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They don't want us to know

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posted on May, 21 2009 @ 03:16 AM
I have done a little research and it is clear the media in general is working with the

I simply searched on major news website the term Bilderberg and here is the result
Just one hit. And it is making fun of conspiracy theorist

"My paranoia made me realize just how fragile my liberal, cosmopolitan baggage is," he says. "A few more car chases like that and I'll be believing that lizards rule the world."

Single article again, trying to make us believe the Bilderberg is nothing interesting.

The reason the Bilderberg Conference is secret is because its proceedings are so dull that if the transcripts were ever published, nobody would ever attend.

Well damn, when royalty, military and politicians, business, oil and media moguls secretly meet once a year, I am sure they arent talking about which cigars they smoke! So yeah, they hide it because it's so boring your head can explode


Two hits.
One is about the recent protests of the Bilderberg meeting in Greece (aaah at least "some coverage)
And the other is about Bill Clinton calling people paranoids for screaming at him.


Many hits but they are mostly comments from users using the term "bilderberg". 2 official articles though, one is about the protests in Greece and the other about architecture.


France info

Even France isnt spared, even better is that there are NO results for Bilderberg!


Probably the best since I could find more instructive articles about this group.

It is simply incredible that the media so poorly diffuses informations of such an old, important and powerful organization regrouping the richest and most influencial people.
It only proves that they are working with them. They want us to believe that nothing happens besides boring conversations. Like we are going to fall for it! So much power in one place and no agendas being pushed? It is like giving bones to a bunch of dogs and expect none of them to enjoy it.

posted on May, 21 2009 @ 03:20 AM
They just had their annual meeting so chatter is high at the moment.


posted on May, 21 2009 @ 03:31 AM
reply to post by InfaRedMan

They are slithering back into their gold covered dens.
Before long all the hubbub will die down.

posted on May, 21 2009 @ 05:03 AM
Here is a news report i found in the last weeks.
A main stream media journalist covering the bildenberger meeting for "the guardian", an english news paper.

Our man at Bilderberg: 'You are not allowed to take pictures of policemen!'

Yesterday divides in half: the half where I flee the Bilderberg resort, too scared and strung out to remain, and the half when I have to bundle myself in a random cab and drive to the British Embassy for my own safety.

I am being hounded. And all because I dared report on Bilderberg. Because I dared point my finger at them, there, in the darkness of a seaside peninsula. Ecce Bilderberg!
Source "the Guardian"

I was a little surprised myself but it seems it is not the only news paper covering this secret event.
The free newspaper "metro" reported on this event to and i am sure there are some more main stream outleds that are publishing about it.

It looks like there is a new wind blowing in the main stream news outleds because i never seen this much regular coverage of this meeting before, like the OP is trying to show.
This makes me think of the recent post that our member "king9072" made on this board.
An exelent read and it intends to show how the mainstream media is using its powers to influence conspiracy discussions.
Mainstream Media - How we are all being bent over, and shouting for more!

Originally posted by king9072
The media already controls 80% of mindless Americans who simply gobble up MSM propaganda and spew it around every corner. So they aren't concerned with them anymore, what is important is for them to capture that remaining 20%, which includes the likes of me and you.

So as they pick up steam and start to sway more and more opinion, this is when things get very bad. Because the next time any major event happens, they are going to be the ones deciding the facts, deciding who gets to have their opinion displayed without being attacked, ridiculed, and belittled, essentially they write the history.

The post of "king9072" got quite stuck in my head and for me this bildenberger coverage in some major news papers around the world is a clear example of how right he might be.

Control of both sides of the debate seems to be the aim.

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