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Afghan, Pakistani, Iranian Presidents Meet in Tehran

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posted on May, 24 2009 @ 01:52 PM

Afghan, Pakistani, Iranian Presidents Meet in Tehran

The leaders of Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan have agreed to open their future meetings to other parties, which could include the United States. The tri-partite summit was held in Tehran.

Iran is played host to a high-profile summit of two key war-torn neighbors, Pakistan and Afghanistan, in a bid to put an end to conflicts that rage along its borders.
(visit the link for the full news article)

posted on May, 24 2009 @ 01:52 PM
Is it possible?
Peace in our time?

Nah I'll believe it when it happens.

I'm glad to see them getting together to discuss the major regional issues. If we can keep the rhetoric down to a minimum from all parties involved we may have a slight chance.

I was surprised that Ahmadinejad agreed to having the possibility of the US involved in future talks.

I also found this news report on topic.

"Seven years ago, Iran co-operated with the US in its war against the Taliban in Afghanistan. That was before being labelled by the Bush administration as part of a so-called "axis of evil." Since then, the security situation in Afghanistan has only deteriorated. Washington has signaled it will have to engage Tehran to stabilise a country that some observers say has become a battleground for the US - Iran rivalry. From Kabul, Al Jazeera's Zeina Khodr reports. "
(visit the link for the full news article)

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posted on May, 24 2009 @ 02:53 PM
Wow no replies?
Now that is a conspiracy.
Oh well off into the Abyss I guess


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posted on May, 24 2009 @ 02:58 PM
Iran is playing double-dealer in these regards, as are the Afghanis. Pakistan is going to get the short end of the stick on any 'deal' or agreement that may take place.

Peace is not what will be discussed. Iran and Afghanistan are both tired and wary of the Taleban, and Ahmadi-Nejad is ready to strike back at them for their perceived refusal to fully comply with the wishes of Al-Qa'ida. AQ and Iran have similar idealism at some junctures, whereas the Taleban are currently doing as they see fit, without the approval of AQ or anyone else, for that matter.

I do not trust Karzai for one moment, and neither should anyone else. At least Zardari (PAK president) is trying to defend his nation's sovereignty and fight back against extremism, albeit with one hand tied behind his back.

posted on May, 24 2009 @ 03:05 PM
reply to post by GuiltyByDesign

I have been keeping track. The Pakistanis seem to have taken the fight to the Taliban pretty hot and heavy these past few weeks.

Pakistan Claims More Gains Against Taliban

Pakistan Claims More Gains Against Taliban

KHAWAZAKHELA, Pakistan — A top Pakistani general said Friday that the military had succeeded in clearing two militant strongholds in upper parts of the contested Swat Valley, including this city, and was just a week away from taking over a third.

“Essentially, at this point in time, we are looking at eliminating the hard-core militants,” Maj. Gen. Sajjad Ghani, the commanding officer of the military operation in the upper part of Swat, said in a briefing for journalists here. Khawazakhela is one of the largest cities in Swat, with a population estimated at more than 500,000.
(visit the link for the full news article)

Pakistani army closes in on Swat town; bomb kills 11

Pakistani army closes in on Swat town; bomb kills 11

* Pakistani soldiers close in on Swat town - army

* Bomb kills 11 in Peshawar

* Suspected U.S. drone kills 28 militants

* Number of displaced rises to 1.17 million - U.N.

(Adds UNHCR comment)

By Alamgir Bitani

PESHAWAR, Pakistan, May 16 (Reuters) - Pakistani soldiers are closing in on the main town in the Taliban bastion of Swat, the army said on Saturday, in an offensive that has driven more than a million people from their homes.

The army launched the offensive more than a week ago to stop the spread of Taliban influence after the collapse of a peace pact the United Stat
(visit the link for the full news article)

Pakistani troops advance against Taliban

Pakistani troops advance against Taliban

Army says 55 militants are killed as crackdown continues. Curfew is lifted to allow thousands more civilians to flee, though officials fear Taliban fighters will try to blend in and escape too.

