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true mason information

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posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 04:30 PM
reply to post by NamiraNerd

Hi I am not a Mason- I am not allowed as tradition follows because I am a woman. I will explain the reason women are not allowed later. But I am a sister to Masonry - an Eastern Star. I have some links for you that will guide you:

this one is for people who are petitioning for the order-

this is more advanced info for those who are candidates to receive the 3rd degree (master mason):

Much more info can be found at the home page of this is the Grand Lodge of California's site.

As I mentioned before I am a woman and cannot be a mason. It is a traditional male only order because of it's beginnings. In a time when mason (the brick and mortar kind) would leave their wives and families to work on a job site, they would stay in a lodge with other men as a temporary home- they then began to form the order and the "lodges" are now what the place of meeting is called.

Many people feel that it is hard to find information about Masonry and how to become one. There is a reason for it. Masons are forbidden to recruit members. Here is a quote from the first link as to why:

"If a man senses the stirrings in his heart and mind for a deeper understanding of life than that he has theretofore found, he will seek until he finds the fraternity. This longing of the heart is the very beginning of his life as a Freemason, which is why every candidate seeking Masonic light is said to be “first prepared in his heart.” The rites of Freemasonry are of a serious nature, dignified in their presentation, and calculated to inculcate age-old teachings and knowledge which, if properly observed, understood, and practiced, obligate a man to lead a better life."

I really hope you find the information helpful!!

posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 05:16 PM
reply to post by jamolipixie

Thanks for a very nice post. You gave me a bit of info I didn't know. It makes sense that while the masons where in process of building a temple or whatever that they would have a lodge to rest in. Probably several. I hadn't thought of it that way before.

posted on Jun, 20 2009 @ 09:30 AM
Hello all.

What a great forum! And a forum cannot be great unless it has great people which share ideas and information within it! I've been running through some threads all morning now, and felt compelled to join in on these awsome discussions.

Enough about me as I don't want to hijack the thread.

I'm no Mason, but I have read much on it's teachings and I believe there is an other path rather then becoming an initiate to a lodge. I'll explain...

The famous philosopher Pythagoras, born around 600 B.C., was very fond of the forked stick or symbol Y. It represented the mysteries of the forking of the ways; or choice. The branch to the left was called divine wisdom, and to the right was earthly wisdom. The central stem represented youth until someone reaches the point where the path divides. He must choose whether he will take the left to divine wisdom, or the right to materialism. Attempting both would lead to complete ruin as Pythagoras believed. This symbol survives today in Tarot cards as forking of the ways.

My point being that it is not needed to be part of any special lodge in order to search inside your own being. In the end, this is the core of Freemasonry. The ceremonies and lectures are not the end all of Freemasonry. They are but symbols of hidden mysteries that most can only be brought to truth by ones own thought. Some mysteries run so deep and are so beautiful that they cannot be communicated verbally, or at all for that matter. It must be searched out from within as all truth can be. In the end the universe is the final lodge, and so the only true lodge.

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posted on Jun, 20 2009 @ 11:53 AM
reply to post by Xtinguish

you have a great deal of knowledge. It is obvious which path you chose to take. And you are absolutely correct (IMHO) that one not need be a mason to learn such things. Masonry is just one path. thanks for your wisdom.

posted on Jun, 24 2009 @ 12:44 AM

Originally posted by Silver Shadow
So you are saying there are no longer secrets in Masonry ?

It is all completely pen these days ??

Well it is if you surf the Internet. It is all there if you search. But Masons will tell you it is all lies.

Try turning up to the local Lodge on night and try to get past the Tyler guarding the front door.

Tell him you are just curious and wish to enter and sit in on a Lodge meeting as an observer. No way will you be let in.
You will have the trap door slammed in your face if you are lucky.

If unlucky you may be beaten up, or even murdered.

lmao all I can do is laugh at this. Have you attempted to go to a lodge and ask masons questions? And of course they won't let you in, but if you catch some of them outside and ask them questions respectfully they will answer them. Where do you get your information that this stuff happens? Because its just stupid and not true, sorry to say. And you can say I'm lieing and stuff all you want, but I know the facts, and you don't.

I read in another post you calling people who become masons weak minded... why are they weakminded? explain that to me. And who are you to call anybody these things?
And you people saying masons are satanists that is just not true... if you read about satanism (anton levays satanism atleast, which is the kind most people who claim they are satanist practice) you will see that they DO NOT BELIEVE IN ANY KIND OF GOD, AND THEY DON'T EVEN BELIEVE IN SATAN. Everything they do is simply to mock the church... etc. They believe every human is their own god.

