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Amazing speech by Ron Paul on the House Floor

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posted on May, 21 2009 @ 04:03 AM
Heeeey...what is up with the glitch at 1:33, just before "falling into chaos"?

Seems a little edited...

posted on May, 21 2009 @ 06:09 AM
reply to post by David9176

WOW - WOW - The man is amazing! It really is a shame the press had completely made him out to be a nut - last election. I in fact did not know much about him - because last year I only listened to MSM. I did not fully learn about the man and how brilliant he is because of only listening to MSM.

S and F for you, you always bring such wonderful things to the boards - thank you for continuly bringing excellent content and information to enlighten and educate us!

posted on May, 21 2009 @ 07:39 AM
I am not form the US ~BUT~ all I hear from the likes of Alex Jones, Glen Beck, Ron Paul, AT'ers etc etc is that something needs to Change!

It's all talk......Spineless talk!

Get off your proverbial and Act and do something about it....

Back at the start of the century, through the 60's and to a certain extent 80's, people would March & protest in the Hundreds & Thousands and in cases in the Millions!

What do we get here a few Tea Parties, with a few thousand, which nobody in the Media except Fox gives a toss about!

Have the Guts and organise some SERIOUS activity. Have the courage and be Noticed. Develop a Spine AND make change happen!

Enough with the talk, enough with waiting for 4/8/12 years and do it now!

Do you think you will have another are just wasting away your lives in frenzy of words.

Real power of the people comes from the People......not your governments, talk show hosts or corrupt politicians!

I guarantee if you do not Act it will be too LATE!!!

posted on May, 21 2009 @ 07:56 AM
reply to post by light_sound

Well it’s not the sixties anymore “wish it was” lol, but these days the government just ignores the people! They do not have to listen, they answer to nobody! You have to get permission from the GOVT. to protest and they have certain zones for that now. The constitution has been officially shredded and there is not a damn thing we can do about it! “already too late” If we were to dumb ,well the majority anyway, to elect a great man like Ron Paul when he runs for president which would have brought “real” change then in my opinion its over welcome to the Socialist States of America!

posted on May, 21 2009 @ 08:16 AM
Wow! It sounds to me like Ron Paul is trying to warn his colleagues they are fast running out of time to avoid a revolution?

That really seemed to be the message he was conveying to them in his speech that they might be too preoccupied with their lobbyists and special interests and committees on this and that but he is hearing not only his constituents loudly and clearly but so many other representative's constituents who are turning to Ron Paul as the last honest man in government for his leadership and help.

Ron Paul is such an honest brave and decent man, I worry for him, that sooner or later a desperate government trying to circle it's wagons is going to portray him as a seditious ellement trying to ferment rebellion.

I wonder if Ron Paul has decided to martyr himself to that end, realizing that a direct government action against him might be the only thing that galvanizes people to finally take to the streets and put all this government and corporate madness to an end?

I hope in time each and every one of us will be so brave and fearless to speak to authority in that very same rational and lucid manner he does.

We talk about the people and system that many of us are coming to see as our enemy and oppressor with out ever looking those very same people and that system in the eye standing tall right in it's gaze.

He does look them in the eye, right in their gaze and stands tall and proud doing it. He is without a doubt the greatest American hero of our times and if we can save this tattered union perhaps will go down in history as the greatest American hero of all times. Not bad for a small town country Doctor!

Go Ron Paul!

posted on May, 21 2009 @ 08:21 AM

Originally posted by paradiselost333
reply to post by light_sound

Well it’s not the sixties anymore “wish it was” lol, but these days the government just ignores the people! They do not have to listen, they answer to nobody! You have to get permission from the GOVT. to protest and they have certain zones for that now. The constitution has been officially shredded and there is not a damn thing we can do about it! “already too late” If we were to dumb ,well the majority anyway, to elect a great man like Ron Paul when he runs for president which would have brought “real” change then in my opinion its over welcome to the Socialist States of America!

Sorry to hear you say it's a lost cause is it...


If you could ask, what would Ghandi or Martin Luther do?

