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Master of Horror: Is Bad Weather the Cause of Paranormal Activity?

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posted on May, 20 2009 @ 04:35 PM
Since the beginning of 2009 my city has felt the Wrath of Mother Nature like no other year before. Violent bands of storms roll in from the Western U.S. almost weekly now leaving a consistent pattern of drenching rain with lots of Lightning and Howling Winds. I believe the last band of storms were named Delratio or Dalratio, I'm not absolutely sure but they were wicked.

During these storms I've witnessed an increase of aggressive Paranormal Activity, it's thrusting itself out of the shadows and into everyday life. The continuous cycle of Lightning is dropping some kind of Sprite Static waste on the ground, leaving a feeling of an invisible hand crawling on your skin or an ice cold breeze passes by when you're in a warm room.

Are Ghosts, Shadow People, plus Orbs taking advantage of it? I believe that they are.... All of them feed off of the Lightning in these storms becoming more Powerful and Visible. I can't explain it full circle but it's like they are using this Electricity to manuever around our world.

Take the Creature Frankenstein for an Example.

Subject Frankenstein: He is Death, Weather, and Life wrapped into One Force

and also:

Subject Kane: He visited the Home of Carol Anne during a brief Storm

Was Kane drawing off the Electrical Forces in that Storm?

So Have you noticed this too? ...Bad Weather plays a Huge role in many Horror Films.

"It was a dark and stormy night in the town of Blayton...Lightning strikes the ground and the dead begin to pour out of their graves..."...

Lightning + Howling Winds = Paranormal Activity?. The formula is ongoing and repetitive but I'm starting to understand this Connection. Just maybe... Some Ghosts are Magnets...

Is Bad Weather the Cause of Paranormal Activity?

posted on May, 20 2009 @ 05:04 PM
i do not think so

when i encountered a ghost (my only encounter) , it was 5am in the dead of winter, with several feet of snow outside (way below zero temp)

there was absolutely no electrical activity as far as i know in the atmosphere, and it was not even snowing at the particular moment the event occurred

now, it may be possible that the apparition was using my own personal biological electric field, but that is for another discussion

posted on May, 20 2009 @ 06:38 PM
reply to post by muzzleflash

Hi muzz,

I'm expanding my page on the tinWiki.orG website for ATS so thanks for Posting here

Are humans also Magnetic Forces that Ghosts are Drawn too? ..Could be but I've never seen Ghostly footprints in Snow myself...

Currently I don't possess the Technology to test the Electrical Levels on the Ground so I have to use my Senses which are very helpful right before thunderstorms, I'm not so sure during and after(signals get mixed up).. but I could be on to something STRANGE here.

There isn't much for me to run a Experiment on when dealing with different Regions of the world so I'll have to rely on other ATS members to contribute their experiences with Ghosts and Storms.

If you're usually full of Energy or Have some sort of Powers that may draw Ghosts as well. Just let me know muzz so I can keep up with this subject.

Thanks again for Posting

posted on May, 20 2009 @ 06:44 PM
Some do theorize that electrical storms allow spirits to use energy from the atmosphere to physically manifest. I heard that also stated several times on various ghost hunter type shows.

I also think that some people's energy attract and others detract from paranormal experiences... it would explain at least to me why some people attacked by spirits and others not and also why some may see spirits and others do not.

and btw the word is "derecho"

posted on May, 20 2009 @ 06:50 PM
reply to post by worldwatcher

That is it..That's the Word DERECHO

Thank You world

When I'm sensing a Ghost I can feel my arm hair standing up, or it feels like someone is behind me and sometimes I have Goosebumps. Cold chill Ghosts are Rare but they also happen too.

I'm still studying this subject of Electricity and Ghosts so everyone's Comments are Appreciated.

Thanks Again

posted on May, 20 2009 @ 07:04 PM
Well not quite weather OJ, b ut i have heard of paranormal phenomena being linked to earthquakes ect. so who knows, although it tends to be more of an explantion for the phenomena. Here's a quote from another thread i posted in where i was discussing the subject.

