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The Census, Jury Duty, The Constitution, and You!

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posted on May, 21 2009 @ 11:38 PM
People get mad at two very benign government things only because they are with the government.

These groups are the Census Takers and Jury Duty.

Warning Propaganda Ahead

Why get mad and defy basic constitutional requirements?

What is happening in this Census? What does our Legislative Branch of government have to say about it?






There is some Real information to be gleaned from the above footage. Real things to discuss.

I bet these two things that are in our constitution. That is our duty to uphold, have been the center of debate from the get go.

What if you were called for jury duty you were arrested on the spot and hauled into a court room to judge another against your will.

Would you be angry? Even though it is your constitutional duty as an American to submit to this when asked?

And a Census Taker? He asks a simple questionnaire, providing valuable data in order to make this country work right and you want to distort this? You want to reject this?

But do you want the rights entitled to you by that same constitution? They after all are your rights as a citizen of this country right? The constitution of the United States is a holy document of sorts. It Is the spark to the flame of freedom on this earth.

This is the way we portray ourselves. That is what the USA is supposed to be. This is our goal.

But can we truly be that if we are apathetic to our right to vote? are we truly free if we deny our government their rights under the constitution?

We cannot deny the constitutional rights of others in this country. Either on the government side of it or the civilian side of it.

As a Citizen you are required constitutionally to do a select few tasks for the well bieng of the whole. If you resist these rights of the government, who are you to complain about their treatment of you?

They want to procure a set of numbers on your doorstep. As part of the constitution of the United States, they are allowed to. Frankly the postman should be assigned this job. After all. he comes to your door everyday.

FOX. News

House Republican Leaders.
(and a valid issue)

Is it our constitutional duty to submit to the Census?

Do they have the right and requirement to take as much data as available?

Should it not be people from the area that preform the Census? (creating jobs, although temporarily)

A reoccurring government project from the inception of our constitution. Does the government have the right to upgrade technology in order to preform their duty to our country?

What would be the benefits to the government knowing your exact front door location?

Would it be useful in say, a natural disaster? Wouldn't this data be vital to local first responders to know exactly how many people live where? Wouldn't this let them know how many people to look for? Maybe saving your life?

Is the 2010 Census being abused by a not for profit private firm associated with Obama?

Why are you for or against the census? What is wrong with it?

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