The Pakistani military said it had killed 55 Taliban in the Swat Valley on Friday and that it had lifted a curfew so thousands more civilians could flee the area in advance of an expected operation against militants in the area's largest town.

Taliban fighters are reportedly deeply entrenched in Mingora and the military
(visit the link for the full news article)

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posted on May, 24 2009 @ 03:11 PM
Indeed they have, I've been keeping track of it.

Pakistan's President Zardari and General Keyani are very focused on taking the fight to the Taleban. The problems they face are...

Islamist tribal leaders who will side with ANYTHING that AQ or other extremists sprout, however falsely, in the name of Islam

And outside pressure and infiltration of their ISI (intelligence services) by Iranian agents who are trying to exacerbate the struggles in AFG and PAK to keep the U.S. tangled up indefinetely.

Also to keep things in perspective, Zardari must also take into account the current situation with India. Although rhetoric on both sides has cooled off considerably since the Mumbai attacks, they are historic enemies and the threat of an Indian retaliatory strike is always possible.

posted on May, 24 2009 @ 03:36 PM
reply to post by GuiltyByDesign

On one hand we have horror stories of how badly it's going in Afghanistan and on the other they are saying the "Taliban" are being pushed out.

Top US official warns that war in Afghanistan strengthens Taliban in Pakistan

Top US official warns that war in Afghanistan strengthens Taliban in Pakistan

America's top military official warned that the US offensive in Afghanistan could end up fuelling the conflict in Pakistan by pushing more Taliban fighters across the border.

Admiral Mike Mullen, the chairman of the US joint chiefs of staff, said the surge of 21,000 additional US troops into Afghanistan had raised the prospect that Pakistan could face even greater turmoil in the months ahead."They want Afghanistan back," he said. "We can't let them or their al-Qaeda cohorts have it. We can't permit the return of the very same safe havens from which the attacks on 9/11 were planned an
(visit the link for the full news article)

posted on May, 24 2009 @ 03:42 PM
The current situation in Afghanistan is that the insurgency there has now switched tactics to attack supply lines and vital infrastructure, much like the guerrila forces of Vichy France in WW2. In Pakistan, you saw a quick consolidation for Pashtun extremist forces push south into Buner before Zardari and Keyani mobilized their divisions and decided to take the fight to the extremists.

Also of note, the supposed Predator strikes on the Afghani/Pakistani border regions have scared the TB and AQ fighters that were hiding there into moving actively into PAK to avoid them. What you are seeing is a pincer movement by Coalition and PAK forces, pushing the extremists into the Swat Valley region.

posted on May, 24 2009 @ 03:53 PM
This is an interesting development. Not an entirely unexpected one. Iran borders Afghanistan which is a land locked country, and it borders Pakistan as well.

Let’s forget the Taliban exists for a moment.

We know a new oil pipeline transits Afghanistan Now to bring oil from Kazakhstan which has huge reserves down through Turkmenistan on through Afghanistan to connect further to a yet to be built pipeline that presumably has to run through where? Ultimately through Pakistan then on down to its southern coast, for a terminus on the Arabian Sea, where it can be pumped to super tankers for export throughout the world.

Strategically this pipeline if completed can accomplish two important things. One is it can end Moscow’s hegemony on the transshipment of Kazakhstan’s oil supplies through the existing functional pipelines to Europe it now controls. Two is it allows for a continuation of oil exports if the strategic narrow Straights of Hormuz are ever blocked by a War in the Middle East involving Iran. Saudi, Iraqi, Kuwaiti, Iranian, and United Arab Emirates oil mostly has to flow past the narrowest point of the Straights by Bandar-e ‘Abbās which could be quickly and easily made impassable by mines, scuttled vessels and other debris, cutting off the bulk of the Middle East Oil Supplies for the duration of hostilities and a cleanup period that would likely take one to three months.

Right now the lawless area that borders Pakistan and Afghanistan is ruled by the Taliban and Pakistan is so politically unstable that an attempt to complete the pipeline to a transshipment point on its southern coast is unfeasible because of the logistics involved.

