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Tell me about your dreams, and being on the astral plane.

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posted on Jun, 21 2010 @ 02:08 PM
anyone that is able to get out of their body,

im basically interested in sparing with someone out of the body
i want to train myself and obviously i love fighting.

please give me a reply, here.

(my U2U does not work probably because of lack of post)

posted on Jul, 4 2010 @ 12:08 AM
reply to post by bronwyn82

Wow its good to hear someone say they want to here about peoples dreams. usually its the other way around. glad i found this thread. ull be seeing a lot of me on here. okay where to

First let me say that alot of my dreams have to do with flying. Well pretty much they all have to do with flying. One of my dreams that still till this day i question. I must of been at a park or something. there was a lot of people around me. I remember looking up and seeing about 5 people all males from what i remember, take off flying similar to the way i fly. the weird part was they glided down in the shape of a frog. Im not saying they turned into frogs but the way they shifted there bodies resembled a frog. Anyways once i say them i decided to fly to them. I looked at all of them briefly and asked them where did they learn how to do that. One of the men answered and said "From you!, weve been watching you, But where not as good as you" my eyes opened wide. and before i could ask anymore question i woke up. That really left me puzzeled.

Another dream started in the middle of a city. I looked around and it reminded me of like an arab surrounding. Building where made of like a clay like material, tan color, and some of the building had stair ways on the out side that wrapped around the building. I remember getting a feeling like i didnt belong there. So my first reaction like in all my other dreams is to fly away. where thats when things went wrong. From then on i had people dressed in black uniforms coming after me. As im about 5ft in the air i feel people trying to grab my legs. after a few kicks i got free. But my troubles had just begun. As im flying threw the city these men started popping up everywhere. i found my self flying in between building especially near those stairs i mentioned earlier and there where popping out of windows trying to grab me. No joke i had to have seen around 20 to 30 men threw out the dream. The weird part was they didnt feel human. Im not saying that they where aliens but they just didnt seen right.

iv had other dreams like me flying into space and looking down at the earth. I remember seeing how beautiful it was. Anyways thats it for now! As soon as i remember more details from my other dreams ill make sure to write em down on here thanks for reading and if you have Advice, information, i mean anything that can help me figure out what these dreams are about please let me know. I started to feel like i was going crazy untill i found this site.

posted on Jul, 6 2010 @ 10:57 PM
reply to post by Fumez2323

Wow! Fantastic dreams! Sounds like you are very advanced on the Astral Plane.
Maybe I could learn a thing or two from you on flying. I like to fly in my dreams, I just don't tend to do it often, because I end up missing details when on a mission. I'm sure those beings were learning to fly from watching you, I have no doubt. Especially since you fly so often! That is so awesome.

The second dream is very interesting....Sounds like someone or something was trying to trap you. And you are right, they are NOT human. I believe that there are not any humans on Astral, we are all beings. Our higher self is not human, more like our soul at a high state of consciousness. We have no limits like our human bodies and can fly, and have super powers.
Good thing you got away from them, who knows what would have happened...ALWAYS keep your guard up. They might want you for something, that is why there were so many of them. Keep your senses about you, because they are always right on. You knew you didn't want to be in that city, you sensed it.

As for flying in space....Probably my favorite dreams! I love going to the sun and just basking in its wonder.

I look forward to hearing more dreams soon!
Love and Light ♥

posted on Jul, 6 2010 @ 11:29 PM
I astral projected to an alien space ship in which I saw myself sitting inside an alien pod. I lifted out of my body and looked at myself inside the pod.

There were beings around me that stood on two feet and had very large fangs. Two distinct fangs, about a foot in length.

Eventually they released me, after my invisibility turned off. I was fortunately able to read one of their computer screens. It said 'Shell 7' on the computer screen.