Originally posted by MCoG1980
reply to post by Michaeljp86

I recently read about people seeing bolts of lighting, orbs of light ect and possibly that it could be related to earthqauakes/seismic activity and may happen a few days prior to an earthquake/tremor. They are saying the same about animals acting oddly too. Just one theory, although you heard walking so who knows

I'm going to try to find where i read this. Will be back shortly

Still looking for the article i read but i'll leave you with this until i find it. The one i am trying to find tells about how they could use this to predict earthqaukes.
The above link does not work correctly (takes you to another page but can be found by typing Elvira Witney into the search bar), so as i am unable to provide a direct link, here is an extract from it:

Lincolnshire lightning: Earthquake earthlights?

Interesting reports emerge from the recent Lincolnshire earthquake which suggest a close link with strange luminous phenomena. Mysterious types of lightning were seen by people in Louth during Wednesday's earthquake. A woman in Westgate said she saw what she thought was ball lightning as the earthquake rumbled through Louth.

Elvira Witney said: "I experienced it at the exact time of the earthquake."
"This thing seemed to be coming across the room straight at me. I was very frightened."

Mrs Witney described it as a grapefruit-sized glowing sphere that went out like a light.She saw it in her ground floor bedroom as she felt the earthquake but there was no damage to show where it had come from.A ball lightning expert is unsure how it could have ventured inside but we do often hear about such things. There were other sightings. A second lightning sighting came from Jean Howard, of Tathwell, a curator at Louth Museum. Mrs Howard said she saw a flash of lightning over the Wolds as the earthquake hit.

She said: "My initial thought as I'd just woken was that what I was hearing could be a thunder storm. "As the rumbling and shaking continued I was quite aware it was an earthquake."

Given that the quake was 5.2, this would be generally consistent with the range you can find causing earthlights, which, although more common around 6 or 7, can occur down to around a magnitude of 4.5. However, I would have been interested in more data - like the duration and the colour.

Earthlights come up in connection with UFOs and various ideas have been put forward to explain their origins and nature. Paul Devereux has been one of the leading proponents of earthlights (and coined the name) and one of the theories he supports is along the lines of Persinger's Tectonic Strain Theory, as described by the BBC:

Mr Devereux has drawn on the work of controversial Canadian academic Michael Persinger and believes many unresolved UFO sightings can be explained by "earthlights", clouds of plasma being charged by strong electromagnetic fields occurring in areas of seismic activity. However, some of the cases Persinger examined have been re-examined and found lacking in the Uintah Basin and the Yakima Reservation (Hunt for the Skinwalker and Examining The Earthlight Theory, respectively - the latter being another Hotspot of High Strangeness that I will return to), both statistically, because of the complexity of the evidence (for example, in the latter case they stripped out reports that didn't fit their ideas of what earthlights should be) and the problems with the mechanism (only one Yakima quake was over a magnitude of 3 and most were below 2). This suggests there are still problems with such an analysis and we should examine such claims as closely as we do less natural theories. Despite my geological leanings and hunch that something along these lines could be at work, the science needs to measure up and currently it isn't.

earthquake lights:


Found it.

Earthquakes are the only natural disasters that scientists are unable to predict with any reliability. Institutions like the US Geological Survey (USGS) monitor the strain in the Earth’s surface through movement sensors in the ground and, together with historical records of seismological activity, they can usually forecast the long-term prospects of earthquakes occurring in active regions, typically within a period of 30 years. Predictions, which need to specify the exact time, place and magnitude of an impending tremor, have proved hard to come by. Part of the problem is that seismologists do not have a clear picture of how the ground fractures. Although the study of plate tectonics has allowed researchers to isolate the most quake-prone regions, the current thinking is that each tiny fracture in the Earth’s crust spreads in a chaotic fashion. This means that it is difficult to say which cracks will stop short, and which will rupture into an Earth-shattering event. Most seismologists believe that impending earthquakes send no reliable warning signals.