The Taliban was in fact used as an excuse to occupy Afghanistan to make the building of that portion of the Pipeline possible and to ensure its safe and continued function.

Now if Iran can conclude a deal with Afghanistan, and Pakistan and manage to secure the region it not only can help to finish that pipeline through Afghanistan and Pakistan but hook up to itself to continue to export their own oil even after blocking the Straights of Hormuz in a major war involving Iran. Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the U.A.E. would loose a great deal of its export potential, but Iran could retain theirs.

Kazakhstan will gladly sell the oil to who ever controls the pipeline and wants to purchase oil from it. Turkmenistan likewise borders Iran and if Iran and Turkmenistan make moves to form an alliance, they could divert the pipeline from there bypass Afghanistan and run the pipeline to the East of Bandar-e ‘Abbās to Masqat which sits practically at the mouth of the Persian Gulf directly on the Arabian Sea, strategically it would be better to have the pipeline further east towards Karāchi, so it makes sense to push for that first.

Make no mistake about it, the Taliban fought against the Afghani portion of the pipeline and because of its ideology made an easy target for take over of Afghanistan. Pakistan though is a far more democratic nation and they do realize that the Taliban is being forced over the border to destabilize the region to set the pretext for a Military occupation of Pakistan so the pipeline can be completed and controlled by Western interests and U.S., NATO arms.

This is not about ideology, it’s about who can control Kazakhstani oil with out having to deal with the Russians.

Ideology is for the masses that make up cannon fodder, money and oil is for the people who can use ideology in seizing it and power, and the power that flows from the wealth of controlling it and its sale.

I bet there were a lot of maps in that meeting, and not one Koran to be found.

Great find Slayer, you are so ontop of this! Thanks

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posted on May, 24 2009 @ 03:56 PM

Originally posted by GuiltyByDesign

Islamist tribal leaders who will side with ANYTHING that AQ or other extremists sprout, however falsely, in the name of Islam

Yes of course almost 70% is controlled and ran by regional chieftains who don't care for the Taliban or the New Government.

They were the ones who helped the US over throw the Taliban in the first place. They remembered when we helped them fight off the Soviets. So they returned the favor. The problem is that many of our generals and troops dont know that history and end up making new enemies of the ones who helped us in he first place.

posted on May, 24 2009 @ 04:09 PM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

Hello Proto, good to have you in the conversation.

Said pipeline is indeed an interesting nuance to the developments in Pakistan. Granted, this pipe line's most likely end point would have to be Karachi, seeing as that is the only viable port facility in Pakistan that could support the massive increase in structure necessary to support foreign oil shipments.

As for the Straits of Hormuz (SoH), Iran does indeed have plans to close it off in the event of open hostilities between the Iranian government and the West. The US knows this, however, and knows precisely how to counter that threat to prevent the stoppage of oil flow from the other Gulf states. Make no mistake, the 'black blood of industry' would not stop flowing, and the SoH would remain open with continuous US Naval escorts protecting inbound and outbound tanker traffic.

The reason you now see the TB and AQ attacking infrastructure is simple: They know the West is in dire straits economically. Massive food shipments, power generators destined for hydroelectric dams, bridges, etc., have all been targeted in the past few months and have cause major monetary loss. You cannot wage war without funding, and I fully believe the TB to be fighting a 'holding' strategy until the West, and specifically, the United States, has no more debtors to rely on.

posted on May, 24 2009 @ 04:24 PM

Originally posted by ProtoplasmicTraveler
Kazakhstan will gladly sell the oil to who ever controls the pipeline and wants to purchase oil from it. Turkmenistan likewise borders Iran and if Iran and Turkmenistan make moves to form an alliance, they could divert the pipeline from there bypass Afghanistan and run the pipeline to the East of Bandar-e ‘Abbās to Masqat which sits practically at the mouth of the Persian Gulf directly on the Arabian Sea, strategically it would be better to have the pipeline further east towards Karāchi, so it makes sense to push for that first.