I also astral projected to a special area. Here was a special mirror in it that showed my true form. When I looked in the mirror I was a being of white light and I remember getting freaked out because it looked like an ordinary mirror.

posted on Jul, 8 2010 @ 12:29 AM
Has anyone heard that with Paxil you are able to program your dreams and also do lucid dreaming much easier? Is anyone here taking Paxil or knows someone that can confirm this? I think that's cool if it does, I have panic attacks so maybe I could even get a prescription for it. Although I don't really have to have it to program my dreams I can do it someitmes but othertimes I can't and who knows if it'd be any different with the Paxil? It could be just as hit or miss as ordinarily.

posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 03:21 AM
reply to post by bronwyn82

I think that we can learn a lot each other personally. I did start to noticed (and im glad you mentioned it) That by me going around and flying i might have been missing a bigger point to all this. Like you said a mission or a purpose. So i notice now i really havnt been flying as much but other things im starting to notice. like me seeing other people flying...

Now i have a question about the astral plans, I was watching a video on youtube, i dont really wanna say what it was that i was watching because most people say its fake but the main guy in this video talks about a spirit guide... Whats your out look on that. The only reason that im taking what hes said into consideration is because the guy that i spoke to in the first dreams looks vaguely familiar in a few other ones. And i dont know if im trippin but i feel like someones close by watching me. i dont want to say a ghost, but, I feel like someones kinda looking out for me. Its hard to explain.

Now as far as my second dream i told you about, You said something that really caught my eye. You said there not human... But you say it with confidence. How much do you know about the astral planes. And why would something wanna trap me. It makes me wonder what the bigger picture behind all of this. I could understand something none human wanting to trap someone to do test and stuff but if we are spirits then..... idk This is why dreaming is such a big deal to me... i have so many question and not enough answers. Im kinda hoping that there are such things as spirit guides and hopefully they can lead me to some answers. Anyways let me know what you think. untill something major changes in my dream Id like to hear from everyone thats in my same position.

posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 03:31 AM
reply to post by Ryu Albertson

I hope this helps you! In my opinion before you get to ahead of your self, its not like you can snap your fingers be in a dream and do things that are mentioned in this thread. You got to be in touch with your self. And what i mean by that is like ying and yang. There has to be balance. Example: you like to fight right? well after your done practicing go draw a picture of something peace full. lol Remember that was just an example. And that just the tip of the ice burg. Doing other things like meditation and learning to for give. And i dont mean just say oh hey i for give you i mean learning to let things go. I guess what im trying to say if i havnt lost you already is you need to be one with your self. As far as 2 people going into a dream and meeting up, im not doubting it but you need to be really on top of your ish. excuse my language... when i dream i dont know if im jumping from planet to planet or if we all go to the same place just in different locations. So dont count on that happening anytime soon.I hope this helps. Let me know what you think.

posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 03:44 AM
reply to post by ldyserenity

Ok this is the last post for the night on this thread. lol Im sure your all getting tired of all my writing so ill make this quick... I just recently finish going to school for pharmacy. Paxil is a drug that can be used for other different symptoms. depression, anxiety, post tramadic stress etc is just what they advertise is for... It is possible that it could induce a dream like state but its not going to work like you did no drugs at all and had a dream. Just like i told the dude above this posting you need to be at a balanced state. In your brain you have a whole bunch of neurotransmitter that send chemical signals threw out the body to control different function. the neurotransmitter this drug effects is serotonin which helps control certain moods. But if you start taking something like this you have to remember now your throwing your whole body out of wack! and that goes for any other drug out there. even aspirin or Tylenol effect nuerotransmitter. So should you do it........ No. Im not saying it wont work but look at it like cheating your way threw school. Ya youll pass but did you learn anything. Anyways thats my 2 cents on that subject. Again hope this helps.

posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 05:03 AM
I've had quite a few, but this one is probably the best to talk about.

Almost 15 years ago to the day, I was asleep and suddenly felt "pulled" out of my body. I opened my eyes and realised I was standing on my bed. I knew I was out of my body, and had promised myself the next time it happened, I would look at my hands and try to walk through a wall.

I looked at my hands and they were flawless - no marks/wrinkles etc and they were illuminated. I then thought I'd try to float up and through the roof.

I floated up and my head went through the plasterboard, and I could see the frame inside the roof. I made a mental note that this is why this room was colder than the others (it was an addon room) because there was no insulation in the roof. As my head started to go through the tiles, I closed my eyes and thought about returning to my body.

