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If God made us....why did he?

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posted on May, 22 2009 @ 09:04 AM
This is my first post here in the faith bit so hi all.

At the moment, i do not believe in the whole God thing and many of the sories from the bible, however i won't knock anyone who does, everyone to their own and all that.

However, i have a question which is purely curiosity rather than me trying to cause a debate.

If God did make the earth, then decided to put people on it, why did he?

Is there anything written that explains why he put us here, or at least made it possible through Adam and Eve?

I think in the back of my mind is the question, were we put here for a purpose......and are we carrying that purpose out as he would have wished?

I ask this because i have flicked through The Bible at school, but am not too clued up when it comes to the book.

It just crossed my mind today that the billions of people on this earth go off and do so many different things, some good, some bad, others damn right attrocious. I just wondered if we were made with another goal in mind?

If God looked down now, would he be saying, "Damn, that wasn't the plan!!!"?

See, if God made the earth, why did he? Was he bored? Did he have a week off and decided to create the earth? Does the Bible even mention what he id before "earth making"?

Believe me when i say that although religion does not interest me, i am genuinely curious and serious about the questions i ask.

Thanks for any replies,


posted on May, 22 2009 @ 10:37 AM
I actually just answered this question in general in another post. I'll copy that for starters. It's a general run down of "why". Please note that I am not a christian, and do not give the mainstream christian view.

We are in the garden, we take from the tree of knowledge to know both good and evil. Because we are now capable of evil, we are removed from the garden and quarantined on earth, where evil is king. This is done to protect the tree of life, which man would destroy in his evil. Where as those who are good wouldn't. You are born ignorant, and thus you are born without wisdom and you will sin.

So you come to earth to learn this lesson. You are born, you spend your life dealing with both good and evil. Based on the experience of this lifetime, you will learn and come to know both good and evil. You are doing this now already by default. I can ask you if certain actions are good or evil and you can tell me.

Wisdom is to use the knowledge, experience and understanding one has gained in order to make the correct/right choice. Thus, once you have gained the knowledge, experience and understanding of good and evil, it is then up to you to make the wise choice and choose the good. At which point, you will be following the commandments and doing as Jesus says. Jesus comes to the earth being the good, and thus an example of the wise choice.

Once you start to make these changes and using wisdom, then you are automatically forgiven. Because then it is no longer an issue. Same as if you take your finger off a stove eye, it stops burning you automatically because you are no longer making the error. Still going to reap what you sowed for a short time, but the source of it has stopped and will no longer be sowed. All that is wanted is for people to learn and gain the wisdom.

So, when you make the wise choices and gain that wisdom, then you will choose the good and then you can once again live in the garden/heaven. Because as I said before, if you are evil then your very presence will make the place impossible.

It is no coincidence that this is the case, and the father just so happens to give in understanding, knowledge and wisdom and these things are considered to be more valuable than gold.

So thats a general understanding of the situation. You are in a school basically. Some call it a prison, but same thing either way. Gotta learn that lesson to return.

God is not external, he is within you. That is something you must first come to know before things will really start to make sense. Then you will realize who/what you truly are. If you go into the deepest parts of what is "you", then you will find god. I am not talking about physical things.

Think of life as like a video game. You play a video game and you get a character. Your character will define your experience in that game. However, you are not actually your character. You are the consciousness which plays that character. Your physical body is just like that character in a video game. What is truly "you" is the consciousness behind it.

God is that bit within you that gives you consciousness(your soul). The result of this gives you free will, it gives you the ability to observe and to "be". Without it, you could not understand anything and you would not exist as you do. You would be nothing more than a robot. Where as creation and the universe itself is based on action and reaction and is predictable, consciousness is not.

Thus, your body itself is from the dust of the earth. It follows logic, it works in the realm of action and reaction. Your soul is not of this creation, it is of god. And it fills the body/creation to give it "life".

So, this is explained in understanding as 2 births. 1 birth is of the flesh, which is of your 2 parents. You share their genes and so forth. The 2nd birth is the birth of the soul, the birth of the consciousness. And that is the birth of the divinity within you. That is a virgin birth of the father. Thus, you are a son/daughter of god.

However, there is much confusion on this earth so the majority of people only see themselves as flesh. And so they do not understand these things. I have never meet an atheist who didn't believe they were nothing more than flesh. While they have consciousness and so forth, they have no understanding of the 2nd birth. Thus, they have not been "born again", or "born of the spirit". (nothing to do with born again Christians religion)

So now we come to father(god) and son(you) relationship. This will get into things like dimensions, the nature of time and the universe. I will post it if you want, or you can read a previous post about in general in the 2 links below. It's a bit of quantum physics, where the universe is not linear as we see it today.

Be happy to answer any questions. But to be honest these are things better experienced and seen for yourself. I can't give that, but I would suggest starting by asking and trying to find out what "you" really are. Seek and you will find. How does one start to seek? By asking questions.

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posted on May, 22 2009 @ 10:43 AM
God made us to rule over every animals and plants, multiply, and subdue the Earth. Eventually, he tasked man to work the Garden of Eden.

It was like God made us like 'mini-gods' kinda. Then there's much partying and orgies. Perhaps God didn't want their likeness to be doing such and they decided to wipe out the human race save for a few - Noah's family.

After a short while, human race is back in full force, partying and orgying again. And this time, we are slated for full annihilation by fire.

What I think was God intended us to be of use not only to this Earth but also potentially outside this planet. to be able to evolve, not just physically, but also mentally, and spiritually... We are like bacteria culture. If a culture turned out okay, they are studied further, nourished and allowed to evolved even further. but if the culture turned bad, they had to be disposed completely not kept or set aside, to avoid contaminating what's left of the good ones.

posted on May, 25 2009 @ 01:00 PM
it is very simple and the bible says in a verse why God made us : to glorify Him, he made us for his glory,

you can now wonder whatever you like you now know what God has to say about this.

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