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Is this the general idea?

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posted on May, 25 2009 @ 06:05 AM
I finally got to my 20 reply count so now I can post my very own threads!! YAY!!


It just occurred to me that the Svarlbard Seed Vault is being filled by the day. It isn't hard to see the names of the people backing this thing. They have long been involved in previous Eugenics programs. They also control or hold shares in the seed companies that farmers rely upon to get their seeds to grow crops. Recently there has been research on seeds with a gene that basically self destructs after the first generation...meaning that a farmer cannot reap the seeds from his harvest and replant them, he must purchase another batch of seeds. ANYwho...a few years ago an embryonic "bank" was the same groups of freeze and preserve the embryos of every species on Earth (except for humans) in the name of preventing or thwarting extinction. So we have two secure vaults containing pretty much all of the plant and animal species in storage (this is common tin foil hat hypothesis here)

HAARP has the capability of turning our ionosphere into a cinder therefore allowing every bombardment of radiation to hit the surface of the planet. (also common knowledge). It is also common knowledge that the ionosphere would eventually repair itself over time. The Svarbard Vault is sitting right dead center on top of the planet where the magentosphere would protect it from certain calamity.

Certain people have been constructing underground "bunkers" or places that could sustain a number of choice people for a great deal of time.

The new industry of hybrid seeds are being created to render certain nutrients inert...or completely missing from the food crops. DuPont and Monsanto have worked on creating abortificant agents to be put into these hybrids as well as chemicals to render men sterile. Pretty much, these new hybrids will starve us all gradually so no one notices a change. A "wasting disease" pandemic could be declared...or some other bogus disease name created to explain why people are dying of malnutrition and with the number of men and women having to utilize the services of fertility clinics, the sterilization has already begun especially in third world countries.

Okay, after those seeds are distributed and used and the population is brought down to a "reasonable" level the only way to purge the hybrids would be to completely sterilize the soil and every square inch of this planet...HAARP is perfectly capable of doing this. Remove the ionosphere and everything on the surface is fried and sterilized. This could also remove the remaining human population as well.

What if someone is planning on retreating to their underground facility and pushing a button to activate HAARP after a slow introduction of population reduction by faulty foods?

After they sterilize the planet, they will have all of the seeds and little itty bitty animal babies to repopulate the Earth, only with a small population of elitists.

Nuking the whole planet would result in a radioactive half life and would cause too much damage to be able to efficiently replant, repopulate and redistribute life. The cleanup would be too costly but if the ionosphere is blasted, there would be minimal if any cleanup.

Does any of this make sense? Am I being paranoid? It all sounds plausible to me, what about to you?

I have my very own conspiracy theory now!

What do you think of it?

posted on May, 25 2009 @ 06:38 AM
I always liked HARP theories. Agree with them or not, it is fun to play around with possible-circumstance.

I am not sure if you were hoping this to be a discussion on possible HARP capability or the seed vault/the intention of its 'owners'. Sorry ahead of time if I send this very first train of yours down the wrong tracks.

Could it be possible that, instead of destroying the planets atmosphere and forcing themselves to retreat underground that the seeds in the vault are a 'just in case' system. Take a look at who controls the company (read: Monsanto) activley trying to contol the worlds agricultural needs.

They make it no secret that GMO is their bread and butter (pun very intended). They also make it no secret that they are massive, will use dirty tactics and persue the influence many key political individuals; all but themselves be damned...

...which brings me -finally- to the seed vault:

There are amitious plans to be THE seed producer, period. If you are relying on GM seeds for this, you would probably want an 'oh # button', so to speak.

Wouldn't want to screw up corn beyond recognition and then have no way of restting the game.

I am not going to hang my hat on my reply here, but it is always interesting to speculate. Doesn't matter though, great first thread.

posted on May, 25 2009 @ 08:13 AM

Originally posted by Invisible DroneThe Svarbard Vault is sitting right dead center on top of the planet where the magentosphere would protect it from certain calamity.

Erm... no.

first of all norway is near the top of the planet, but still quite a bit away. Second and more importantly: The poles are the places where the magnetosphere is at its *weakest*. Thats how we get aruoa borealis.

posted on May, 25 2009 @ 08:53 AM
The seeds that arre being stored by this project are not hybrids. These are heritage seeds so the plants can reproduce themselves. If I understand the project correctly, theyare trying to store samples of every known plant. Just in case.

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