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Recognizing the bits of our Matrix

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posted on May, 23 2009 @ 12:21 PM
Computers for all the amazing things they can do, it boils down to the basics of nothing more than a bunch of zeros and ones.

You have heard people say that we are just units of a matrix.

A world computerized in such a complicated way that we can't even see it.

I think they may be right.

When we watch a computer in operation we never think about or see the zeros and the ones that really make it tick.

Just like we don't see the zeros and ones of our world and what makes it tick.

Everything in our world boils down to the simple basics of a yes or a no.

Think about it. It is not just about choices, it is about the choices you make and when you make them.

Every yes in your life could have been replaced with a no; and every no with a yes.

How different the outcome may have been based on that one simple selection.



There are no maybes. Maybes are nothing more than yeses or noes that have not yet been selected.

A powerful example of just how saying yes when most would have said no can be found in a video that I posted and can be found at BTS:

The zero and ones that operate our matrix are more powerful because their results are not as static as a concrete number.

While an assigned identifier can generate a consistent result our matrix runs on the living breath of a yes or a no; so though an identifier can be assigned, the result will never be consistent.

This alone is the one thing that opens up the possibility of endless dimensions.

Can a choice as dynamic as a yes or a no be confined to only one opportunity of an outcome?

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posted on May, 23 2009 @ 05:11 PM
Was thinking about this - this morning before i read your post.
It seems highly likely that we are a simulation very similar to what we create with computers.

I used to think cities where like the pentium chips where all the bits of info are tightly packed together, roads are a bit like "information highways" travelling the data from one place to another, then we create our own information high ways to transfer "our" data to one another.

I dont think computers have reached that level yet? (creating their own computers?) Unless we use the euphimism that we are the hardware but we couldnt be, because there is so much software to make life run thats inbuilt like genetic codes, physical rules like gravity, and the elements amongs many other things.

I think your onto something here.

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