freedom with results and their capabilities.

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