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Estonians Clean Entire Country Of Trash!

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posted on May, 23 2009 @ 05:11 AM

The people of estonia came into action to clean up their country.
Lots of people disposed their trash in the national forests and it became quite a mess.
So some people organised a massive clean up.

This worked quite well and i have big respect for the organisers and people who made it all work.

But, is this not work we pay our governments for.
To do this work for us so we can do other things.
In most wetern countries we pay a very large sum in taxes every year and i think that should be more than enough for them to get the given tasks done.

In my country some people in a small city got the money together for an MRI scanner for the local hospital.
This again is very nice of the people involved, but, all those people paid allready loads of money to get their basics covered, that includes cleaning up the country and getting the needed medical equipment, in my opinion.

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