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Swine flu combined with superbug could kill thousands

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posted on May, 21 2009 @ 05:21 AM

The drug-resistant infection triggers a form of pneumonia in those weakened by viruses such as swine flu and kills half its victims in under 72 hours.

A report in health journal The Lancet Infectious Diseases said the infection could raise the death risk among potential swine flu victims. It can live in the nose or throat and pose no danger – but if the carrier is weakened by a virus like flu it can cause the lung condition.

Epidemics expert Professor Mark Enright, of London's Imperial College, told The Sun: "CA-MRSA pneumonia is particularly dangerous due to the aggressive nature of the infection and the difficulty in treatment."

Dr Alicia Hidron of Emory University in Atlanta, said that, unlike many other forms of the superbug, CA-MRSA hits the young rather than the old and frail. In one case, a previously healthy 45-year-old woman spread it to her 36-year-old male partner.


OK, the Swine Flu scare didn't work, didn't pan out as a pandemic and has not achieved whatever result was desired, simply because most people treated it with the contempt it deserved.

The result of this is that they have combined H5N1 with the good old standby scare story of MRSA, in order to try and induce fear.

As we know, MRSA is no joke, and kills thousands each year in hospitals in the form of CA MRSA

The current scare story is a combination of the 2 infections to cause Necrotising Pneumonia which, they say, would dramatically increase mortality rates of H5N1 - plus it has a nice scientific and scary soundinng name...

This has left me wondering WHY "they" are pushing this so relentlessly.

Is it just to take our minds off the "credit crunch"?

We know that there are billions (if not trillions) in toxic loans which are due to hit this year, which will deepen the current recession unless governments (most especially the US and UK) step in with more bail outs - and coincidentally, this is where the stories of pandemics are highest.

Or are "they" targetting certain sections of the populace?

This article links MRSA with lower income, high occupancy households.

My personal opinion is that this is simply more deflection and disinfo - but time will tell.

In the meantime, keep an eye on the news (especially non mainstream news) and see what they try and slip under the radar.

Something like this perhaps?

Or to target the corrupt healthcare industry in the US and force through Obama's reforms?

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