Make no mistake about it, the Taliban fought against the Afghani portion of the pipeline and because of its ideology made an easy target for take over of Afghanistan. Pakistan though is a far more democratic nation and they do realize that the Taliban is being forced over the border to destabilize the region to set the pretext for a Military occupation of Pakistan so the pipeline can be completed and controlled by Western interests and U.S., NATO arms.

Great find Slayer, you are so ontop of this! Thanks


There is a bigger game to play. I'll be posting a much larger post regarding The New Great Game Stay tuned.

Edit to add link The New Great Game

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posted on May, 24 2009 @ 07:03 PM
reply to post by GuiltyByDesign

Part 1

I am going to take this a step further in please keep in mind two things as I do in formulating your response.

One is I am not an ideologue and neither are the businessmen who rule the world so I do not factor ideologies, religions or philosophies into what I write. Wars are political endeavors; politics is about making money, securing contracts, monopolies and markets by creating a like minded majority of people who ostensibly can be convinced wittingly or unwittingly that somehow serves them individually.

Second my theories are based on speculation and on my speculation based on the commerce involved in securing, shipping, marketing and profiting off of a commodity.

I frame all my perceptions off of common sense age old adages; you know those often considered old sayings like “Haste makes waste”.

Finally I look to as much of the pertinent history of a region, people and conflict as I feel factors into an equation and will go back thousands of years at times to develop ethnology trends to that regard.

Now having started there, let me continue on and all I ask is you simply consider the theory with an open mind.

First who is the Taliban, they are the Mujahedeen that the CIA funded and backed in a Proxy War against the Soviet Union.

Now you don’t bite the hand that feeds you. So I have to say I do feel on some upper leadership level the Taliban is under CIA control.

Now History claims that when Ronald Regan unveiled the Star Wars Space Based Defense Initiative at Reykjavik in his first Strategic Arms Reduction Talks with Mikhail Gorbachev it sent the Russians into a panic and spending frenzy to try to start developing similar technology.

Two things subsequently occurred at this time, one is the Russians moved into Afghanistan ostensibly to aide it’s fledgling Communist movement and new Communist Government ensure it’s viability. The more likely scenario though was trying to secure it as a solid base of operations for expansion into the Middle East and an Arabian Sea port, which they probably eyed Iran, Afghanistan’s neighbor as being that target. Iran had just overthrown the American and CIA installed Shah of Iran and was immersed itself in a war with Iraq, that once again the CIA had put Saddam Hussein up to fighting to deplete Iran’s stocks of American weapons and thwart any expansionist ideas oil rich Iran now under antonymous control might have. Of course this would leave Iran open to a Soviet invasion through Afghanistan if the Soviets could secure their supply lines through the mostly wild and rural undeveloped country side.

So the CIA operating out of Pakistan helped recruit, fund, equip the Mujahedeen for this purpose.

Prior to Ronald Regan when U-2 and other Spy Planes flew over the Soviet Union they weren’t looking for missile silos or troop movements or buildups, they were looking at the grain crop and the logistical infrastructure to feed the Soviet People. The Cold War thinking had been Russia invades Europe if Russia can’t feed herself, and the desired outcome of course was for the Soviet State to stay basically solvent enough for it not to need to invade Europe to feed its citizenry.

Regan of course well on his way to flying over the Kukus Nest said “That’s just nuts, let’s bankrupt them and just force them to collapse from within which they will do if the people end up starving.”

Hence the two prong strategy, selling them on Star Wars and that their entire Nuclear Arsenal was obsolete and bogging them down in a long protracted Vietnam guerilla style War in Afghanistan to further bankrupt them and keep them from a presence in the Middle East itself.

Now the old Soviet Union had huge oil reserves and while it wasn’t a major player in the International Spot Market it could easily become one to raise major revenues to fund both the War in Afghanistan and a Space Based Defense Initiative of their own.

So Regan approached the Saudis and Kuwaitis and first asked them to increase their oil production drastically, and to lower the prices of it drastically. This would make it impossible for Russia to raise substantial amounts of hard currency by selling its own oil for a similar pittance on the open spot market. The Kuwaitis and Saudis where promised mutual defense agreements with the United States that if they should be attacked by Iran a long time rival, or Iraq another long time rival born of how the British Colonials had drawn up the maps of the nations after the collapse and withdrawal of the British Empire.
These two nations would also be protected from Israel as long as they didn’t take part in any aggressions against Israel.

