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Controversial Pieces of Evidence for Alien Life

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posted on May, 28 2009 @ 03:03 AM

Originally posted by Lookingup
What really made me stop and think is that there are complex molecules, like amino acids and sugars, all over space. They are in meteorites and just floating around. Now, if the same kind of stuff that makes up my DNA and proteins is in space, it seems very likely that there is life somewhere else. Why not intelligent life too?

Clues To A Secret Of Life Found In Meteorite Dust

Sugar in Space

Complex organic molecules detected in interstellar space

Excellent links
From our our extremely limited perspective, it appears the constituents that life requires are abundant. On Earth it's apparent that once life exists, it will occupy every niche possible. I hope it's even half as tenacious elsewhere...

Just for fun, one of your links has a great example of bad writing...

Two of the most complex molecules ever found outside the solar system have been turned up by astronomers peering into Sagittarius B2 (Sgr B2), a massive, vigorous star-forming region near the heart of the Milky Way.

posted on May, 29 2009 @ 07:39 AM
We only know of one planet and intelligent life form capable of going to to another planetary body - and that's us.

So given the mathematical likelihood of complex life forms and hopefully advanced intelligence somewhat comparable to the one we know, we have to make a lot of assumptions.

Another planet with advanced intelligence is capable of traveling distances we can only imagine for the foreseeable future. They are motivated to do so. They are aware of our existence or are willing to explore looking for other intelligence life form to make contact with.

We send some signals out to space hoping to get some feedback. But we haven't been able to determine yet if there's any parties receiving the messages. We don't know if they are willing to transmit back, or would find good reason to.

So based on the one model we can examine, there is a will but not a means to traverse the universe in search of comparable life forms. We are isolated by time and space.

Maybe the hypothetical advanced intelligences are similarly isolated.

They may be estimating somewhere there is an advanced intelligence like us and wondering if they'll ever ascertain that and have any contact with us.


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