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Recession plus Secession? 2009-2010

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posted on May, 25 2009 @ 03:06 PM
Dear Readers,
The Peace of God to all that belong to the light,

In this occasion I will refer to the partial accomplishment of my predictions given since 2007 about the social, economical and political crisis of America and what can we expect for the following months with respect to it.

On the fall of 2007 If you can remember I started to post threads here in but also in BTS and ATS that said as follows:

Important and so negative Internal Political crisis in USA: 2007-2009/
posted on 11/28/2007 @ 12:40 PM
....I has been waiting for long time and that would bust an economical & political hard period in America for the last third of this second term of George W. Bush.
.....I think it is also important to say that depending of the impact of that the Venezuelan-Iranian plot against American Economy we could be affrointing a collapse of the stock market in the near future.
posted on 12/1/2007 @ 03:58 PM
.....The new President of America in 2009 anyway will require of the support of both parties to affront a very complex national & international situation.
......As I told before, almost three months ago the first time, there is another so strong political figure that emerge surprising in the electoral scenario in the Democratic side, or even as s third neutral option, before the 2008 election and in my opinion he has more option that Clinton to be the winner.
posted on 12/13/2007 @ 04:29 PM
......In this occasion I will refer to the role of Obama in the present political campaign in response to questions about this topic that arrived to my mail box recently.
I didn't mention Obama until now since I thought he must deserve a separate thread only for him. Indeed this political figure will be decisive to the Democratic party to return or not to the power during all the next year.
posted on 12/31/2007 @ 06:01 PM
...On this occasion I will dare to predict an incoming recession for 2008 that is going to be worst in 2009 and can lead the world to a depression if urgent and effective contingence plan is not applied to prevent it.
posted on 2/4/2008 @ 09:22 PM
...More low performance in the Stock Markets, showing that the tendency toward a recession is running even faster that was previously estimated , although all his efforts to reactivate the economy from one side; The principal error will be his stuborness to remain in the same globalizing economical model and don't understand that is time to change of strategy.
posted on 3/1/2008 @ 02:00 AM
.....I pray to God that the mind of Mr. President Bush finally could descend to this world and that he can open his eyes to see clearly the reality that his advisors are hidden to him for long long time, that the economical model of Globalization is totally wasted.
If he does not react on time and put again his feet on the earth, to stop this unuseful policy to hide the sun with his hands, the stability of the national economy will be in real trouble even before his administration ends.
Presidential Election: we can expect a lot of political surprises
posted on 3/27/2008 @ 12:57 PM start his administration in the West of United States creating the first secession on America after the civil war.

Now, that you can see the cumulative accomplishments of my predictions with respect to to the huge crisis that America has at present what can we expect for the near future?

What I can say now is that the Economy is going to continue really bad performing the rest of this year and also on 2010, this is completly consist with all my predictions since 2007. The possitive side of this is that I feel we are practically in the bottom of the recession, so the things will start to improve although slowly in the first semester of 2010. However, I can see clearly that the automotive sector is going to break totaly, it does not matter how many drastic decissions were taken recently to save it, unfortunately its vulnerability to the recession would be total.

I can see many fusions among many important economical groups and banks in the following months as well among companies trying to surive in the middle of all this mess, with the consequent restructuration of them with the possible loss of more jobs.

My principal worry now is that possibly United states is going to experience social explosions during this crisis, especially in reaction of the uncapacity of the people to continue paying their taxes and the increase of the unemployment rates. Some of these explosions can lead to major issues on the national security, like some attempts of secession, particularly in regions in which the most radicals of the extrem right, some ultra conservative republicans will try to manipulate the crisis to defy the federal goverment, but also can be the consequense of the confrontation of the people of the southwest, specifically that is the case of Texas, that feel that there are to many immigrants comming from the North to their territory searching for jobs and for a cheaper cost of life, as a strategy to go ahead in the crisis.

Secession on the west, as the climax of the national crisis, is something I started to predict at the begining of 2008, as you can see above.

Only a month ago there were the fist steps in that direction, with the so incredible declarations of the Governor of Texas Mr Rick Perry, suggesting clearly the possibility of the secession as a valid option to avoid the Obama rule. In that occasion many people critizised his words, but now he is going even farther taking the decission to build a wall in the north of Texas to prevent the arrival of more Americans of other states that are trying to find an escape to the crisis by moving to Texas. You can see that in the following links:

This is what I have to say now of the Horizon that I can see for America in the near future, but I will release more of this not so far, just try to follow my threads carefully.

thanks for your attention,

your friend,

The Angel of lightness

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