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NWO vs. The People

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posted on May, 22 2009 @ 06:07 AM
From all the discussions here about the NWO, I am having thoughts on the aftermath of all this. This essentially skips to the 1 world government scenario in which the American, European, African, and Asian unions will converge.

The sheeple will know what is happening before it is too late. They will know this from people like us as well as the media outlets that aren't controlled by the NWO or do not rely on NWO-controlled media for second-hand information. Once people know this and there are capable leaders in their midst, they can spark a rebellion to overthrow the NWO. There are two visible aftermaths after this conflict:

1. NWO wins and proceeds to dominate all countries in almost all aspects.

2. People wins and organize their own form of NWO governance (People's NWO).

Since there are many posts and articles in ATS that deals with what would happen if the NWO wins, I'd just focus on the disasters that will befall us.

As you can see both sides are NWO. But then again, the NWO (Bildenberg and co.) are so demonized that I'd take the People's NWO any day since I consider them the lesser of the two evils. Then again, we don't really know what will happen if the people win.

From here on the bad guys will be called Evil NWO, while the good guys (us) are the People's NWO.

Once a physical war erupts. Who knows what country will side to whom and to what extent will both sides show their force. Nukes will definately start flying since the world police (USA) is the stronghold of the Evil NWO. So all hell breaks loose and we're almost thrown to the stone age with most of the people who know how to make computers, cars, etc. dead while even some of the surviving manufacturers cannot manufacture anymore since they have lost the means to do so by the destruction of their factories, etc.

I am theorizing that if a war between the Evil NWO and the people (and allied countries) does spark we'll be back to where we begun. Goodbye to colonization of other planets and other technologies in progress. We have to start all over again but the People's NWO wins so all is well in the world.

After being weaned to the low-tech/stone-agey lifestyle. The People's NWO are composed of leaders that are somewhat weak on post war matters. The evil NWO leaders knows this and during this period of "new normalcy", they slithered out of wherever black hole they came from and start to influence these newbie leaders to do their sinister deeds.

NWO Wins. This was the evil NWO's plan all along. The world that reverted back to the stone-age and the people are already down to 500 million, and these survivors are reduced to mutated tree-huggers. Their evil plan worked perfectly.

I sort of imagine these Evil NWO folks being Mr. Burns (The Simpsons) saying "Excellent" as the light die out.

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