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"Heroes" Matt Parkman – BTS MIX 52

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posted on Sep, 17 2010 @ 04:29 PM

Originally posted by anthony77777
See the new Heroes episode. Well a war is coming. If you have an ability better prepare for the war on three parts. One against the nay sayers who want to kill you, lock you up, or repress your abilities. 2. Against the government and society structure in general. 3. and other people with abilties.

I have actually had a level of experience about abilities that makes me a bit of an advanced novice in the field. Let me tell you! Everything in the movie the heroes is thee most realistic down to earth scenarios of what really happens with a bunch of newbies who are discovering their abilities.

The powerful shift is happening with humanity already and its only going to get stronger. You may be one of them that gets abilities later in the future.

Better saddle up.

Biologically when there are two species. One is different than the other. They either separate and co exist in a divided manner, or they destroy each other. Every 25,000 years mankind makes a jump according to archeology and focils. The ones who don't make the jump will be on one side and the ones who do will be on the other. It is just the basic law of nature and survival of the fittest. Anyone without an ability will have a tendency to react in some hostile, confrontrational, or condemning manner to one who does.

The war taking place is actually about one race of humans against another.

And this sums up to... (drums rolling) RACISM! One "great, superior" race up against the bad, nasty, gritty inferior race that's oppressing "us" with welfare, open borders and bla bla bla...

Same old racist hatred, regurgitated as some end-times, 2012, new age crap. (sighs)
The more things change the more it's the same as before...

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