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NWO : Front for Jewish Tyranny

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posted on May, 21 2009 @ 07:20 AM
The NWO is always associated with the Jews, but this article is really disturbing to me. It tells about how Jews are trying to control us with a secret agenda. The banking sector, as an example, in the US and elsewhere is controlled by the Jews, industries, workforce, in fact every sector of public life seems to be in thier hands.

The Bolshevik Revolution "was brought about through the hands of the Jews," M. Kohan wrote April 12, 1919 in the newspaper Kommunist (Kharkov). The article is entitled:"The Jews' Service to the Working Class" and continues: "Could the dark and oppressed masses of Russian workers and peasants throw off the yoke of the bourgeoisie themselves? No, it was Jews from beginning to end who showed [them] the way to the rosy dawn of internationalism and who to this day rule the Soviet Russia."

Most Jews today were not alive in 1918-1922 and would be appalled by the idea that there is a Satanic Jewish conspiracy to enslave mankind. They are not a conscious part of it. Most would be opposed. Most haven't a clue about the Talmud or the Cabala. They do not realize that Zionism and organized Jewry are run by these fanatical bankers and have a secret agenda.

Source: Article

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posted on May, 21 2009 @ 07:57 AM
reply to post by sunny_2008ny

The problem with this kind of JOOOOOOOOOOO theory lies in the underlying premise that JOOOOOOOOO's are by nature evil money grubbing parasites who stick together and rule the world's "banking/financial system". Now this may or may not be true. Let's assume that the JOOOOOOOOO's do run the worlds financial system. My reaction is..... well..... that really sucks. My second thought is..... well..... if they... the JOOOOOOOOOO's were not the one's who run the "banks"...... then it would be someone else. Koreans, Japanese Yakuza, Italian Mafia, The Vatican, Brits....... someone is going to "rule". The Jews are not the only "mammonites". The world seems to be full of those who "serve money/mammon"...... so..... what is the big deal if the Jew's do run the "Banks? The Jews run Hollywood. The Italians run the fishing wharfs. My guess is the Vatican actually runs the "banks"..... but if you want to point a finger at the JOOOOOOOOOOOO's..... by my guest. The human species seems by nature to lust for power. Power goes to those who control the "goods and services"...... first you get da' money... then you get the power... then you get da'...... sex. Money - Power - Sex...... that sounds like the "human animal"...... is this pattern only endemic to Jews? If not...... move along. The Jew's seem to be no better or worse than anyone else. You aren't "jealous/covetous" of what the Jews have accomplished....... are you?

posted on May, 21 2009 @ 08:21 AM
reply to post by KOGDOG

Why is everyone always picking on the Jews. I just dont get it. Who thought of the word Jewry... lol that is kinda funny. Jewry.

If I was jewish I would become as bad as the OP says just so I could crush all the idiots that blame me for their failure.

How come people are allowed to insult Jews on ATS, but I bet if I created a thread blaming African-Americans for the worlds problems it would be shut down in a New York minute.

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posted on May, 21 2009 @ 08:25 AM
First, every true Sephardic Jew I have every worked with has been an absolute sweetheart. That doesn't mean there aren't some bad apples. But It is worth making the distinction between the true Jew and the pseudo / Zionist Jews. Even today, I believe the majority of true Jews oppose Israel as it stands. Petitions where circulated in the USA prior to Israels creation, by true Jews, opposition it.

I suspect the AshkaNAZI (sp) pseudo Jews are the ones responsibly for the history of Jewish expulsions. It is a typical trauma event characteristics of the manipulators efforts to increase power, money and influence.

Certainly the NWO is a front for a mix of Zionism and Catholicism both equaling Paganism and likely both controlled at the top by the same entity. Call it NWO, Illuminati, Masonic, or any other name, the manipulation is real. It may even be that Judaism and Catholicism have always been the same at the top with a ruling elite fabricating Judaism as well as Catholicism and later on Islam.

The Paganism we see today and so degrading our youth via Sex, sex, sex is a clear indicator to what the manipulators really stand for. The Owl ceremony, the obelisks are nothing but phallic symbols in devotion to lower natures.

posted on May, 21 2009 @ 08:26 AM
My grandmother was Jewish, but she never told me she or her mother was responsible for The Bolshevik Revolution. I always thought she and my great grandmother were average Americans, who believed in a different religion. Do you know how I can get my hands on some of this money they must have had, being evil bankers and all?


posted on May, 21 2009 @ 08:28 AM
It's not jews that own the banking system, it's Zionists, as there is an elitist structure within jewish society itself. They, like all the rest of us are largely controlled by a subgroup of people. And that subgroup probably fits into a smaller group, which could fit into a small comittee which could be dominated by just one person, and his bloodline could hold power for generations. There is a fractal structure within dominance, and this is what people should realise. It's always the same regardless of who is actually in power.

As far as the pecking order goes jews on average are pretty high up, but that is just historical circumstance. Out of the 18 million or so jews probably only a few thousand are really influential on the world stage, with the rest probably being sacrificed to their psychopathic schemes.

We are not at war against any specific race or creed, we are locked in a war declared by the psychopathic minority against all of us. This is ponerology, the macrosocial effects of evil, heartless people and the networks their ruthlessness and manipulation create.

Before jews were even relevant we still had this same social structure. Yes, studying the jewish people and the stories around them helps to understand the world, but those that chose to demonise them and hold them responsible for the status quo have missed some very fundamental truths.

Not only the above but it is actually very dangerous, as wars are started on that very bloodlust. The antisemite is the elitists best friend, as anyone motivated by rage is very easily manipulated. Wise up people.

posted on May, 21 2009 @ 08:29 AM
Yeah the Jews are so evil and so JEWRY that they were so powerful as to make Hitler gas a good percentage of them just so they could get sympathy from the rest of the world. They are JEWRY Geniuses.

posted on May, 21 2009 @ 08:29 AM
hey, i am Jewish .. where is my share of the money and power ??

posted on May, 21 2009 @ 09:43 AM
i think article is believable in the aspect that the people in control claim to be of a certain faith.... The article is not saying that the conspiracy involves all jewish people, just a very small sect of @$$-holes, that claim to be jewish, zionist, etc. to be honest, it doesn't really matter to me what the hell they do or don't believe in. if the NWO really exists (and I'm pretty sur eit does), does it really matter what faith they claim to subscribe to when they're bent on world control and human enslavement? At that point, aren't TPTB just evil, pathetic excuses for human beings?

posted on May, 21 2009 @ 12:20 PM
Oh for the love of...

The reasons many, maybe even most, of Russian Jews supported the Revolution was because of the rampant anti-Jewish attitudes of the then Russian govt., odd how nothing really changed under the Communists isn't it?

The Jews rule the world... Who'll it be next week? Some other scapegoat no doubt... You want to know the reasons the world sucks? Look in the damned mirrors that all of us have laying around the house. The reason is US, not some nebulous other evil entity.

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