Don't give must find a way....I am sure there are thousands maybe millions who feel the pain you are going through, it just needs a little snowball and when that starts who knows what will result.

posted on May, 21 2009 @ 08:27 AM
The Illuminati doesn't own Ron Paul so he'll never get heard or elected. That's unfortunate as he seems to be the only politician than knows what's going on (e.g., a Central Bank that encourages inflation and undermines the economy for their own benefit).

posted on May, 21 2009 @ 11:12 AM
I'm glad he was given face time to speak his mind, yet again.

I cant watch the video, which channel gave him the opportunity?

Now if we had at least 250 million more people acting and speaking their minds like him, we'd be all set. We would defeat the NWO for a second time.

BRAVO, I DONT know what he said, but i've heard him before and i know he is a true American.

Edited to add i realize now it was on the House Floor.

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posted on May, 21 2009 @ 11:17 AM
reply to post by David9176
Its not falling on deaf ears. Millions of hits on YouTube means people are interested!
...And Alex Joones has been re-instated on YouTube. How generous of them.

Its more a case of people looking the other way and not caring and hoping this is either a lie or it will all go away. Denial.

posted on May, 21 2009 @ 11:32 AM
Why would he even begin to talk about less regulation after the Savings & Loan recession of 91, which cost taxpayers 150 billion, which his Reagan government presided over?

I'm amazed that he never once calls out the Fed on regulating the banks as the Fed is supposed by law to do. If he doesn't do that then he is part of the problem.

Surely anyone can see: "free market" in the financial sector has led to the nationalization, socialization of the debts from bad decisions of a rampant financial sector.

The Savings & Loan crisis - brought on by rapid deregulation of S&L's during the 1980's, cost 150 Billion, and caused a recession.

The 08 - 09 meltdown - brought on by failure to enforce regulations of overleveraged banks and insurance companies - has already cost ten times more than that, and has caused a ...

Mr Paul should use his position as an independant to make HARD CORE ECONOMIC POINTS, not blubber about the founding fathers and abortion. There would be some incredibly responsible points he could make if he just got past the axegrinding, and admitted that he has been wrong to harp on about deregulation, while deregulation - both formal and informal - has been going on all around him for the past twenty years.

How about this from former corporate CEO Karl Denninger:

I would like to be optimistic on the economy and thus, the capital markets.

I refuse, however, to countenance and cheerlead for fraudulent "reporting" and false claims in the media in an attempt to prop up asset prices so that banks can issue stock into an overheated bubble market created through lies.

In my opinion, that is exactly what is going on here, and is an extension of the game-playing that occurred with the so-called "stress tests", as reported in the WSJ over the weekend:

The Federal Reserve significantly scaled back the size of the capital hole facing some of the nation's biggest banks shortly before concluding its stress tests, following two weeks of intense bargaining.

In addition, according to bank and government officials, the Fed used a different measurement of bank-capital levels than analysts and investors had been expecting, resulting in much smaller capital deficits.


The Fed's findings were less severe than some experts had been bracing for. A weeklong rally in bank stocks continued Friday, with the KBW Bank Stocks index surging 10%. Investors were especially relieved by the relatively small capital holes at regional banks. Shares of Fifth Third soared 59%, while Regions Financial Corp.'s $2.5 billion deficit led to a 25% leap in its stock.


The original numbers weren't what the banks wanted to hear, so they complained and got them changed. Investors were duped by this lack of disclosure of the exact nature and difference in the figures, and besides, the banks came up with the asset valuations anyway - there was apparently no independent verification.

Some of the changes were truly massive - Citibank, for example, managed to wheedle down $35 billion to $5.5, and Bank of America managed to wheedle down their $50 billion number to $33.9. Fifth Third's original number was $2.6 billion; the reported number $1.1.

posted on May, 21 2009 @ 11:43 AM

Originally posted by Tyr Sog
Did I just hear the fine Dr. say, "sudo capitalist, Military Complex and Detroit "?

Why would Detroit be mentioned along with those two? Does DC have bigger plans for the SE Detroit region and it's soon to be unoccupied manufacturing plants(I'm not sure most realize how many plants there are in this area or the size of them)? How convenient would that be for Washington and their next Arsenal of Democracy to be able to waltz on in and convert them over for military items. Like in the 40's they are nearly already setup by default to start up military production.