Freund has a different opinion. Deep down in the crushing boundaries between the Earth’s tectonic plates — where earthquakes form — the conditions are far from normal. As the plates struggle to grind past each other, the stresses grow until the plates finally slip with a devastating release of energy. Freund thinks that this huge stress build-up prior to an earthquake can flood the surrounding rock with electric charge. Indeed, he believes that in the hours or days before an earthquake the ground could brim with so much charge that it generates a host of visible effects above the surface, such as infra-red emissions and vivid corona discharges. These electromagnetic phenomena could be earthquake precursors.

Bad omens
Freund believes that his discovery can explain some of the bizarre events that are said to signal an imminent earthquake, such as eerie lights and strange animal behaviour. In 1966 in Matsushiro, Japan, ghostly lights were photographed during a string of tremors. Last year in the UK, following a moderately strong earthquake that rippled through the small Lincolnshire town of Market Rasen, The Times reported one frightened woman’s account of a “grapefruit-sized glowing sphere” that materialized in her bedroom and floated towards her, and others who claimed to have seen lightning flashes even though there were no storms.

In the winter of 1975 in Haicheng, China, there were widespread reports of peculiar animal behaviour: dogs growing very agitated; cattle running amok; and even snakes suddenly waking up from hibernation only to die because of the freezing conditions. Encouraged by seismologists who had also started registering an increase in low-amplitude seismic activity, the authorities decided to evacuate the region. A couple of days later, a quake with a magnitude of 7.3 struck the region, killing over 2000 people. That figure could have been 100 times higher had the population not been evacuated.

link to source:

posted on May, 20 2009 @ 07:22 PM
Oh and don't forget... over in the UFO forum, some believe that ufo's tend to congregate above thunderstorms and they may be using the lightning's energy somehow??

Natural Explanation Found for UFOs

now this can be interpreted quite differently depending on your beliefs, you can either see it as one of the three, or as something totally different and unique..
UFO, Ball Lightning or Ghostly Entity???

posted on May, 20 2009 @ 09:18 PM
I Thank You Both Ladies
, This is exactly what I'm looking for

I need this Material to Connect the Sprite Activity with the Paranormal plus Weather Related Phenoms. I've lots of work to do for my tinwiki article(s).

Looks like I need to investigate the UFO forum as well as the Fragile Earth forum.

A Writers work is never done...

Thanks Again

posted on May, 20 2009 @ 09:22 PM
link 'bout the energy...

As always my viewpoints are just my own understandings/opinion from my own experience and the teachings of my culture...and I totally acknowledge others may hold differing ones - but I believe that we are all fundamentally spiritual beings experiencing a physical existance.

I guess in some ways our bodies are - if you will - 'living tissue energy generators' of sorts that our spiritual essence is *transported* within. One of the functions of our bodies is to process and produce by way of foods etc *energy*.

Personal experience is that often the encounters with such seem to be more prevalent in/around high *energy* places or events. Such as thunderstorms, such as around large Electrical Power Stations and sub-stations, such also as around hospitals.

For instance I work within Mental Health and spend a good deal of the working day in and around the Psych Wards...and believe you me its not just the living that can be climbing the walls within those places.
Often times we (my team and those within it whom specialise in those sorts of things) are called into the Psych Wards to do 'cleansings' move on those little pesky 'feeder' type spooks with nothing better to do that hang around and 'feed' off the energy of people in crisis - and indeed rark those people up a bit more to create even more 'overflow' of energy that seems to be a by-product of someones crisis/unwellness.

Why is energy required if you're supposedly dead? Bearing in mind of course that - well, I personally believe anyway - not everything that goes bump in the night was necessarily *human* previously...there are those (again, just my opinion and cultural understanding) that haven't known any human embodiment and have existed purely as *spirit*.

