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Got Pulled Over on my Bicyle...

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posted on May, 23 2009 @ 06:51 PM

Originally posted by RuneSpider

Gave her my license, waited for her to run it, then went home from there.
Next day, spoke with Mr. Bill, an officer I know, about the policy, he hadn't heard of it.
I wouldn't have been ticked off about it if she'd pulled me for not having a helmet, or a back light, or even the speed I was traveling.
Even something clever would have been fine.
But something that stupid? Yeesh.

Was she hot, sound like she go the idea from male cops that pull over hot chicks.

Lets see, I have more lights then the bicycle cops.
I run red light and I don't even dare go on the sidewalk unless I'm traveling against the flow of traffic. I don't even get pull over by any body let alone the opposite sex.

Um What city your in because i want to move there. Apparently San Antonio don't like people who don't own cars.

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