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What is it like to wake up at an older age?

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posted on May, 20 2009 @ 11:58 PM
Well I think most people that learn not to trust everything they are told by the Mainstream, society, politicians, learn to do this at a young age. I'm just wondering if anyone has had an experience of their worldview changing drastically after age 35 or so?

I have met some older people who I consider awakened, I just wonder if they were always that way from a young age. I really wonder what it's like for this change to happen if you are older.

Now alot of adults whose 401ks have been ruined and see the politicians lying... they may just wake up. Maybe. They are angry but they aren't quite awake. I watch my parent's closely. I am not sure what I wish for them, the blue or red pill at this point. I think it would be quite an experience and all the more meaningful for a soul to wake up at a later age, but I'd love to hear people's thoughts on this idea.

It is never easy to define "Awakened" I do hope ATSers will see what I am trying to discuss. I have no agenda here, just interest in what will occur as the older generation begins to awaken, or becomes faced with the choice.

posted on May, 21 2009 @ 12:07 AM
"If 3% of the world own 90+% of the worlds wealth, what are we fighting eachother for?" - This quote is paraphrased but an ATSer posted it one time and I forget their name.

This realization and understanding of it is what my definition of awake truly is in this post. Hope that makes what I'm saying and asking a little more clear.

posted on May, 21 2009 @ 12:12 AM
I am forty and have been awakening since I was 17. Maybe sooner.

But one thing I awakened to only this past year was the absolute worthlessness of our voting system, and our government. I am done with them, they are useless and voting is a waste of time. I have been voting since I turned 18, and proud to do so as a Democrat all these years. I now despise both parties, and find our government to be down right criminal.

So my spiritual awakening has been going on since I was a teen, but my political/nwo/government awakening is just now happening. I used to put some faith in my government and our elected leaders, never again. Worthless.

As far as awakening older people, doubtful and rare. Humans get set in their ways. My dad hangs up on me if I God Forbid talk about 911 was an inside job, chemtrails, government conspiracy, etc. He will not hear of it. I think a lot of people are like Dad. It would be nice for them to awaken (them being mom and dad) but I don't hold my breath.

posted on May, 21 2009 @ 12:17 AM
3% of the world owning 90% of the wealth has nothing to do with being awake.

Regardless of what age you wake up, the important thing is that you do.

I believe many people are waking up and some of them are 15 and some of them are 90.

Some of them never will, at least not in this lifetime.

I'm starting to believe we can't wake people up, and even if we could it's not our place. They have to wake up on their own, regardless of how old they are.

Just my thoughts,

posted on May, 21 2009 @ 12:31 AM
reply to post by mrwupy

I guess I like that quote for it's "Why are we fighting eachother?" effect.

It's not really needed, thought it would help discussion but it's really arbitrary. Hopefully it gets skimmed past, lol.

posted on May, 21 2009 @ 01:03 AM
Well honestly reading the title I thought about aching knees, back pain and such

The older you get, the more everything hurts.

But after reading the replys I think theres really no difference if your 18 or 80 years old,waking up is whats important.

posted on May, 21 2009 @ 01:24 AM
While we cannot 'wake' people up, the state of the world today might just be doing it.

My step-mom.... Food Scientist. Has lost EVERYTHING to her name, because of the economy and the banks helping themselves to her savings after she failed to be able to pay for her foreclosed home in another state after a job loss......
Ok, huge story... The big thing is, bad things are happening to people that have always worked hard and played by the rules.

I have explained to her that banks would be falling... I think she believed it, but didn't want it to be true.
Along with some other stuff...

Some people have built their whole LIVES around this fake debt-based society...
I can understand their resistance to admit that it's all been a farce.

Maybe people do believe it.... They know the truth... They just don't want it to be true.

-As for those who don't, I swear I would fight for their choice to remain oblivious. I really feel like it is their right, and it's up to those 'awakened' to protect them. Somehow.

The same way I chose to look for the truth 'behind the scenes', many chose to be oblivious. I feel it's their right to live in any fantasy world they want. Just as we can.
It hurts to see this crashing down on people.

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