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Mother, son missing in forced chemo case

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posted on May, 22 2009 @ 07:13 PM

Originally posted by xynephadyn
Chemo Kills--- and that judge had no right to impinge upon the mothers beliefs that Chemo Kills. Incase you havent heard how awful Chemotherapy is--- research it on the internet.

Im glad the mother took off- the government has no right to force us or our children to do chemotherapy if we get cancer.

This case reminds me of Nazi Germany for several reasons:
The state acts like it owns the child.
Chemotherapy is far from pleasant (think torture). The Nazi's did experiments with it in Concentration Camps.

Am I the only one to notice the irony of the fact that a 13 year old girl can get an abortion without her parents' consent or even knowledge in some cases, but here a judge is ordering chemo for 13 year old boy who doesn't want it with agreement of his parents?

posted on May, 23 2009 @ 12:41 AM
reply to post by nunya13

Okay, I know the parents don't see what they're doing as neglect or abuse, but CPS or whoever doesn't see it that way. And by defying court-ordered treatment by a judge, the mother is going to be in big trouble if the authorities ever catch her.

I know that the parents mean well, and they do not want their son to suffer through chemo and stuff, but it's worth trying it again, in my opinion, if it could possibly help him or cure him.

If there were no other options other than chemo and radiation, it would be fine then to try different treatments. But what other effective treatments are there? I haven't heard of anything else that can cure cancer, other than surgery.

posted on May, 23 2009 @ 12:50 AM
reply to post by Amagnon

As for response to you
You think that a law you disagree with is stupid because you disagree with it, is that right? Laws are made to protect people, and keep people from doing things that are wrong, or stupid, or illegal, you know? If you wanted to kill somebody, would you say that the law against murder is stupid?

And furthermore,
a kid should not be allowed to decide that he should kill himself, or let himself die. He is way too young for that! He's only 13! He should have his whole life ahead of him, if he would do the chemo treatments and try harder to get better! And if his parents would cooperate and let him be treated!

posted on May, 23 2009 @ 05:51 AM
Chemo kills. I would never take it myself, nor allow it to be given to anyone I have the power to protect from it. I would never use alopathic medicine. It's barbaric. There are legitimate alternative therapies, and I'd try every one of them before I'd let a traditional western witch doctor cut me and drug me. Chemo killed my mother.
Mamograms cause cancer, and I'd never have one of those, either. When are the people going to figure out that they are being experimented upon by legal drug dealers?
Try eating real food and you might be suprised that you don't need doctors.
This is a dangerous slippery slope of not allowing people to decide on their own treatment.

posted on May, 23 2009 @ 02:19 PM
Pook, is the child the responsibility of the parents or not?
This child had one session of chemo and had a life threatening reaction to it.
He doesn’t want to experience that again.
So if he dies from the treatment, you are OK with that?

The point of this whole discussion is whether the State owns the child or the parents.
The parents have seen what that one chemo treatment did to him.
He suffered greatly.
They are doing what they believe is right, and everyone else should just butt out.

What would you think if now CPS should get hold of the child; he is forced to take chemo.
And he dies from the reaction to it.

How then will you feel about it?
Could the parents sue?
Liekly not, as big Pharma and the Med Cartel hold the reigns of power.

How does it feel to know that there is a power that can override your own right to make decisions for yourself and your loved ones?

posted on May, 23 2009 @ 04:07 PM

Please change the title of this thread from

"Mother, son missing in forced chemo case"


"We Argue about Chemo being Poisonous Torture or Statically Backed Science"

That is all.

Thank you for your time.

posted on May, 25 2009 @ 02:11 PM

AP: Brown County sheriff's office says Daniel Hauser and his mother have returned to Minnesota

posted on May, 25 2009 @ 05:57 PM
Article link

A 13-year-old cancer patient and his mother who fled authorities to keep him from having to undergo chemotherapy have been returned to Minnesota, a spokesman for the Brown County Sheriff's Office said Monday.

Read the CNN article for full info on this kid and his mum's return.

posted on May, 26 2009 @ 12:54 AM
I am really glad the mother brought the kid back! I hope they try the chemo again, and radiation and that he gets well.

[edit on 26-5-2009 by muffingirl]

posted on May, 26 2009 @ 08:59 AM
I am very happy that they returned home and are no longer on the run, since that is no place for a child, especially a sick child. But I still believe that Daniel and parents will have the right to chose the course of treatment that they wish.

posted on May, 26 2009 @ 01:16 PM
reply to post by muffingirl

That's what this discussion boils down to. When is it okay for the gov't to step in and decide your neglecting or abusing your child?

Why did the court decide chemo is the only effective treatment? It's not like they said the parents have to provide some form of treatment other than the mother administering home remedies. They told the parents that chemo is the only way. The parents were not given an option of having to at least find a doctor that has alternative treatments.

I don't know what other alt. treatments there are out there. It seems there are some in this thread who do and you should talk to them. I just know that they are out there and if this were my child I would at least go about finding an experienced professional who knows of another, less dangerous way of healing my child. But, like I said, these parents weren't given that option.

I don't think it's okay that the mom is administering home remedies without some sort of formal education regarding these treatments, but I also don't think it is okay for the gov't to decide there is only one right way to treat cancer.

This case has several factors to it:

1. When does gov't intervention become too intrusive in cases like these?
2. Is it okay for the gov't to force you to administer medical treatments they deem to be effective.
3. Is chemo really the only form of treatment that is okay for cancer?

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