As I lay where my body was, something tapped me on the shoulder. I jumped up, standing on my bed. A little spooked, I closed my eyes and returned to my body.

Now here's where things get good.

The next day was my 21st birthday party, and I told a good friend of mine what happened the night before. Around 10 minutes later, a Maori friend of mine arrived, and I started to tell him the same story, in front of my other friend. When I got to the part where I went up through the roof, he started laughing and told me how that was when I realised why my room was so cold, because there was no insulation in the roof.

I then said that it was him who pulled me out of my body, and he confirmed it. My other friend was in shock and needed several more drinks.

True story. I swear on my family's lives.

posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 04:35 PM
reply to post by NuclearPaul

Wow! That sent chills threw my body!! Is it possible for you to get you friend on here to talk a little bit. Thats extremely interesting. Its its true (which im not doubting you) but how did he do it.

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 11:10 AM
Hi all,

I have followed this thread along with the OBE one contributed so well by the likes of RiverGoddess, and decided to take the plunge last night. It was more an attempt of lucid dreaming to be honest, but I'm not sure whether it worked. I'm hoping my fellow ATS's can help me out.

I went to sleep after listening to some supposed music to induce OBE's. It didn't work when I tried, but then I thought that it had to be natural, and that I needed to relax.

I lay on my back and closed my eyes, clearing my mind. Next, I was in a dream with all my old friends from school. It was strange because we were all in a hall at my current workplace, and we were having fun. We played football, watched videos in some sort of camp. After this I was taken by my boss to my work area to prepare for a meeting. Here comes the part where I'm puzzled.

There were so many workers there, many of whom I recognised. I was looking for someone who I feel very attached to in my life there, hoping really. I had the feelings of disappointment. I wanted to talk to this person. I scanned the room again, and this time, I thought to myself that she would be there. Low and behold, she was there. She looked at me for a while and smiled.

We then went to the meeting room. A group of us took some people in, and the person walked past me again. The person doesn't even work at my workplace, but she was there after I had longed hoped she would be.

Was this a starting point for lucid dreaming? I don't know whether it was just a normal dream, but I do remember those feelings of hope and thought that she would be there which is confusing me now.

Many thanks in advance.

posted on Jul, 13 2010 @ 11:11 AM
I've noticed that when I AP the further I get from the house the less dense reality is and the harder it is to stay. I've consistently tried to push myself further from my body, I used to see my silver cord but no longer do, it would be like a chain pulled me back to my body. I will wake up in my normal bed, but not be really awake, walk around...touch things and feel their heaviness. I will try to turn on the lights but they never work. I will walk through the door, but I found that I can unlock doors as well. I have risen up above the roof into the stars and then space, and then I was seeing the planet either Mars or Saturn with a giant space ship blasting stuff at it. Not sure if it's real.

posted on Jul, 13 2010 @ 09:03 PM
reply to post by bronwyn82

I was just curious to know have you had any dreams lately...

posted on Jul, 13 2010 @ 10:06 PM
reply to post by pop_science

I am surprised your chronic pain always transfers into your dreams. Not that you would have it, but that you haven't learned to make it disappear once in the dream when it would be an obvious issue. It should be very possible for you to not have that pain during your dream - it's just a matter of belief in your dream. I have experienced this only once but I know it's possible - I had the flu and was in pain, in my dream I felt weightless and free of pain (I was fortunate enough to go lucid on the worst night of pain and recall it in detail).

Why not try to visit a doctor in a lucid dream, or better yet a magical healer from a fantasy land of some sort, or an angel and ask them to heal you of the pain. If you believe it will work in a dream it will. This would at least get your dream body away from having the pain for a night.

