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Weirdest dream to date...

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posted on May, 24 2009 @ 09:20 AM
I had a dream a while back that was psychodelic... at least as it has been described to me since I never did any of that stuff!!

I had a dream that I was driving through an area kinda like Luisiana swamp and the water was rising from flooding. The car goes off into the water and floats long enough for me to get out. Somehow I make it to land. I know that the water will continue to rise and that SOMETHING is coming. I find a group of people including this guy and his mom and they have a small uhaul type truck. The mom is in the back in a rocking chair. He goes back there and comes out stating she isn't going to make it any further. He gets everyone to get out and closes the door so he can kill her - which he does by smothering her (fuzzy at this point). I am completely horrified but understood (in the dream it made sense). We frantically move out... unsure of what happens to mom. Anyway, we end up on top of a cliff type area overlooking a beach. I am freaking out completely telling everyone we have got to move upwards. It is too low. I keep telling my mom, dad and everyone but no one is listening.

I look down at the beach and notice that there are dolphins swimming in several square enclosed water arenas. Kinda reminded of the water purification ponds I have seen before.

With the edges made of dirt. The dolphins are swimming as fast as they can in a square - not circular. I am freaking out.

I look at the beach itself and there are these chickens using their drumsticks to pick up crabs and toss them into their really teethy mouth. The mouth actually pushes the teeth out like the alien queen (from that Sigourney Weaver movie) and snaps the crabs and retreats. OK. Even weirder. The chicken things looked like the chicken fryer ready to be cooked. No head, naked bird ready to be cooked running around on it's drumsticks and ... come to think of it - it actually had two sets of drumsticks through instead of drumsticks and wings. One set to run on and the other to pick up the crabs to eat.

So, I am setting there thinking to myself... something is really wrong (as if it couldn't be guessed at this point). I yell "I love you" to the family and start running and climbing a rock face to get to higher ground. As I look back I start to hear screaming and a whooshing sound and realize the water is coming (tsunami?). People are killing themselves to climb the rock face. I barely make it high enough and as the water recedes I run back down to the beach and notice to the far right is a cruise ship waiting for me. I decide to not go for some scared reason and as it sails off I realize I have just totally f'd up and should be on it but it is too late. I wake up.

I am not sure of what upsets me more. Smothering the mom or the ... no... no ... it would definitely have to be the fryers running around eating crabs and their teeth protruding out of their neck like the alien queen... yep.. freaked me out for days.

As to the meaning..I have no idea. I figure I ate some food that settled wrong. Probably my subconscious torturing me for making the wrong decision on something.

So that is my craziest dream. What is your craziest dream?

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