Maybe there's more to this auto industry bankruptcy then meets the eye. Maybe I miss heard him and he didn't say "Detroit" lol. Maybe he did and there's a whole other reason everyone knows about and I just missed it in the MSM lol.

I was thinking about that the other day. How can they bail out all the banks and not make them accountable for where the money goes. But yet they are letting the big 3 fall apart. But you don't hear about the forgin car comp. Going under. Maybe they did have all this planned out and when s@it hits the fan wethere its war with iran,Russia,the american people. All there auto plant will be ready to start producing war machines. And I don't think its gunna be the "yes we can" attitude of femail workers during ww2 it will be the"yes you will"attitude of forced labor camps. and have u noticed all the cameras on the freeways in the past few years. Everone days it so you can get a ticket in the mail. But do you no anyone who ever got a ticket in the mail? I don't. Maybe something bigger is goin on. I need to do some reasearch when I get home. (Sorry gettin off topic ill be posting a thread about this soon enough)

posted on May, 21 2009 @ 11:53 AM
This is a S & F post, for sure.

But like a few posters have stated, Ron Paul is no Arno-Rack-Schwarze-Bama. We are not voting for leaders... we are voting for the next American Idol. America has traded the Bill of Rights for the Seven Deadly Sins.

Ron Paul could never be the President because HE IS ACTUALLY QUALIFIED FOR THE JOB. Of the 44 Presidents that we have had, maybe 10% were probably qualified for the job.

~Pray for Peace

posted on May, 21 2009 @ 12:30 PM
From that speech this stood out "700 military bases in 120 countries", I would love to know if the bases in the US are part of the 120, if not then just how many military personnel are posted abroad.

It must be a huge amount of what is available, kinda makes me wonder just how many are left back home to protect the US.

posted on May, 21 2009 @ 12:52 PM
You guys went from a failed republican to a soon to come failing democrat. People are tired of being lied to, tired of being in this debt, they are tired of not being listened to. Frankly, I think change should come because if it doesn't these people who are fighting will get worn out.

I enjoy a great speech from Dr. Ron Paul. I know more about him then my last 3/7 prime ministers. You may not always agree with him, but I enjoy hearing a little bit about the truth.

posted on May, 21 2009 @ 01:11 PM

Originally posted by paradiselost333
reply to post by light_sound

Well it’s not the sixties anymore “wish it was” lol, but these days the government just ignores the people! They do not have to listen, they answer to nobody! You have to get permission from the GOVT. to protest and they have certain zones for that now. The constitution has been officially shredded and there is not a damn thing we can do about it! “already too late” If we were to dumb ,well the majority anyway, to elect a great man like Ron Paul when he runs for president which would have brought “real” change then in my opinion its over welcome to the Socialist States of America!

Carry your gun with you everywhere - go protesting holding your gun. The wolves are unconcerned by the bleating of the sheep - do you think the wolves will be intimidated surrounded by sheep?

Carry your guns - you can be lions.

posted on May, 21 2009 @ 01:16 PM
reply to post by Amagnon

Good post, let it be known I was only speaking MY opinion and giving a source to support one of the two other options that WE DID and still DO have! But I admit your right with Dennis his economic policy is kinda wacky but other than that he does try and speak the truth EXCEPT compared to Ron Paul Dennis is kind of a Media-Whore, Google'em there's plenty of him mingling with Hollywood people out there so yeah now that you mention it seems like he's gonna do some good but still make the rich richer with his unguided tax policy and seeing he isn't too bright in it he'd most likely get the Wall-St gang to handle it for'em! (lmao)


MIKE GRAVEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I.M.O. is the best president we'll never have just look him up he's more of the vicious of the three where he publicly says what he has to say to these corrupt politicians we speak of and basically give them the "i don't give a f**k" how you feel about it kinda attitude of resentment towards's an example:

He was trying to fight fire with fire playing on these ignorant politicians playing field to try and attract attention he should've capitalized on exposing them when he told them they've been talking in code right in front of our faces, he really tried to reach out and use the tactics these slimy politicians use to get the masses attention but just like our beloved Ron Paul (dunn dunn dunn!!) HE GOT CENSORED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unlike Dennis and Ron, Gravel isn't active I'm beginning to wonder what happened to him because once he knew he was about to fall off the Democratic Ticket he started coming out exposing he has the PENTAGON PAPERS and was going to launch a full re-investigation on the subject and 9/11 because he literally agreed with the YOUTH that it was a inside-job 100%.