Part of successfully employing this strategy was teaching the Saudis and Kuwaitis how to ‘cook the books’. In order for the Soviets to abandon a strategy of funding through oil they had to be convinced that there was so much oil in the ground in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait that they could sell vast amounts of oil that cheaply until the cows came home and beyond.

Now there was a downside to this as once we taught them how to cook the books they know how to cook the books, meaning it’s very hard to tell how much oil they really have left in the ground over there.

Now let’s consider this additional bit. I believe it’s all relevant. Long about 1990 Kuwait was diagonally drilling into the Iraqi oil fields. Why? Was their a shortage of oil in oil rich Kuwait? With a wink and a nod, we encouraged Saddam Hussein to believe we would not take exception to the Iraqis invading Kuwait which after all 45 years before had been a part of historical Iraq anyway until the British withdrew the maps when exiting from their rule of the entire region.

That invasion by Iraq triggered the mutual defense agreement we already had in place as part of the cook the books, bankrupt the Soviets, keep them out of the Middle East deal we had with Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

We did not invade Iraq or try to change the regime, we just set up a no fly buffer zone in the South where surprise, the Kuwaitis still to this day drill diagonally into Iraq’s rich southern oil fields. Now supposedly we kept Iraq’s reserves reputed to be the third largest in the world off of the market at this time, in essence ‘preserving’ them in the process.

Yet we really weren’t because the Kuwaitis were still tapping huge amounts of it, and we know that the Oil for Food Program was rife with corruption in its United Nation’s oversight. So how much Oil does Iraq really have, is their anyway that an American installed regime in Iraq could stop the Kuwaitis who are still diagonally drilling into their southern oil fields?

Now what else do we know? That the Saudis have been pumping more and more sea water into their fields to maintain an ever dwindling underground pressure to bring the oil up to the top. The Saudis now have a cost of 35.00 per barrel of oil just to extract a barrel of oil and are finding it harder and harder to pump enough water into the fields to bring oil up.

Let’s further ask ourselves why did the Saudis dump all their U.S. Currency Reserves to buy Gold with it instead last October, two hundred and forty billion dollars worth of Gold.

Many spot traders and analysts believe we have already hit ‘Peak’ oil in the Middle East and production will steadily decrease.

Meanwhile a little further up the sub-Asian continent the Soviet Union has broken up and many of it’s oil rich states have broken away and formed their own republics. Kazakhstan’s are considered the richest, and perhaps the largest single point oil reserves in the world.

How do you get it out of there though past the Ukraine, and over Russian controlled Pipe Lines without the Russians being able to capitalize off of it monetarily and politically since it’s landlocked?

You need a pipeline which when asked by Royal Dutch Shell a Rothschild Company the Taliban said no.

Now that begs the question since the Taliban was already battling the Northern Alliance and other Tribes for it’s continued rule, while keeping in mind this is the Mujahedeen we set up and funded were they saying no we refuse to have it in Afghanistan or were they saying no, we don’t control Afghanistan well enough to secure the country side to guarantee the pipeline’s safety and viability?

Continued below...

posted on May, 24 2009 @ 07:05 PM
reply to post by GuiltyByDesign

Part 2

So supposedly El Qaeda a loosely ideologically aligned organization with the Taliban pulls off a terrorist attack on the United States that honestly I do not believe they had the sophistication to do, in the way it’s been spun, with the effects that it really had.

So we invade Afghanistan at first with pallets of cash to hand out to the Northern Alliance’s tribal warlords to ostensibly finance their push on the Taliban like we don’t have enough guns and bullets sitting around to just give them those instead.

Then we basically install the Northern Alliance and start building the pipeline which guess what, has to come down from the North! What a coincidence.

Now mean while we twice had major concentrations of the Taliban under our sights and radars and let them once escape by a mass air evacuation to Pakistan the numbers estimated at 30,000 on that one, and once along the back side of Tora Bora after only encircling them on 3 sides so they could go out of the back of the Mountain Range in to Pakistan an other estimate 15,000 Taliban escaped that way.

