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Google. Could it be the new controller of us?

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posted on May, 23 2009 @ 12:26 PM
A while back I posted a thread on Google tracking users claiming that it enabled them to personalise advertising Google Tracks Reader's Interests to Make Advertising Personal

and recently I have discovered a new article about how when told by the European Commission that they should delete the data after 6 months Google has refused saying that it needs to keep the data in order to help predict pandemics like swine flu.

Forcing Google to delete user data after six months could dent its ability to predict pandemics such as swine flu, said the search giant's co-founder.

Wiping data 'hits flu prediction'

Now I do not know about you lot out there but this seems to me like they are just using the current panic over swine flu in order to increase their dominance in the world.

You see for a while now I have become slightly worried by how Google seems to be finding their way everywhere. They have come a long way from the unobtrusive search engine that we originally knew to a massive corporation who seem to be in someway involved in most things.
They are by far the most used search engine, they are built into many sites, they have their own phone OS, google comes built in to some PC OSs with installation (no opt out), have their own web browser (which ironically I use some of the time), of course there is the massive scandal over the Google street view and they are even built into this website with the custom search at the top.
So I was wondering is anyone else out there worried about the amount of influence that this rapidly expanding company has developed and do you have any views on what you think they may do in the future and have any ideas about what needs to be done with this company lest they go too far.


P.S. sorry if I haven't done this quite right I rarely start threads.


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