So therefor no satanist, atleast modern satanist, could join the masons because they have no belief in a god outside of themselves.

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posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 03:04 PM
reply to post by jouseroni

You can't depend on a Mason to be 100% true with a non-Mason; Freemasonry would be desecrated if 100% of its secrets were common knowledge. Most Masons will deny the really scandalous stuff that goes on in the lodge, and among themselves.

Funny you mention this, because Anton LaVey was a Freemason. Barring that, the words "Satanic" and "Satanism" don't describe Anton LaVey's Church of Satanism. They describe the pagan practices of people such as the Canaanites, Egyptians and Babylonians that Freemasonry has adopted into its own practice.

posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 03:25 PM
reply to post by Saurus

He obviously didn't know what the hell he was doing. He could have gone up to the 32nd degree in a month, and if he really researched it beforehand instead of making it into some stupid prank then he probably would have been able to endure the boring lectures and such.

posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 03:30 PM
reply to post by vcwxvwligen

Yes, scandalous, would be a great description of the Lodge.
I mean we argued over proper admonishment of Brothers if they messed up during the ceremony, paid the bills, balloted on new members, talked about the Child ID Program and needing more supplies, and then gave some announcements of upcoming events. Scandalous indeed. This Friday we are holding a 3rd degree ceremony where I will confer, raise, and lecture the candidates; I will congratulate them on becoming a full member. Scandalous.

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posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 03:35 PM

Originally posted by supranode
Freemasonry is a power tool for the presenters of this old ideology. People with a need for influence will succomb to it.

Who are the presenters of freemasonry? The Semitics, or commonly called Jews.

In the book Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion one can read:

7. For what purpose then have we invented this whole policy and insinuated it into the minds of the GOY without giving them any chance to examine its underlying meaning? For what, indeed, if not in order to obtain in a roundabout way what is for our scattered tribe unattainable by the direct road? It is this which has served as the Page 27 of 54 Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion 3/31/01 for our organization of SECRET MASONRY WHICH IS NOT KNOWN TO, AND AIMS WHICH ARE NOT EVEN SO MUCH AS SUSPECTED BY, THESE "GOY" CATTLE, ATTRACTED BY US INTO THE "SHOW" ARMY OF MASONIC LODGES IN ORDER TO THROW DUST IN THE EYES OF THEIR FELLOWS.

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I agree that the weak and unscrupulous in our society tend to become Freemasons, but the rest of this post is wrong is so many different ways.

Although the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion probably reflects Zionism in practice, it has not been proven to be written by a Zionist authority (although figuring it out would be easier if it were). Freemasonry, on the other hand, has been shown clearly to be a "tool" of the Zionists.

Semitic people are not Jews, they are people with Middle Eastern heritage. In this post-9/11 world people tend to forget that Israelis are Middle-Easterners, too (but that's probably off-topic).

posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 03:54 PM
reply to post by parisinflames

The History Channel is complicit with whitewashing Freemasonry.

You can't get a full, conclusive, dead-on documentary about Freemasonry anywhere, not even in conspiracy videos.

posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 04:30 PM
reply to post by vcwxvwligen

Do you just want a documentary that is completely anti-Mason? Just a one-sided fight?

posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 05:05 PM
reply to post by Egyptia

The first thing that they will not tell you is that the "33rd degree" is just as nebulous as the "34th degree," but even then nothing will guarantee you that a 33rd degree Mason will tell you anything useful. In addition, even the majority of 33rd degree Masons are kept out of the inner circle. To join the inner circle, you must know certain words and phrases that are not generally taught in the lodge. It is very likely that, for instance, someone on Internet message boards defending Masonry is only a foot solder doing the dirty work, and is not part of the inner circle. Many lower-level Masons hear rumors and such, just like "profanes," but they don't get to see it for themselves, and so they are able to deny it with a straight face.

posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 05:20 PM
reply to post by InnateNight

Hiram Abiff was not a contributor to anything.

He is a demi-god in Freemasonry, based on a very minor character in the Bible who lived in the town of Tyre. You can easily piece the Master Mason story together in a few hours by searching the web.

In Freemasonry, he supposedly built King Solomon's Temple (also known as Solomon's Temple, the Temple of Solomon, the Temple of King Solomon, and Herod's First and Second Temples). Thing is, King Solomon never existed either. They are just symbols. Anyway, Hiram Abiff was "the widow's son" who was murdered because he wouldn't reveal the secret word of Master Mason. After Hiram Abiff's dead body was discovered, King Solomon announced to the other Fellowcraft Masons that secret word of a Master Mason had been "lost" (even though other men in Tyre knew it).

