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911 rituals beating the dead-horse

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posted on May, 25 2009 @ 09:46 AM
9-11 was something bigger than what it seemed to the cultists, involving the ressurection of a soul, using earth grid energy and the world trade center. High level secret societies have specificly designed a psychospiritual/mental machine out of buildings and pillars all over the city, in combination with machines like microwaves and whatever other waves that affect emotion or action.

The conspiracies are natural from people who do not see in context what is happening. So confusion is expected. Basicly I believe they are trying to ressurect an old pharough or leader of the past, maybe from another planet?

Because the lucifarians are obviously showing they tire of all this confusion in the worlds religious and psychological state. I do but you dont see me ressurecting ancient godheads do you? no-you dont.

I believe that the cartoons like futurama, simpsons, family guy and american dad all elude to the ritual of universal connection. I call it that because the anhk eludes to a brain looping.

i also believe that they saw people in the future discovering there secret, from the past and planned for it, in the cartoons. Fry I believe is a real person who they are communicating to.

Mocking and slandering someone who sees the truth..poor lil satan cant break free from the earth grid..AW, (tear)

but really i think that its a massive stage play, for something else. Being kept uber secret. Destruction of earth entirely in the future?

Who knows. But the official stories are utter dribble. Ive read better from worse writers. We humans would not be confused if we dropped the attitude and ego, and admitted to ourselves that we collectively, by choosing to be ruled by our own "elected" are committing eventual suicide because people, even the populace has issues in one way or another that adversly affect our predesigned political systems.

If we had a system of open source technology to harvest, replicate, to Know everything we can so we dont live in the mystery of the city, inviting the rich madmen to dwell around us waiting to burn us in a fake attack, ehem Ted..

So I ask you world, face this reality. Grow up, stop working in factories and start working inside of yourself. Stop going to bars, stop not thinking more. Think more.
this is a small example of how to stop the future.

P.S. I stumbled upon the ritual. And time/space events unspool in my head over time. As if the dead were speaking in code helping me understand these things. no lie.


the schemers i think are trying to pass off there choices and wrongs on others, looking for scapegoats and distractions, dont fall for it.

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