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Searching for video posts

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posted on May, 23 2009 @ 05:19 AM
I posted a vid from youtube earlier and was very kindly informed that it had already been posted before.

I did try a search for it first but due to the amount of re-posts that people do and thread title changes etc, it gets a bit hard to nail it down..

So my idea is this... when someone wants to post from youtube or google video, is it possible to set up a search method that allows us to find the actual vid id number?

ie, oh5SjXL6PgQ is a youtube vid number and required to imbed that video into the page.

Doing a search on that number will help to determine if it exists on ats.. and of course not forgetting to try and find it by its title too..

This wont help either way if the vid has been re-posted on youtub under a different title and number though..but it might help..


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