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UFOs, "Disclosure" and the "NWO"

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posted on May, 23 2009 @ 05:22 PM
Only the blind will not have noticed the increasing wave of "disclosure" concerning UFOs and alien life forms. It has moved from being a "crank" belief to be one mentioned as a possibility or a certainty now by middle ranking authorities.

So far though not a shred of credible evidence, some grainy pictures, jerky video and supposition. Now though a lot of people are trully hungering for an "official" declaration that we are "not alone." Will it be Obama or Sarkozy first, etc.

Orson Wells' "War of the World" broadcast showed the PTB the power of such notions and since then there has been a drip drip of information convincing many it's true.

If disclosure does happen though, beware. What better way to "unite" the world than to make us all think there are others out there? If those others have sophisticated knowledge, advanced beyond our imagination, then the "threat" will unite some, while the hope will unite others. The next step will be for governments to work closer together in encountering these others. Someone will need appointed as the earth representative.
If they might ask "take us to your leader" won't we need to have one leader, one authority?
If they are intellectually superior to us won't we have to supress ideologies/faiths/politics which might make us look foolish, lets insted be of one mind.

Disclosure, if (and probably when) it comes will be the greatest threat to liberty and diversity. It will herald a real "NWO". It will be disclosed by those who will be best served by it.

It will not be real - beware.

posted on May, 23 2009 @ 05:49 PM
reply to post by Supercertari

And how do you know this exactly? How many alien disclosures have you witnessed before?

posted on May, 23 2009 @ 05:52 PM
I think this is probably the case. TPTB are a bunch of glorified con artists, they don't know truth, only manipulation. They have no interest in truth, only what they can make people believe. I fully expect "disclosure" to be a host of lies, some spin, some tarted up tesla or recovered ET technology and a whole lot of faux religion, all with the objective of engineering servitude, submission.

The only disclosure I would accept would be the aliens themselves, and even then I would be skeptical of their motives, although respectful of their technological superiority and possibly their antiquity.

However, I do suspect that the NWO mythology mirrors a spiritual reality. Their lies are based on our true nature, just twisted to engineer a lord - serveant relationship, so whatever happens will be worth watching closely.

posted on May, 23 2009 @ 05:57 PM
This is the most likely scenario, should disclosure take place.
Starred, as more people need to wake up and realize the TRUE implications of an official disclosure. The narrow-mindedness, the short-sightedness and the gullibility need to cease... Will you be decieved?

posted on May, 23 2009 @ 06:19 PM

Originally posted by mostlyspoons
This is the most likely scenario, should disclosure take place.
Starred, as more people need to wake up and realize the TRUE implications of an official disclosure. The narrow-mindedness, the short-sightedness and the gullibility need to cease... Will you be decieved?

However, ofcourse, remains the question of exactly what the deception will be: That ET's from other worlds are coming to Earth? OR, could the deception be the claim, that if ET's arrive to Earth, it is all going to be fake and "Blue Beam"?

posted on May, 23 2009 @ 06:48 PM
Here is a list of names which I think will be highly envolved in the whole disclosure process and who I personally hold in low regards when it comes to telling the truth, although I don't pretend to know it all and could be wrong about any of them. However keep this list in mind if you start hearing any of these people pushing disclosure and especially if they start pushing new age religion and/or a space war vrs aliens:

Larry King - he's been pushing the whole alien thing as a formula for a while now. I suspect his high viewer rated show will be one of the viehicles of disclosure.

Steven Basset - I don't trust this one. In a recent interview he hinted about the press, who he dubbed "the fourth estate" (which is an elitist term, meaning that the press is the fourth power (after the state, the military and religion) would be richly rewarded for continued reporting on UFO matters. It didn't sit right with me.

Nick Pope - writes and talks about all manner of shallowy documented UFO encounters, yet comes on a talk show debunking the false flag state sponsored terrorism around 911, which is far more documentable than any UFO sighting I'm aware of. This one I am sure has an agenda.

Linda Moulton Howe - Just a gut feeling.

George Noory - subtle fearmonger who I think will start pushing new age religion through fear sometime soon.

Seth Shostak - SETI occultist (in the fact that he hides the fact aliens are probably everywhere by telling us we have to listen to ZETA-FM to hear aliens) If this one starts giving out information about alien signals and whatnot I will be very skeptical. Plus he always seems to wear black which is annoying.

Oprah - She already seems to be laying the foundations for a new age religion. If she can get Barry elected president of the US she can get people believing in spiritual ET's.

Steven Greer - Links to the Rockefellers. Already talks about the spiritual implications. Already charges money to see lights in the sky. Everything he touches seems to end up nowhere. Also has the same surname as the driver in the kennedy assassination, which could be just a coincidence but creeps me out.

Richard Dolan - Nice books and all that, official UFO historian apparently, but he now warns of reptilians predating us? What the hell... Outside of hollywood culture flouride drinking USA I haven't seen a popular schizm about reptilians. I think someone is playing on the fact we evolved in the footprints of dinosaurs and, for millions of years, have had an inate fear of reptiles. Fear is the great manipulator.

Ian Punnett - I don't believe anything he says.

John Lear - I don't believe anything he says.

President Carter - I would believe him if he talked about peanuts. Aliens not so much.

Paola Harris - I suspect she is linked to the vatican, and they are already gearing up for a religious paradigm shift.

The Vatican - I don't believe anything they say.

The governments - I don't believe anything they say.

The military and intelligence agencies - You kidding me? Why should I believe people who lie and counter inform for a living? Who think the best way to deal with UFO's is to shoot at them? How come they now would have all the answers. If I were an alien civilization I would be between wiping them out for the good of universal peace and good manners or avoiding them like some sort of cosmic plague

The aliens themselves - got to see if they are who they say they are, elitists are con artists with high technology, so close scrutiny to any alien landing event should be maintained. This event would change our world more than 911, and most of us know 911 is not what it was sold as. Alien contact could potentially be faked with the envolvement of less people.

Alfred Webre - seems a few screws short of structural integrity, if you know what I mean. I don't find him credible.

UN - the same UN helping the IMF bankrupt the third world? The same UN trying to reduce population? The same UN saying we have universal rights but then don't have universal rights? The same UN which is dominated by a few rich countries dominated by a few rich elitists? No, I don't think I trust this crew either.

There's not a lot left I would trust. In this sad psychopath dominated world the people I would trust are either quiet about what they know or dead.

However I could be wrong about most of the above, so just take this with a pinch of salt. However if the majority or all of the people and organisations listed above start pushing a similar view on disclosure and end up in religion, be very wary.

Edit - silly n word filter catching an African nation...

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