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Hello from the fish.

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posted on May, 20 2009 @ 02:49 PM
I thought I should start here with an introduction of myself so people know who I am as I want to start posting more on this site and getting more into the discussions. I feel like there are FAR too many coincidences going on the world right now, all the topics being posted on this site DAILY are proof of that. I live in Canada, you know that cold barren place that everyone thinks "OMG IGLOOS!!!" well, as much as I would love to live in an igloo (wouldn't have to pay for heating or anything now would i?) I live on the west coast just outside of Vancouver.

Now... I am a believer in a alot of things... yet still skeptical. I am in a frame of mind right now where I feel like I am "waking up" from the world, this has resulted in a new found interest in spirituality. I don't believe in a god, I believe the bible to be a manipulated piece of work, people lie now, people lied then.

I believe in Aliens. I haven't seen a UFO or anything exciting... but I watch my skies eagerly for hope (though I doubt that they would come down hovering over Vancouver). I think it is ignorant to deny the possibility of other life in the Universe. and wow, im getting deja vu at the moment . weird.

I think there is a conspiracy at play, the biggest one I see is the agenda of the NWO, though sometimes I wonder if maybe the state of affairs is really just a string of coincidences and we are all being swept up in it because we don't know what to make of it yet. I like to agree with the idea of a One World Government... but something of that affect must be transparent and elected by people about the globe and cannot sit in the hands of one "master" in a feudal world government.. The fact is, the world is completeley divided up by faiths, clutures, teachings, thoughts, EVERYTHING... and for a truely beautiful world government... you need the people to get along first, and at this point in time, i DEFINITLY do not think we are ready for a one world government. but the problems of the world are deeply entrenched and unfortunatly i don't think there is an easy solution.

I sit on the fence about 2012 and the coming of Nibiru... especially Nibiru... I love the idea of it (though it scares the hell out of me) but I will save my real true opinion when I can "see" it in the sky like everyone says we will. I think something will happen on 2012, I don't know what, but i'm sure it will be a pivotal point in history. (earth magnetosphere being crushed, Niibiru, pole switch, etc)

I like prophecies. I find them intriguing and can't helpe myself get caught up in a good prophecy when it comes around... and on that note, I do sometimes jump to conclusions but im learning to get a real hold on this flaw

I also worry about the major "coastal event" (ala webbot, some of its predictions are hoaky... but some... wellllll I dunno.) as this is supposedly going to occur on the west coast and Vancouver has been waiting a long time for the "big one" I worry that this big one will be staged by some earthquake device (it can't be that hard to do can it? just give the tectonic plates that little extra "push") which can declare emergency and push forward the SPP and the start of the NAU. (this is my theory, it might just be paranoia)

Well, I think I'm done, I was bored and figured i'd tell everyone about me. I like to spread info and awareness and have made it my campaign this summer. It's amazing how little people know about the world changing around their very feet.

Also, why does it seem like EVERYTHING bad that will happen will happen in the US? The worst I saw for Canada was it getting swept in the North American Union... which is set for 2010. but it seems it ALL starts witht he US

and for those of you wondering, I use the name mutantfish because i remember seeing an altered picture of a fish and a banana combined into one when i was younger... cracked me up, still does. WHY HAVEN'T WE ENGINEERED A SWIMMING BANANA???

posted on May, 20 2009 @ 02:53 PM
reply to post by mutantfish

Welcome to ATS friend.

By the size of your introduction, I can safely say you will be adding alot of content and wonderful information to our boards in the coming months.

We certainly look forward to your contributions, I am sure you will find plenty of material to help your "awakening".


posted on May, 20 2009 @ 03:17 PM
A hearty welcome to ATS, mutantfish!

You'll find yourself in good company among those who are experiencing some sort of awakening, whether it be a terrestrial awareness or more profound spiritual awareness. Most members are drawn to ATS in pursuit of answers to some burning question (or a thousand burning questions), and I believe that we really do help each other in that regard. It's an amazing thing to have comrades on our journeys.

Best of luck and welcome to our community!

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posted on May, 20 2009 @ 03:44 PM
thank you for the welcomes! I feel like this site is one of the greatest tools I could have ever aquired, vast knowledge of non-mainstream topics (both true and false... but always good read!) with the ability to discuss and come to conclusions in a way that one person would have a hard time doing!

I look forward to being able to put in my knowledge and wisdom into the collective thought pool.

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