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Remnants of the Illuminati

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posted on Nov, 14 2009 @ 03:01 PM
Hey, sorry haven't read anything or posted anything here in quite a while.

Can somebody give me brief synapsis of what you have found out about Maban?

posted on Nov, 23 2009 @ 10:42 AM
I last heard from Maban about 3 or 4 months ago I think. He said that he finally had some time to sort of disappear and relax a bit, but was still working hard.

I tried to email him a few more times with no luck.

I will post if I hear from him.

posted on Apr, 19 2010 @ 02:29 PM
I found something quite random that intrigues me.

The "Chintimani Stone" seems to be very similar, if not identical to, the LAV.


Interestingly, the word 'maban' means a magical stone in Aboriginal culture.

edit - Just realized this was a thread on Shards that Oconnection started. Would be interesting to pursue.

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posted on Apr, 29 2010 @ 11:27 AM
reply to post by emsed1

The LAV (I forget the precise full name, so I will stick with the acronym) is, in my earnest opinion a complete fabrication. Whether Maban was himself deceived into believing in it, or merely sought to deceive those whom he mentioned it to, is a matter for conjecture. Maban is not here, he cannot clarify one way or another, so I don’t trouble myself with the whys and the wherefores. It is likely that he or they or whomever, utilised ‘legends’ and ‘myths’, such as the Chintamani to construct the LAV, many such things are written into human history and appear across all cultures.

In my opinion, limited as it may be, the Chintamani, like the Ark of the Covenant, was an attempt to bring several similar tribes under one single unified banner, either against a common foe or for the material benefit of an elite rulership. It has been carried forward in beliefs, because people want to believe and those that believe are far easier to control. It is not such a bad idea, in theory, but it is an idea often adopted by less than altruistic people.

After all is said and done, to me, whatever Maban was, whatever it was that he belonged to, he was a remnant, just as Judiasm, Christianity and Islam are, just as Republicanism and Freemasonry are, the whole kit and kaboodle. They are the skins that the snake shed long ago and have proven time and time again to have no purpose in our very real need for salvation. Our imaginations will save us, but not while we waste our energy on escaping from the # we’re in. Religion and beliefs serve a purpose certainly, but until we all realise the subjectivity of such experience, those beliefs are a hinderance and nothing more. ‘Miracles’ seem to happen, but it is not ever something that should be relied on, and certainly not on the scale that we now need.

What stays with me, from the ‘Maban Experience’ is what he said about the human brain, it is, as he pointed out, the most powerful super computer ever created, and it’s creation was set in motion, not by alien intervention or a supernatural force, but by the creation of the Universe itself. It was bound to happen, it had to happen, because those are the parameters that were set by whoever, or whatever created this Universe.

“By the time of the dryopithecines – only a few seconds ago, by a rock’s standard of time – the number of nerve cells and the complexity of synaptic connections in the savage brain had been rising for millions of years. When the australopithecine ‘Lucy’ stood upon the shores of Lake Turkana, the columns of her neocortex were already more alive with neurotransmitters, neuromodulators and electrical charges that anything yet seen on Earth. As if following some true compass, the australopithecine lineages were diversifying into newer, even larger brained tribes. Sooner of later one of those diverse branches was bound to reach a neural threshold.

By the time Mitochondrial Eve appeared, the threshold had been reached and exceeded. Out of inanimate carbon, hydrogen, phosphorus and sulphur had emerged consciousness. Carbon and calcium knew fire and flint and most important, it knew itself. Knowing itself, and lonely, it amassed in the riverworlds. With consciousness and massing behaviour, both promise and dread entered the world. Anything that thinks can build. Anything that builds can destroy.”

P337 ‘Return to Sodom and Gomorrah: Bible Stories from Archaeologists’ by Charles Pellegrino.

God, whatever that means, did nothing other than programme the settings, press the button and let the whole shebang fly, beyond that he/she/it had nothing more to do, has had no further input, there has been no need to tamper with the settings because this is what happens in this Universe. Life follows a path of ever increasing complexity, and so far, we are the highest example of where that complexity will lead (as far as we know). It is time to cast aside the esoterics and understand that we live an exoteric life where most of our existence is and has been explained. Sure there will be the need to rewrite this and that, but for the most part, apart from the who and why it all started, most of those questions have been or can be answered. We have enough knowledge to know that whoever that creator may have been, they do not discriminate on race or religion, or even species, we are all, plant, mineral, animal, human, constituents of the same building blocks of existence and we are all equally entitled to existence. There is no right or wrong, in fact what we do is of no consequence at all, we appeared in the blink of the Universe’s life, we will vanish just as quickly.

We stand right now, the human species, on the brink of our own destruction. Some may choose to bury their heads in beliefs in the vain hope of a saviour, be it super-natural, alien or the ‘creator’ themselves. I choose, personally, the cold hard reality that we are facing extinction, and that every step that we currently take, is taking us closer to that.

I will live forever, or rather the composite parts of me will, even if this world blows apart and is scattered to the four thousand million billion corners of the Universe, the carbon, phosphorus and sulphur that make up my being will eventually be reconstituted in some other life form, because that is the way of the Universe, nothing is ever wasted, it can all be recycled. A little of my consciousness may even, perhaps in the form of charged electrons, remember this existence, but if not, there will be new forms to explore. That to me is far more exciting and comforting than any concept of an afterlife. But while I have a life, here on Earth, and a consciousness with which to know myself, I will hope that we will find a way to continue to live on this incredibly beautiful planet, to continue to evolve and develop before this planet realises that we are a parasite out of control. The Earth doesn’t need us, we are little more than pestilence, the planet will continue unabated without us, and if we don’t change collectively as a species, then so be it, we have no right to be here. Earth existed for 5 billion years without us, and will go on to thrive for many more billions of years after we have gone.

The only unique thing about us, is that we have this amazing brain, we all walk around with a super computer in our heads, with capabilities we have only begun to explore. Linked, via the vast telecommunication system that encompasses our world, we have the ability and the capability, right here, right now, to change the future, to stop our own extinction. We won’t do that as long as people hold onto the past and cling onto the dead skins of a less knowledgeable people, we must only look forward to what we can be, let go of what we have been, look round at the present and know that we can’t continue in this way. We must shed the remnant beliefs of our past and go boldly forward into the future without fear and superstition, together, united as a species under threat. We had better be quick about it though, time is not on our side. The sooner we realise how incredibly unimportant and insignificant we are to this vast life-form we call the Universe the closer we will come to joining with it in it’s life journey. We have a choice, we can be the architects of our destruction or of our salvation, but either way, it is up to us.

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posted on May, 12 2010 @ 09:26 AM
Speaking of the Lumen ab Verum...

The Hopi have a prophecy that seems to be coming true in front of our eyes.

One part of it, though, sounds very familiar.

Hopi Clan Rocks were given out to all four races a long time ago.

They are stored by race in the following locations:
White - Switzerland
Black - Kilimajaro Mountains in Africa
Yellow - Tibet
Red - Hopi land

A white man will come and restore the Fire Clay tablet.

These relics sound so familiar to the stories of other cultures, whether they be the clay tablets of Moses, the Chintimani Stone, the Holy Grail, the Ark of the Covenant...

...or even that weird cave with the light coming out of it on Lost.

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