I do believe all things require energy to exist...and there is more to existance than solely the physical. Its also been my experience that when *spirits* 'cross over' from the more spiritual planes into the physical ones...perhaps to pass over a message for someone or appears to be draining for them to do so.

That *breach* from one 'world' to another seems to take energy.
Indeed - again, just opinion/experience, if they have to do so repeatedly in order to perform whatever their intention appears that each time they seem lesser and lesser in *energy/strength*.
There is cost...that cost is energy.

What of those that aren't strictly 'feeders' do they operate in regards to *energy*?
Well my thoughts/beliefs are there are two main sources of *energy* out there...some may term those two sources 'Good' and 'Bad'...light and dark etc. Others may have different concepts of that/those.
Again just opinion but allegiances with either source seems to be apparent...coming under the umbrella of either seems to provide an energy source for that can also be a binder of that entity to that source - and so a definer for them in regards to intentions/actions.
Bit like doing the bidding of either source in payment for that sustenance.

Energy is also important for physical beings to also *breach* into the more spiritual worlds. Sometimes the overflow of that energy can be visibly seen...for instance I'm quite familiar with my cultures understandings of people we term Tohunga and Matakite. They are the 'seers', the 'hearers' and the 'knowers'...also the 'healers'...the ones who for whatever reason are born into and onto feet that step into both the physical and the spiritual worlds.
Often when those people perform whatever task they are called to perform there is a very obvious expression of energy.
Some I've personally seen involve objects moving without any apparent cause.

Last one I saw was mere days ago actually...involved a bit of a 'spiritual challenge' issued by one deemed to be Matakite.
The challenge of sorts was the Matakite laying down some baggage of their past at the place that baggage was obtained...while they were doing this a large heavy chain and padlock on a pole nearby started to swing and sway...with no wind to speak of. Metal signs close by also reverberated.
The reverberation of the signs and swaying of the chain both stopped exactly when the Matakite had finished.


Theres a lot more to it than D-cell batteries....


posted on May, 20 2009 @ 09:53 PM
reply to post by alien

Thank You too alien,

I do remember a weird encounter a few years ago in a Hospital.. I checked in a close relative at 3 AM and ran into what I can only describe as "slug energy eaters". I didn't see them myself but my sister did. She told me they were crawling all over me..

I don't know the term for this ability I have but when some people stand near me I can make them sleepy. It's not something I try to do it just happens.

Maybe I could be a Tohunga or Matakite too. I have been known to make others feel better when they are ill by touching them.

posted on May, 20 2009 @ 10:32 PM
reply to post by OrangeJuice

Who knows.

Matakite and Tohunga are I guess in some ways could be seen as being quite atuned people in regards to what they experience.

Not all Matakite are Tohunga - yet all Tohunga are pretty much Matakite.

The Matakite (by virtue also of the very meaning of the word: Mata = Face, Kite = to see/all seeing. Matakite = the face that sees/all-seeing face) are I guess perhaps - and I'm really loathe to to put it this way - are for want of a better way of describing it a bit more *advanced* and *tuned* than simply being 'sensitive' to what may or may not be around them or around other people. They see, they hear, they feel with clarity.

The role of the Matakite (if they aren't Tohunga) is really to walk alongside the Tohunga.

A Tohunga (in this usage/reference) is a Healer. In other cultures they may be referred to as Shaman.
Tohunga is also a word that carries the meaning of it: Tohu = sign. Nga = plural, all. So in this usage, Tohunga = Someone who reads all the signs.
Essentially the Tohunga is the *knower*. They exist within their 'knowing place'...there is no doubt, no question, its purely as they see and know it.
From that point of 'knowing' they then also know the steps required to Heal.

The Matakite often functions as an extra pair of eyes, an assistant really to the Tohunga. They relay the information as they receive it, to the Tohunga. The Tohunga in some ways I guess takes that info as a bit of extra 'Intel' and advisement for them for the task at hand.
The other function of the Matakite can be to provide some form of spiritual coverage for the Tohunga as the Tohunga goes about the task.

