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Tainted drywall from China- Owners want government action

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posted on May, 21 2009 @ 02:18 PM
If you are Remodeling or building a room on to your house, there is something you should know.........Drywall, imported from China has been contaminated with strontium sulfide.


"People are stuck with these homes, they can't afford to leave, they put their life's savings into them or they're mortgaged and they're turning to builders for help," he said. "But in some cases builders have filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy so there can be no claims against them. Some homes need to be bulldozed, in other cases gutted entirely, and that's very expensive for builders."

For a while, Mrs Galvin lodged with friends and at hotels until moving to New Jersey while still struggling to pay the mortgage on her uninhabitable condo in Florida. She owns a boutique in Atlantic City and has cleared out all items marked "Made in China" from her inventory. New additions to her stock include T-shirts that she has had printed with the words: "No more toxins from China." "This whole problem has wiped people out, both economically and emotionally," she says

My brother was listening on the radio and said that not only strontium sulfide was found but other contaminates as well, asbestos, mercury and other highly toxin's as well.

First it was toys, now drywall, what!!, Oh wait, they did that to....malimine remember.

posted on May, 21 2009 @ 03:52 PM
I know several people here in S Florida that have experienced this. I can only say if you have this crappy drywall/sheetrock in your place you are well and truly f*&%#d. It also eats electrical wiring at the junction box.

The builders involved are declining responsibility. The insurance companies are following suit. The major company I'm thinking of here filed chapter 11 last year.

It's a really bad scene.

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