But considering he did, our beloved Media censored him and made him sound like a hallucinogenic delusional politician during interviews, but keep in mind 90% of the world is still sleeping so they aren't aware of the things we know that certify these truths these Men & Women risk their lives coming out to tell us about..So that being said most the world thinks these guys are making it up or trying to stir the pot half the time when it's actually the other way around so I would have to agree with the OP all in all..

YOU'RE the answer!!!!

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posted on May, 21 2009 @ 01:55 PM
reply to post by anarcissus

And I'm curious this is an OPEN-QUESTION but it's on topic, I'm a little confused due to this video explaining our perceptions of various types of Government.

So since even the Romans who popularized the idea of Republic got swindled for "letting their guard down" it all went hay-wire (Has History Repeated Itself???)

But regardless, it's here where my confusion is,

Lets not forget since our "founding fathers" were freemasons and you know how much people love to tie them in with the illuminati and masons (which I'm not saying isn't credible) but given that's what many are implying lets not forget Abraham Lincoln he was republican and many didn't agree with him freeing the slaves that goes for both Democrats and Republicans and the Confederate States, And let's not forget how Albert Pike the 33rd degree mason also helped setup the K.K.K. so my question is how can we trust either side when it's apparent they have always been crooked,segregating, and basically always picky and choosy????

It's like we're quick to throw in the Masonic,Illuminati element to make these guys appear bad and try and shift people to be behind any candidate who seems to oppose their Global Agenda but we never seem to take the time to also analyze all the other aspects of the situation.

I'm multi-racial and I'm aware of this stuff and no matter how much I do care about my freedoms most of the presidents we had who fought for the issues we deal with today such as the Federal Reserve some of them even owned slaves and by that I mean Andrew Jackson. But I did research he did give them better treatment and bigger housing he seemed to have a compassion for them like I'm sure a lot did but they just had to play the role of those who were in favor for it during the time until they gained enough power to do something about it, sadly it took Abe to abolish it which was only the beginning of the battle for freedom of not just black people but many people of color for Equal Civil Rights which took Decades to get so long after Abe people like JFK, MLK and Rosa Parks had to carry the torch to win this sturggle and even til this day it's a problem because I've came across a lot of people who are aware of the NWO and I've witnessed bigotry from A LOT of us truthers who are awake and know what's going on just as much as us here. (that's why I like ATS I haven't witnessed any of that here.)

But getting back to the question since both Republicans and Democrats masonic or not favored slavery and we have had plenty politicians who were K.K.K, Bohemians, Skull & Bones, so w.t.f.? The best answer I really can come up with is the masses themselves the answer isn't going to come from any of these guys since the only two choices we do have are an Oligarchy or a Republic and even that is flawed, best idea is for THE PEOPLE to overthrow what they have and put all their Constitutions and Bill of Rights to it's proper use (speaking Globally)

Haven't you heard the saying "Don't send a boy to do a Mans Job?", "Can't get something done right unless you do it yourself?"

Our Ancestors and Wisemen knew what the f**k they were talking about and I think it's high time we put what we know to good use instead of rant about it all day.

Especially with 2012 approaching.

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posted on May, 21 2009 @ 04:38 PM
reply to post by anarcissus


Because I'm bout to open my own topic on this since no one seems to active in this one but we have even more choices BESIDES Ron Paul, Mike Gravel, and Dennis Kucinich

Let's talk about the outspoken Congressmen within the Financial Services Subcommittee

Some like.....this newly elected CHARISMATIC speaker from Florida...

ALAN GRAYSON!!!!!!!!!!

posted on May, 21 2009 @ 05:01 PM
reply to post by anarcissus

This thread is either

1. Dead.


2. Speechless.

posted on May, 21 2009 @ 10:52 PM
wow, love this guy, just too bad that everyone beleives everything they hear from the tv or this man would of been elected to pres and we wouldnt be in the situation we are in today, but owe well let the uneducated people realize that tv, media lie, and lie above the heavens, then maybe everyone will wake up and actually want some real change!

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