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Facing the World Crisis

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posted on May, 23 2009 @ 02:44 PM

The Toltec teachings is a vast and an ancient tradition that has hitherto strictly oral, and therefore handed down from one nagal to the next in guiding their apprentices to freedom upon what Toltecs term the Warrior’s Path. As a result the Toltec teachings have also become known as the Path of Freedom, as well the Warrior’s Path.

The Toltec teachings are the divine birthright of humanity, and therefore do not belong to any one man, woman, sect, religion or philosophy, for these teachings are founded, not within any one particular school of thought, but within the experiential knowledge gained by living a life that has both meaning and purpose. Consequently the Toltec teachings embrace all aspects of life, for the very essence of these teachings is an inclusiveness which does not allow for separative views based upon the prejudices of sectarian thought.


Facing The World Crisis

This article is amazing and it poses many questions and gives a great deal of insight into the world today through the eyes of nagal Theun Mares. It gives guidance and reassurance and offers extraordinary advice on todays affairs. It touches on everything from the global elite, illuminati, ect. . . to the strained financial system. Just thought i'd drop this off for everyone to read for I highly recommend it. I gave a summary at the top of what the Toltec teachings are Theun Mares follows for anyone wishing to know.

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