There are so many things a lucid dreamer could try to do with this one - to some lucid dreamers they could reach in their back and remove their own spine in a lucid dream (not that I've tried and I don't think it'd be easy for me). Or whatever is hurting. With your experience I think you could try all kinds of things.

posted on Jul, 13 2010 @ 10:16 PM
i have this re accuring dream where im on a ship / ferry having a good time then at some point in the dream in wandering through the corridors of the the lower decks as the sea? begins to become ruff and the ship starts to roll and capsizes and im trying to find my way out and thats when i usualy wake up ,

any idea as to why its rerunning it self and what does it mean ?

posted on Jul, 13 2010 @ 10:19 PM
reply to post by Novise

I think the person you want to look up is kwan yin! she is the mother of mercy. She works with magnified healing. Look her up and pray to her. She is capable of healing anything that is wrong with you. Including your DNA. i know it sounds a little wierd but give it a shot!

posted on Jul, 13 2010 @ 10:46 PM
I wouldn't suggest trying to "not breathe" like they do in The Matrix. Apparently breathing is one of the few bodily functions you can effect by what you do in the dream. The only other one I know of is you can move your real eyes as well while you dream. I read that in a book written by a dream researcher (Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming, by Laberge). Maybe that is true of all bodily functions that are both involuntary and voluntary. For a month or so now I've been trying to breathe calmly and consistently, like a meditation in my lucid dreams.

I'll share a dream I think might be interesting: In one dream I lived on a mountain island with a crater hole in the middle of the mountain. So on the outside was beaches, then mountain, then the middle of it was this huge lake in the crater of the mountain. But the water in the lake was way above sea level. And the mountain was like Bigger than the Himalayas, water basically came to the edge of the high part of the inside of the crater. A city basically covered the whole island, skyscrapers and highways at the base of the mountain. The people were really proud to live on this natural wonder, and it really was a bit of a paradise and just a cool place to live.

I was a superhero in this dream, but I was washed up or something and had this philosophy that it was wrong for me to help anyone and aid them in their life - sort of like the prime directive in Star Trek (lol). Nobody in the town really liked me, I was not very social, but I was happy. I think I lived in my sister's apartment and things were pretty normal walking around the streets near her apartment and coming in to sleep. Later on in the dream this truck with a trailer goes sliding down the mountainside (I kept thinking it was parked on a place that was too steep) and hits a raised highway with full force. This then pulled the highway out, ripping it's foundations slightly from the ground.

This made water start coming through. The giant lake that was at least a dozen miles above sea level was coming through. Then it all just crumbled like a massive landslide, and now there was this miles high tidal wave coming outward. I was lucid and it was a really cool dream, a really cool place and I was feeling great, but when I saw that wave coming and how big it was it made my heart jump - I was scared seriously lol. I stopped joking around, playing along and now fully lucid, I flew away in a panic.

I flew out, flew and flew to be 20 miles away and maybe that high up and by the time I turned around the tidal wave was still freakish in size. I awoke soon after.

Incidentally, as I sat up recording this into a tape recorder (as I often do with dreams) and looking out the window... My heart rate was up and I was still a little freaked. Then I thought I saw a UFO through the window. I got up and ran outside, now I was really freaked LOL, that was quite an evening for me. The UFO I thought I saw, I think it was a lightning bug now
but my mind was so blown and awed by the dream, I hadn't really come back down to earth yet.

posted on Jul, 18 2010 @ 05:05 PM

Originally posted by zerbot565
i have this re accuring dream where im on a ship / ferry having a good time then at some point in the dream in wandering through the corridors of the the lower decks as the sea? begins to become ruff and the ship starts to roll and capsizes and im trying to find my way out and thats when i usualy wake up ,

any idea as to why its rerunning it self and what does it mean ?

I think that you are having a past life regression....You need to look more into the time period. Maybe you have karma from that past life and you need to finish it in this one.

posted on Jul, 18 2010 @ 06:42 PM

Originally posted by Ryu Albertson
anyone that is able to get out of their body,

im basically interested in sparing with someone out of the body
i want to train myself and obviously i love fighting.

please give me a reply, here.

Your post reminds me of the ones I made back when I got my first lessons in shared dreaming. There was a topic on "Night Stalkers" people who can enter other people's dreams. I figured if there were such a thing, then it would make sense that they would be lurking on a dream related forum so they could read about themselves in the dream journals.