So we have now moved 45,000 Taliban fighters we could have easily engaged from the air and ground to almost certain annihilation back to where we originally found them, recruited them and put them together in the early 1980’s.

Once again this proves “don’t bite the hand that feeds you”.

Now what does the Taliban do? Start destabilizing the region the pipeline has to go through next. Pakistan’s President no stranger to the CIA and it’s meddling in Pakistani Politics wastes no time in declaring he’s on board with the war on terror. Sadly as much as he would like to help, even with the billions in fresh U.S. aide now flowing in to the country, he can’t really do anything about the Taliban in a remote lawless region of the country because the few people who live there might revolt? Well, OK if you say so!

So the Taliban does what? Recruits from the refugees of American bombing while it secures hostile wedding parties from the pipelines route of way, now one might say why weren’t more people paying attention to this forgotten war? Well there was a better show on TV called Iraq. An Iraq that reportedly has the third largest oil reserves in the world and for almost two decades has had them being stolen right under their noses thanks to U.S. manipulation, but good news, even though those oil fields are damaged the new Democratic American Republic of Iraq has contracted to have them rebuilt and redeveloped.

Hey an American firm? No a Chinese firm, a Chinese firm, from China that just happens to coincidentally be loaning the U.S. Government the money to fight the war in Iraq and Afghanistan!

Wow what a coincidence that is. Where did they get the money? Well, because American businesses thought it would be a great idea to manufacture every product not defense or aero-space related in China. Who just happened to make trillions doing it while Americans went broke speculating on Real Estate and the Stock Market since that’s really all that was left in America to do! That and work at Wal-Mart or a consulting firm to teach the Indians how to handle all our former customer service jobs, and the Chinese how to handle all our former manufacturing jobs.

Now of course in the meantime China a mostly rural agrarian society in 1990 where one out of 100 people owned a car just happens to have bought more Cars last year than America did.

Isn’t that special? Now you have a very oil hungry China doing what? Funding its ideological foe’s war for oil, that hey as they win it, China wins the contracts to drill and refine it.

By now you might be seeing why I prefer to keep ideology out of all this.

So now lets look at the picture, we have hit peak oil in the Persian Gulf Middle East States they are running dry.

Once again the Taliban is forcing government restructuring in the regions it moves in and out of, conveniently choosing the location of where the pipeline next has to go to keep being built and wandering in and out of Afghanistan just enough to keep the threat alive for a brand new Administration in Washington that has decided, we are fighting the wrong war in Iraq, let’s forget about that now, since China has the oil contracts they were promised, and let’s concentrate on Afghanistan which is where the whole problem with terrorists originates. Oh and there happens to be a bitsy witsy teenie enie problem with Pakistan too. So now even though we haven’t scarcely put a dent in the Taliban that was already just barely clinging to power regionally before we invaded we are going to ramp up over there and get this job done, but…we might have to clear out this nest of trouble in Pakistan.

Meanwhile we force the President that couldn’t, wouldn’t go after the Taliban to leave office as we promise, and guess what the galvanizing political figure that could unite Pakistan to stabilize it, Mrs Bhuto just happens to hit her head, get blown up, and shot on the way to work one day, which no one is exactly sure in which order or by whom or exactly how, but hey she’s dead who cares?

So now we have another weak President in Pakistan who guess what? Has a little tiny problem of his own because he is facing certain invasion if he can’t clean up the Taliban but…one little problem, it seems some false flag operation in Mumbai carried out by Pakistani Terrorists speaking in British Accents as in the British that own Royal Dutch Shell and the Pipeline, who when not conversing in English were using the wrong dialect from the ethnic region they were supposed to be from, who pressed by reporters and police as to what their demands were really weren’t quite sure at first and had to get back to them, really upset Pakistan’s number one traditional enemy India who now has beefed up their troops on the Pakistani Border where the traditional Pakistani Military and Armed Services sees then times a greater historical threat than in the Taliban that they are pretty darn sure is a U.S. CIA puppet anyway.

