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EU-Russian Summit Fails - Caucasus Triangle Heating!

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posted on May, 22 2009 @ 08:01 AM
Ive been waiting this expected outcome from EU-Russian summit taking place now... I hope for best - but now these waited news are breaking out from Russia: A Complete failure? --- What next?

"Reality Check!"

In situation, where Georgia is still under dangerous NATO drill - large protest are expected to broke out this weekend by opposition forces... All security deals was slammed down in Genova in begin of this week; when Russia, Soth Oseetia and Abhasia walks out from talks - this latest EU-Russian Summit was mend to fix these growing threats and disasters - But looks like it could not.

Those of us - who remembers that Russia has opened NAVY co-operation with Syria, and just few days ago invited Iran president to coming SCO Summit to Moscow in few weeks - knows that there us much more table than just Georgia and its pipeline deal. There is no question, that Russia and China has ever been more close to each others, and China is very conserned from US actions in Pakistan.

Everyone knows, that Israel is preparing for all out wars - And US has not ruled out any options. US is sending missiles and radars to Poland and Chez before orginal timetable, in hurry - USrael is buying SU-27 amd Mig 29 to practise their Air Force pilots... Those news wont give any good sign where we are heading!

Russia let us know last week - that "greatest threat to peace is USA and NATO." - Medvedev didnt leave any questions open in states strategical analysis.

War preparations has been going for decades - but we have to put recent development in Caucasus ( Iran-Georgia ) to that historical geopolitical importance, what it does carry: I just found vety interesting article - A must read, from what Caucasus geopolitcs is all about - "The big game"...

Caucasian triangles

Threatening Iran, question of Georgia is all part of going oilwars - thats what is all about. EU is taking its side, and looks like they are going very different direction than Mother Russia... Take a look to this collection of latest news from EU and Russia Summit:

Russia-EU summit fails to resolve any issue

Europe may not even want to improve ties with Russia at all

EU-Russia summit fails to mend rifts

Russia alarmed over new EU pact

Russia Won't Attend May 28 OPEC Meeting - Energy Minister -minister

EU-Russia summit reveals differences rather than agreement

Google Back to Google News EU-Russia summit fails to mend rifts

Russia tackles EU on energy supplies

Another related...

Russia, China vow to boost strategic co-op

Is it Time to Bury Nabucco?

- Russian PM Vladimir Putin is now visiting, quess where?

Putin to visit Kazakhstan on May 21

- Yep. There is just huge geopolitical and strategical mess going on at the time of economical collapses - everyone is choosing sides - but for what?

I will send news and analysis from EU-Russian ties to this thread - I also urge to follow situation in Georgia these days - thats the fastest growing hotspot where talks comes first to actions too. My thread following situation in Georgia:

Georgian opposition pledges broader protests

If ptoest will boost to violence, what is highly expected - I will propably open new thread to that... ( Naturally If I am first to notice that ) We are living again very interesting times couple of few weeks ahead!

Lets hope for the best - "STOP THE WARS!"

posted on May, 22 2009 @ 08:28 AM
well a week ago i read in the newspaper that russian diplomats were asked to leave my country.. (belgium)

(edited to add link,its in dutch however)

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