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Propaganda, What Propaganda?

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posted on May, 20 2009 @ 10:53 AM
It hasn’t even been more than a few days since the meeting of Netanyahu & Obama but yet we already see the propaganda machine on a full court press. I mean really guys can you at least give us a week before pounding the war drums for an invasion of yet another country who has not declared war on us nor has the capacity to actually do anything to us? Today on all the MSM pages across the country I get this slapped in my face. “Ahmadinejad Says It Test Fired Missile That Could Hit Israel, US Bases in Mideast” or Iran Tests Missile, Says It’s Within Israel’s Range and on and on I think you get the hint. The weird thing is when you delve into the announcement Iran doesn’t even say “Hey look, we have bomb, Israel and America be ready.” Or “We have bomb, down with the infidels.” No they came out and said this:

"The defence minister (Mohammad Mostafa Najjar) told me today that we launched a Sejil-2 missile, which is a two-stage missile and it has reached the intended target," Ahmadinejad said in a speech in the northern town of Semnan.
"I was told that the missile is able to go beyond the atmosphere then come back and hit its target. It works on solid fuel," Ahamdinejad added to cheers from the crowd.
"This is a two-stage missile carrying two engines with combined solid fuel," Najjar said at the time, adding that the missile was named Sejil.

When is this madness going to end? We have two wars going and are now trying to pick a third and a fourth with Iran and Pakistan. What is Iran going to do come over on camels and invade us? Let me guess they will come over with their huge fleet of old US jets we gave them in the 70s and bomb us I’ll bet THAT is what we’re worried about. I mean where is the threat from Iran to the US? Here’s the answer, there is none. In fact last I checked Iran hasn’t invaded ANY country in the past 100 years or so which is more than I can say for us. The war drums are banging either for one of two reasons and I’ll let you guys debate which one. The drums are either banging because of Israel or they are banging because Iran has a nice oil supply and we like oil. Not only that the military industrial complex would LOVE those extra billions to send to their off shore tax free accounts in the Caymans wouldn’t you KBR?

I don’t know but last I checked we were bankrupt. We are borrowing money from countries like Mexico, Chile, & Columbia to fund our wars. We are in hock to China for almost $1 trillion dollars. We are sending billions of dollars over to banks who are insolvent all for the privilege of lending it back to us at interest. We already give countries like Israel tens of billions of dollars a year in “aid” aka weapons and free money is this not enough? We have to now go fight their wars because they refuse to have talks with Iran or at least TRY to pursue a two state solution in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict?

This is a touchy subject on all sides so I know the debate is going to get heated but really my point wasn’t to debate the middle east it was more to show you how the two party crime family uses the media to push agendas. I can’t say it would be the first time words were minced or we were out right lied to for the purpose of war. I’m all for national security but I’m for security when there is actually a threat of invasion and not more imperial causes for the benefit of a select few.

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