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Colorado Police Plan to Take Blood from “Uncooperative Suspects”

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posted on May, 28 2009 @ 02:53 PM
They do this in Germany.

I think they should be allowed to do it. It would seriously cut down on drunk driving. A sobriety test can be passed easily and the blow test can be fudged by chewing gum. Gum can show a higher BAC and voids the test. Plus if your given the test and fail you can ask the officer if he calibrated it. If he says yes then you can ask him if he is liscensed to do so. If he isn't then the test is void and you go free.

You can't fake a blood test.

posted on May, 28 2009 @ 02:59 PM
They're justification for this blatant collection of genetic material is holier than the pope.

So, how quickly do they think they can get these "search warrants" when they pull someone over at midnight? In Colorado, DUI is issued at or above .08 BAC. Alcohol is metabolized at the same rate for everyone, regardless of height, weight, sex or race, and that rate is .015 BAC per hour.

So, lets say a person is pulled over, and is right at .08 BAC. Within an hour, he'll be at .065, in 5.33 hours, there will be no evidence at all that he had a drink. Can the officers get a search warrant in less than an hour at 2AM on a Sunday morning? Doubtful.

posted on May, 28 2009 @ 05:03 PM
reply to post by jd140

I suggest you move to Deutschland then, to feel "safer."

"They do this in Germany." Their "drinking age" is also 18.

You ever think of that?

Recent statistics show that in the 15 countries in the European Union, traffic accidents kill nearly 40,000 people each year, with about a quarter of those deaths related to alcohol. "Binge drinking is rising all across Europe," said Berteletti Kemp of Eurocare. "It's the alcopop culture. Adults don't drink these things -- it's young people.

Plus, this is America. And bloodtests are against my Constitutional rights, as a citizen; to not allow ANY blood withdrawal without a warrant. Period.

Ironically, that's just what deputies plan to do. They'll actually drive to a judge's home for a signature and return to the checkpoint.

Talk about a circus act.?

If I was a judge, and you came to my house at 4:00AM, for a warrrant of a drunk driver, I'd hit you with a stick. Then go back to bed.
It shows how incompetent we are as a judicial system, imo. Seriously.
Pass laws like this, and we'll begin to fumble it around and screw it up even more, I promise. More drunk drivers will get their cases thrown out, and avoid conviction simply beacuse the case of "blood tests" will prove not as conclusive (for conviction) as a breathalyzer. (read that link on my prior post).
Note all the flaws.
"You can't fake a blood test."
Yet another flaw, is that the poppy seed, yes as in poppy seed bagels, have proven medically that it can test positve for opiates.

In comparison with your "bubble gum theory."

Which btw, you might have had an argument 25 years ago when they had big clunky things, that didn't work nearly as well. Technology has allowed the improvements (for those flaws).

Please, I'm not trying to sound like a wise ass either. This is a healthy and good conversation, and I'm valoring everyone's opinion.

I will muster my own thoughts and opinions as well, respectfully.

But I'm going to continue to rip this apart.

Have you atleast considered having a little intimate knowledge of this situation to feel (it should be pointed out) that people will be arrested even if they do give blood???

If they get to the point of drawing blood, they aren't going to let the person simply drive away. They'll still make the arrest for suspicion and impound the vehicle. Right?
C'mon think!

And that's also the point, If a person wants to be uncooperative, deceptive to begin with, cuff him! Book him! Face the music in court! Good.!
In the first place.! Know what I mean?

"It would seriously cut down on drunk driving" Prove it.

In recent years, many countries in Europe have cracked down on drunk driving and speeding by conducting road safety campaigns and installing radar units on highways. How bout taking a similar approach??

Again, just a thought .

In addition, many European countries have tough drunk-driving ordinances that can result in immediate license suspension with little recourse. Not like the US where a couple thousand dollars will get you off the hook, no matter how drunk you are.
Thse are the laws that we should consider harsher, and have positive statitistical results for repeat offenders.. Which is very, very common.
There are many more logical approaches that can result (statistical)success of reducing drunk driving over blood tests JD140.

As for sobriety tests, I disagree. They DO work.
Try for yourself.
I'm pretty athletically inclined, and most of them I couldn't do. Drunk.

I was also unable to confirm that they actually do (mandatory) blood tests in Germany, can you or someone confirm? Any German residents?
Thanks in advance.

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posted on May, 30 2009 @ 02:13 PM
Apparently, Colorado's not the only state.

In Georgia, the officer can choose ANY or ALL types of tests – blood, breath and urine.

Phoenix Moving to Blood Test for DUI Suspects

Phoenix has joined other Arizona cities in the movement to rely on blood tests to identify drunk driving suspects

Arizona: (source)


Some states, such as Florida, have mandatory blood seizure statutes



Texas & Washington are pushing for it......


On a positive note:

Other jurisdictions, such as Montana, do not allow forcible extraction of blood under any circumstances.

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