So I began to make cocky posts calling them out, daring them to visit me. I had been lucid dreaming for years, had a few good tricks, and figured I could kick some serious ass in the dream world. Boy was I wrong! Dream combat isn't about battling someone, it's more of a game of distracting your opponent. You can use violence, but that's not very creative.

So anyways, I kept calling them out. My posts made no sense in the context of the thread and people kept asking who I was talking to, but eventually they came for me. For several nights in a row, I was stalked relentlessly all night by someone I saw as a Jason/Micheal Myers type of character. At first I thought they were self induced dreams, but there were too many things that differed from my regular dreams.

The first oddity was the frequency. They would attack me all night, for several nights in a row. Another oddity was that I could no hurt them no matter what I did. I could punch them, kick them, shoot them, burn them, drop building on their heads, and they wouldn't even flinch. What finally convinced me was the fact that every now and then, they would become distracted by something and forget about me. It was like they lost lucidity. They had been chasing me for hours and suddenly they get distracted by some ancient temple cave leaving me standing there thinking "WTF? I'm over here dude!". Another anomalie was they appeared as a certain role, but did not stick to that role in their actions or the things they said. Never had dream characters do that before.

So I was getting my ass severely kicked night after night, because I wasn't playing the same game they were. I did slowly begin to get clues on how dream combat works through interacting with them, and also because they would compliment me for strange things. For instance, when losing a battle in dreams, I often retreat to some white water rapids and dive in where people can't follow me. When I did that against this guy, he said "Nice one!" before following me in. I lost him in those rapids. I later figured out that the intensity of those rapids is the perfect distraction.

Capturing and redirecting your opponent's attention is how you win a dream battle. As I was getting better at this, while fighting that guy we fell into a rhythm where I would send something at him and he would destroy it. Over and over again he destroyed my "attacks". So I summoned a huge statue head out of the ground, and he proceeded to start destroying that. Only the thing was so big, it was taking him a long time to destroy it. While he was busy with the statue, I wandered off and sat under a tree to watch him for a bit. Then I just left. That's how you win a dream fight, not by pummeling your opponent into submission.

I also learned why my attacks had no effect on them. It's because everything requires your attention to exist in dreams. If you ignore you're opponent's attacks, they have no effect on you. Again it comes down to capturing your opponent's attention. There were to people I encountered in those dreams, and one of them was very adept at focusing my attention to cause pain, at he was before I caught on.

I wish I was better at finding people in dreams, but I've never been able to pull it off with someone I don't know well. Otherwise I'd grant your request for a dream fight.

I learned how dream control really works during those encounters, and it's helped me tremendously in my lucid dreams. I've also experienced several spontaneous OBEs, and my lucid control techniques worked the same in those as they do in dreams, so I had to conclude that OBEs are nothing more than dreams.

Shared dreaming does not occur on an astral plane. Each participant experiences their own unique dream, and the parties involved don't necessarily see or experience the same thing. What I see as a rabid dog, you may see as a wolf, but on an archetypal level, the core image is the same thing. That's why I don't believe in an astral plane, we each create our own reality.

I try to share what I learned from shared dreaming in this thread which I titled "The Nature of Dream Control".

[edit on 18-7-2010 by The Cusp]

posted on Jul, 19 2010 @ 04:13 PM

I have a question regarding dreams,

so i noticed earlier as i was falling asleep and reached that stage between awake and sleep, that i could hear voices and (possibly) snippets of loads of dreams. What could this be?

also, i read a few pages back where someone described a feeling they would get every now and then. i knew exactly what they meant, i get this sometimes when i'm just sitting here, like i got it a few weeks ago in mid morning when i was just relaxing listening to some music. suddenly everything felt very warped and the music sounded very trancey and "dull". like the music wasn't boring, but everything seemed just very "half-assed" lol. i can move and get up with this feeling, it's very hard to get rid of, i have to literally shake myself to get the feeling to start going away. it also feels like everything is screaming at me, yet in a very bored way, like the music seemed very intense and everything i was doing seemed very exaggerated (even though it wasn't) but it felt very syrupy, like i was underwater at the same time

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