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Is Indian democracy a slave of CIA?

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posted on May, 22 2009 @ 03:29 AM

There was no way Bush Administration could let India’s ruling party go out of business. India has a new name today, although very disgraceful but real. It is called a satellite nation of America

It was a top priority for CIA to make sure ruling PM Manmohan Singh stays in power. India is a strategic nation to the so-called American Empire. There are indications that the new Obama Administration was initially perplexed at what Bush did to influence the Indian democratic system. But by the time Obama came to power, Bush had already launched the covert war against Indian democracy.

Very systematically money was made available to very specific areas where the communists were popular before.

What will happen to India now and in the next twenty years?

Source: Is Indian democracy a slave of CIA?

This information was suspected and this is what probably happens over the entire world. I disagree with the article that India is an American ally, India still has close ties to Russia and Indian defence and space sectors have been enriched heavily by Russia. Most Indians view Russians as good friends. US realized it late that India could be an important country in the reigon to ally with, having wasted 30 years courting friendship with Pakistan

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