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Dreams Getting Realer

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posted on Apr, 28 2004 @ 11:51 PM
For the past few weeks i've had vivid dreams that all seemed real. Almost like the events really took place sometime, not only that, but the dreams seem to come true, or at least the core of the dream(not the full details).

Such as example 1, i was supposed to perform at a rap show that this kid i hardly knew set up. Well, i had a dream (few days before the show) that he took my car i i hardly even knew him and i wanted to strangle him... the dream worried me that he'd try to start some ish at the show... at the show, the ****er gets on stage tryna be my hypeman, and that really pissed me off cuz i hardly know this dude.

I also had a dream that was in a corner store, and some guy walks in and asks me if that was my car parked down the lot. I told him yes it was as the clerk was giving me my change, something told me that the guy at the door was bad news so i started making a scene and yelling at the clerk "I gave you a 20!", he argued with me for a few seconds, i grab my change and BOLT out the door. The guy at the door starts chasing me and i start to run slower as if somethings messing up my legs (this part was seen in 3rd person), then i get back in my body and i'm unlocking my car door when suddenly the guy who was chasing me starts SHOOTING at me!, so i duck a few times, wait till he fired 6 shots then jumped inside the car. Later in the dream i arrived at my friends house and told him what just happened and how i escaped and my friend asks "What was that a dream?" and i franticly said "NO!"..... weird

oh well, i tell you what, theyve been funner now that theyre realer

posted on Apr, 29 2004 @ 12:05 AM
oh my goodness, that second dream is most hectic...getting shot at cannot be pleasant even if you are dreaming about it. I hope you are all right.

I, too, have been having dreams that are becoming far more than just the usual simulations they appear to be. Are you sleeping nearby any crystals or anything of the like? I do, and it was when I first started that I noticed to have more realistic dreams. The other night, I had a dream where I was searching for music that my friend lost. I and another friend were in her house looking for this damn thing, expecting to find a CD, and at the end, I found a blackish-yellow crystal playing the very music she was looking for. It was very odd, but very enlightening at the same time. Many dreams are extensions of the subconscious; you just have piece together the clues that you can remember. Other dreams may really be things you experience in a dimension outside of the one you are used to living in.

Recently, though, my dreams seem to either be repeating themselves to a certain degree or they *feel* like they are duplicated events of the past or future. To memory, I do not recall any of the events happening in my physical life similar to any of the dreams I have had.

posted on Apr, 29 2004 @ 12:26 AM

Originally posted by AlnilamOmega
Are you sleeping nearby any crystals or anything of the like? I do, and it was when I first started that I noticed to have more realistic dreams.

No way AO! I broke a purple quartz crystal out of a rather large geode a few weeks ago and didn't have anywhere to put it so I left it on my bedside table. Since then I've been having some crazy vivid dreams. You can read a few of them in the "Dream" forum on BTS. Crazy, I thought it might have something to do with that crystal since I usually never remember my dreams.

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posted on Apr, 29 2004 @ 03:27 AM
#, hell scary. I have had dreams where i have been stabbed in the gut, and on another occasion i was stabbed in the calf muscle of one of my legs (i can't remember which).

posted on Apr, 29 2004 @ 11:10 AM
i dont own any crystals nor do i have knowledge on them but i do live down the street from 2 large cementaries

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