None of this is described in the Bible, so obviously the Freemasons made it up. People speculate about who Hiram Abiff's father was. The Bible says that he was a talented metalworker.

posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 05:27 PM

Originally posted by Roark

Right, so the Freemasons are allied to the Wiccans in this "war"?

What side are the dragons and vampires on? Coz I'm totally sticking with them... They've got the good stuff, with the flaming breath and immortality and whatnot.

Flaming breath and "immortality" both represent women. Maybe you just want to visit the Playboy Mansion ?

Firstly, you don't seem to understand that 32nd & 33rd degree Masons are no more senior than 3rd degree Masons. Furthermore, the 32nd and 33rd degrees are of an appendant body of Masonry called the Scottish Rite which, similarly, has no authority over the rest of Freemasonry. Thirdly, some Masonic appendant bodies don't even HAVE 32nd or 33rd degrees.

There is nothing magical about the 33rd degree. It is a great honour within Freemasonry, but it isn't the point at which the "veil is lifted" and suddenly the Mason becomes aware of all kinds of secret mystical stuff, nor is he invited to join some vast cabal of hand-wringing puppetmasters.

This is a bit off, but it's understandable being that you are part of the Masonic Defenders club.

posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 05:33 PM
reply to post by vcwxvwligen

You realize that there is no 34th degree. Plus the 33rd degree is only in the Scottish Rite (a branch of the Masonic tree).

posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 05:41 PM
reply to post by Silver Shadow

Freemasonry is just like any street gang in that it attracts people who are weak with a victim mentality.

The power of Freemasonry is that it's really old and allows itself to be re-invented, so lots of "elders" in the community are members and see it as a suitable practice to pass along to their children.

Notice that when people speak in praise of Freemasonry, they don't mention all of the drudgery which makes up like 90% of it, but rather stupid, generalized ideals like "relief" and "brotherhood." You hook most people with dumb generalizations. Only fantasy sci-fi dorks will be hooked by things like the working tools, the Book of Constitutions or lectures about distant history.

posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 05:58 PM
reply to post by Egyptia

There is a time and place were secrecy is preferred. The problem with Freemasonry, however, is that its secrets are particularly terrible.

Secret societies exist all around the world, but they are nothing like Freemasonry. Many are rites of passage for young men and women, whereas some are financial societies, where people simply pool their money together and use it to hold a raffle (or to give to a family that has suffered from a natural disaster). The rites of passage societies are secret because they are part of an endogamous culture, and wish not to mix with outsiders. Financial societies may use secrecy as a means of self-preservation, usually from the government.

There are other types of secret societies as well. Even among Masons there was a loosely-based organization called the Enlightenment, in which members discussed scientific theories that were considered blasphemous by the Catholic Church.

posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 06:05 PM

Originally posted by RuneSpider
Actually, most of the supposed secrets were revealed years ago. You can get copies of all fo the ritual works, the words, hand grips, ect.

In fact, you can get the Scottish Rite Rituals from their main site.
Any cult that keeps their wives in the dark is also filled with truth and by no means is an abomination to the sanctity of marriage and your life long partner. I wouldn't dream of doing that to mine. Need I go on?

Each lodge has its own rituals and words

Originally posted by RuneSpider
Most of the rituals in Masonry deal strictly with legends inspired by the old Testament. If you count Solomon as one of the dark forces, well, then that's your call.

The Old Testament was inspired by the Torah, which was inspired by the Kabalah. There you go.

Originally posted by RuneSpider

Originally posted by Egyptia
They fill you with bits and pieces of ancient mysteries that date back to the ancient mystery schools of Egypt and the time they are done you don't know which way is up and which way is down.

Masons take blood oaths in which they swear undivided primary allegiance to Masonry - over Christ, over country, and over their wives and family under pain of a violent death. Oh yes this is also quite good right?

Er... no. The exact opposite in fact.

Obviously, your grasp of people is no doubt impeccable. I can tell by how you so easily quote known fakes, speak condescendingly towards everyone who disagrees with you, and willingly support people who post replies that have nothing to do with the persons statements.

No response then?

posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 06:11 PM
reply to post by Saurus

Great, so more "profanes" should be able to sit in on lodge then.

posted on Jul, 12 2009 @ 06:20 PM
reply to post by RuneSpider

From that website:

Jeter Brock

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consetetur sadipscing elitr, sed diam nonumy eirmod.

WHAT!???? Methinks that Freemasons speak in tongues!!

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