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Cinemark XD Kicks Regular DLP's Butt

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posted on May, 21 2009 @ 09:46 PM

I have to say I was wrong about my assessment on movie formats for the big screen. I previously made the following assessment:

The Results.

1st Place – DLP Movies

2nd Place – IMAX Movies

3rd Place – TRADITIONAL Movies

Well, in a strange twist of fate, when I went to the DLP theater I had experienced before with Star Trek and was going to see Terminator Salvation on the big screen, when I arrived... people were coming out and saying that the power had gone out and that they were refunding money and that it didn't look like they were going to be up and running for two hours.

Damn. It's my luck. So I call my cameraman Bill up, he searches for other Digital DLP theaters in my general area.... finds another Cinemark, so I head out for there. It was only about 20 minutes from the other one. Upon arriving, I was blown away at the decor. It was like stepping into another world. I had a choice of two different theaters... one, the DLP Digital and another, which I had never heard of before which seems to be a Cinemark Exclusive concept, XD - Extreme Digital. First off, the screen was absolutely huge, the theater was one of the biggest I had ever seen in the Dallas Metropolitan Area, The plush seats were like Corinthian leather that had been taken out of a Lear jet, the Surround Sound 40,000 watt speaker system was awesome and the screen was Concave, which gave the whole experience a wonderful and enjoyable environment.

As I watched and experienced Terminator Salvation on the big screen, which of course, beat the hell out of the preview DVD on my 60" LCD in my apartment, the sound was so awesome that it literally shook people out of their seats. The crystal clear clarity of the Digital image was 2nd to none.

If there was any downside, like the IMAX ticket we had done a few days earlier, it was $12.00 per ticket as opposed to $6.50 for the normal digital theater. But as far as the total movie experience.... if a movie is available in XD, I have found my new home theater for enjoying a reviewed or otherwise movie on the big screen.

So.... my NEW ratings are as follows:

The NEW Results.

1st Place – Cinemark XD

2nd Place – DLP Movies

3rd Place – IMAX Movies

4th Place – TRADITIONAL Movies

Enjoy the show.



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