In other words somehow every situation has occurred to make it as hard as humanly possible for Pakistan to deal with the Taliban which despite the fact there are only 50,000 some members of, that have no secure or permanent base of operation industry or Science have managed to become enemy number One of the World’s still greatest Military Super Power who can’t seem to defeat them, but got a very important Oil Pipeline built through fiercely independent tribal and rural Afghanistan.

Now I have to tell you when Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinjad shakes CNN’s Talk Show Host Larry King’s hand who is as Jewish as the day is long in greeting in a televised interview where Ahmadinjad uses the Master Mason’s handshake and Larry King shake’s his hand back with a Mason’s return handshake of lesser rank, I really, truly, honestly, don’t think there is a problem between Tel Aviv and Iran especially considering the thousand years old Jewish Community in Iran and the Shah’s Iran role in helping to counter the weight of Arab Oil Embargos over Israel’s right to exist.

What I see is a guy down with the program most people have not gotten a copy of but the world runs off of all the same.

Now here we sit the U.S. if for all intents and purposes bankrupt. We are heavily in debt to China. China is a nation that has rapidly developed because of American Business rapidly developing it. It is the most populated nation on earth; it will have the hungriest appetite for oil on earth. It is a nation devoid of religious ideologies and philosophies where the people see the State as the highest Legal, Moral and Spiritual Authority, where people have been taught to obey the absolute rule of law without question, that is neither Communist, nor Capitalist, but a finely developed and tuned hybrid of both.

In other words, from a managerial authoritarian standpoint, it’s a wet dream come true.

No competing doctrines, no faith based higher moral entities.

Now this is what I see, Israel continuing to put pressure on Iran knowing that Iran’s belligerent stance only increases its appeal to other Muslim Nations. The United States a largely Christian nation fighting two wars in Muslim countries while maintaining a Christian religious moral authority in that quest that further enhances Iran’s stature.
A Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq with rapidly dwindling oil supplies with Iraq who has the most already pledging the vast amount to China, with China funding most of the fighting going on.

Now when the Saudis can no longer cost effectively extract oil and the Kuwaitis can no longer drill far enough into Iraq’s field to extract oil…before you ever hear about it…

Israel attacks Iran, Iran blocks the Gulf and Western Christian Nations go to all out war against Eastern Muslim Nations over the oil that is surprise, no longer there. The price of Oil sky rockets in the meantime with most of the secure supplies going to China.

The West bankrupts itself into near destruction between the loss of life fighting the war, the cost of fighting the war, and the cost of maintaining its oil based infrastructure.

Most of the Islamic world is laid to ruins in the process, which matters little to the businessmen as its oil is gone anyway.

Meanwhile China the most populated nation on earth has guess what? The largest Army with no allegiance to anyone but the State, and who really owns the State? The American Financial Oligarchs who morphed it into the dominant economic and military force it’s becoming because it has…no ideology other than allegiance to the State.

That huge Military with lots of oil sweeps in and mops up the remnants of the Christian West and Muslim East and what do you have?

You have a New World Order.

posted on May, 24 2009 @ 07:06 PM
reply to post by GuiltyByDesign

Part 3

Now you have a one world government where competing ideologies have wiped themselves out simply by being played and using them against them.

Iran will use its clout to get that pipeline secured to route that oil to China.

Israel and Iran two very ancient peoples the Habiru/Hapiri/Hebrew, and the Persians use their own peoples and terrain as touch stones to the conflagrations that make it all possible. The people at the top of course walk away safe and rich with prominence in the New World Order, the people with the ideologies that were exploited against them get to die.

The world’s population is drastically reduced; resources no longer have to be stretched to the limit and the breaking point in a world where yes you and your wife may have one child to be raised by the state.

The people who have long owned the resources and infrastructure still do.

The winners continue to be winners, the losers continue to be losers but with no one left to pray to, and in no one’s name or morality to rebel.

I am sorry to say I don’t see a darn thing to keep it from going that way, and if I was out to take over the world, this is how I would do it.


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