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E-Cigarette Tax Coming? (Smokers Must Read)

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posted on May, 20 2009 @ 12:31 PM
Edit: In case you have no idea what an e-cigarette is, you can start by looking at this thread, first:

They can't ban them -- they have no justifiable reason to ban them.
If word gets out about these, and they catch on the way we all know they will, the cigarette/tobacco industry could collapse, virtually overnight.

The state DEPENDS on tobacco sales revenue, I'm talking about taxes of course, to fund things like impoverished childrens' health care.

Unfortunate for the state that e-cigarettes deliver nicotine without the bulky, leafy tobacco, and it doesn't yet know how to tax a 4gram cylinder of nicotine and glycol.

Ergo, if they decide NOT to ban e-cigarettes, and they can't stop it from mushrooming in popularity, the tobacco industry will collapse, impoverished children will burn a hole in the budget, and millions of smokers will save money.-- But not for long!

In comes the government, to regulate the #$!@ out of e-cigarettes, in order to TAX the $#!% out of e-cigarettes.

Plug that Alex Jones gave last week
Google News on "e-cigarette"

Oh yea, and in case you're a smoker and you don't know about these, find out quick

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posted on May, 26 2009 @ 12:18 AM
good topic,,,,,

well,,, this is a little off topic,,,, but about cigarettes no less

let's say someone i know orders cartons online,,,,,,,since in nj it's like 7.40 a pack,,,,, which is ridiculous,,,,,,when i started it was 2.25 a pack

how does a product ,,, that's exactly the same ,,,,,no new bells or whistles,,,, almost triple in cost in 12-13 years

it's beyond outrageous

anyway------here's what i'm hearing

when you stop ordering from these online sllers,,, they will actually turn you in,,,,and you'll get a notice from the state,,, saying you owe back taxes

i know crazy!!!!!!

also,,, a couple more people i know have gotten notices by certified letter,,,,from a state agency,,, i guess the state IRS/tax type people,,,,, saying thery owe the back taxes

one lady got a bill for 540.000 and another guy for 800.00

that's crazy

if you buy a product such as,,,,,a "as seen on tv" product or whatever,,,,,,,and it sent to you from another state,,,,,,,you don't have to pay taxes,,,,,at least not your own state taxes

this is scary,,,, the person i know,,, is now petrified to stop ordering or switch suppliers for fear of being "gotten" or basically screwed!!!!!

i guess the old saying buyer beware is quite appropriate

ps---- this is happening in nj,,,,,,there's legislation to tax farts being discussed in our legislator

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posted on May, 26 2009 @ 12:41 AM
No second hand smoke from these e-cigs to passively ingest.
No yukky smokers smell either.
It's smokers keeping their habit to themselves.
Should be a godsend for the non-smokers lobby.
But all we hear is *crickets*

Well non-smokers here is the proof that this is about MONEY and not about HEALTH , yours or ours.
If nicotine in and of itself caused cancer, then nicotine patches, gum etc wouldn't have been approved.

Of course, us smokers always knew it wasn't out of concern for our health that we got taxed to death. It's good to have my instincts validated.

posted on Feb, 3 2012 @ 08:41 AM
i'd like to say this about e cigs, They work! i haven't had a real (or analogue) cigarette in the month since i got my e cig (although i prefer the term personal vapouriser). my decision to change was based on having a go on a friends and they do the job of a cigarette better than a cigarette! there is no need for an ashtary they don't smell bad, they can be 'vaped' pretty much everywhere and they come in all sorts of flavours not just tobacco. i took mine to my local football (soccer) game and had quite the response at least 30 people inquired as to what it was and what it did and there was no backlash from non smokers, they all thought it was a brilliant idea. currently with the liquid in the UK it is about £5 for 10ml of the nicotine fluid (e-liquid/e-juice) and that lasts me a lot longer than 25 grams of tobacco did (that cost me around £7.50p but packs of cigs are like £6.70p for 20, thats a lot of cash for a 20 a day habit) and that price has just gone up and up. the government should have no ground to place a tax on these (like the post above says if they tax e-liquid they will have to then tax nicotine gum, spray, patches and inhalers) but they will do something when the cheque from the tobacco industry starts getting smaller. i hope that never happens but i can see smokers all over the world converting because they want to smoke inside after being forced out into the cold, this technology probably wouldn't even be as popular now if they hadn't introduced the smoking ban. i can see personal vapourisers totally replacing real cigarettes in the next 10 years.

posted on Feb, 3 2012 @ 08:53 AM
The e-cigs are good, just takes a bit to get used to inhaling a little differently. Quite correct on the taxes.
Why should the burden fall solely on smokers to fund child healthcare? Every tax payer should be included.And the government can't figure out why the people are disgusted with them.

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