The Matakite may say karakia/prayers while this is happening to provide a bit of extra safety for the Tohunga and for the process...a bit like a 'spiritual support team' of sorts.

In some ways, the Matakite is also an apprentice to the Tohunga. They follow, they assist and they learn.
The Matakite may find themselves being called on to perform specific tasks that previously the Tohunga may have taken care of...a bit like the Father letting the growing Son learn and develop in their own right, with their watchful governance, direction and safety of course.

Not all Matakite will eventually progress into Tohunga in their own right...that progression is depended upon - and influenced by - so many varied factors.
Ultimately time means little...a Matakite may 'complete their apprenticeship' in a matter of days, weeks, months, years...or decades...its really about when that Matakite comes into their own.

So a Matakite may well also - for whatever reason - be able to do what you just said, serve as conduit to deliver healing via touch or other methods...yet may not yet be fully-fledged Tohunga...

...its all a process of steps and levels...

posted on May, 20 2009 @ 10:55 PM
reply to post by OrangeJuice

Your headline said :
Master of Horror: Is Bad Weather the Cause of Paranormal Activity?

I always thought the following was more likely -

Paranormal Activity is the Cause of Bad Weather.

posted on May, 21 2009 @ 01:00 AM
reply to post by alien

Hello again alien

After reading both sites sounds like I'm a mixture of Tohunga and Matakite..

The Energy that I'm familiar with I can't say that I actually control it. It's just there when a situation arises and I need it. So Perhaps I've skipped over a few lessons all Matakites should know because I wasn't aware of some Important Energy that I possess.

But I do love to Study... and One day I may become a Great Tohunga

posted on May, 21 2009 @ 01:04 AM
reply to post by visible_villain

You know visible_villain,

Kane did show up with a dark cloud over his head. So I can not seperate the Two... also

If this is the case it explains why many of the Funerals I've attended become complete Wash Outs..

posted on May, 23 2009 @ 12:26 PM
bad weather amplify paranormal activity and intense paranormal activity causes bad weather..

very often, they comes by riding the wind, the rain, the cloud, the storm, the thunder, the elements.

they don't need the elements to travel but the elements will make them stronger and they can manipulate the elements rather easily.

huge number of present or a single powerful one will make the cloud turns red|redish.

huge number of present or a single powerful one can make localised wind or rather air movement.

the list goes on...

posted on May, 23 2009 @ 03:38 PM
reply to post by digital_desire

Hello digital_desire,

There is an old tunnel in my neighborhood with hanging vines and a few roots dangling from its roof and when the winds pick up it sounds like people are screaming to get out of it. I can compare it to the squeals coming from a roller coaster ride. So there is a possibility that the ground works with the air in creating Paranormal Activity.

During the last cycle of derecho storms I did see an increase of radiant spheres of light. Once the lightning picked up there would easily be groups of 6+ Sprites traveling through my home in a matter of seconds. It's sort of like the game of wack a mole.

So it appears these entities ride the wind and the lightning. Maybe I will get lucky during this current storm and catch one on film.

posted on May, 24 2009 @ 10:50 PM
I stumbled upon this quote today and decided to post it here. It says

"It is the thunderbolt that steers the Universe" Heraclitus 500 BC...

The quote was on a Electormagnetic Plasma documentary which mentions the Northern Lights called Aurora Borealis. I believe our Ancestors knew more about lightning than what the Mainstream media puts out today. Why were Weather related events on Venus and Jupiter ignored for so long?

There is a Chemical Residue being released for every Electrical explosion in our Atmosphere also , some Scientist suspect it's eating away at Earths Ozone layer..

Some of you may have heard of this story before now but there is a culture book about the Apaches and they believed a creature manifests on Earth through Lightning.

kinda creepy lightning we have here...

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