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ISRAEL with no arms

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posted on Jun, 19 2009 @ 04:23 PM

Originally posted by TheWalkingFox

You say Dier Yassin was perpetrated by "right-wing extremist groups" - Yes, Irgun and Lehi were involved. But so was the armed wing of Haganah, the Palmach. The main body of Haganah also resupplied ammunition and arms to Lehi and Irgun when they ran low. Oh, and let's not forget that after Israel declared independence, irgun became part of the IDF. Oh, and so was Lehi.

Wasn't the attack on Dier Yassin in retaliation to the Arabs rioting and killing 41 Jews?

In which, the Arab rioting was in retaliation to the LEHI Members who threw bombs into a group of oil refinery workers in Haifa, killing six.

It's also important to point out that the ALA (Arab Liberation Army), also considered by many terrorist or 'extremist' group, were dispersed and planted in many of those aforementioned villages; thus, placing the villagers in direct harm's way.

Both sides have committed acts that aided in continuing the conflict.

However; wouldn't the majority of the blame lie with Britain, and her many different agreements? Had this been resolved in the outright beginning, with a proper and definitive declaration, instead of the many different Agreements and subsequent papers, would it have lasted this long?

posted on Jun, 19 2009 @ 04:33 PM
reply to post by TheWalkingFox

You were denying that there were any massacres, any depopulations, any slaughters.

No , i was not.

or do you perhaps meaning slaughtering villages with Czechoslovakian weapons back in 1948?

This is what i was denying. There was a war in 1948, and it was not Israel vs villages. While there were war crimes commited (and by both sides), Israel did not buy fighter planes to massacre people in villages. It bought planes because Egypt bombed Israel. And so on and on.

Once again, you're defending mass murder.

You were denying that there were any massacres, any depopulations, any slaughters.

Also i fail to see where i justify those war crimes. Or deny depopulation/ ethnic cleansing of Palestinian Arabs and SEVERAL cases of murdering civilian population. I think that putting words in my mouth is not going to make what happened any different. There was a war, BOTH sides did barbaric stuff, BOTH sides did not punish whoever did it. One side won so it did much more bad things. This is not justification. This is what happened.
What i do not justify is taking a few out of the ordinary examples (like Dir Yassin) and basing on this throwing "slaughtering villages"; or using "and" while grouping two different cathegories; or taking numbers (like 1 in hundred" out of the blue; or placing words that i never said in my mouth.
You kind of miss the fact that there were two sides, don't you? Violence was going on since 1929, and surely Hebron massacre was not done by Egypt/Syrian or Jordan forces, but by local militias. Nobody was punished too. So while it is totally correct to question/ blame Israeli actions, it is totally wrong to paint the other side white.
And as for Israel paying for its crimes, well - for last 60 years it is what it does, this conflict goes on and on and there is no end. Personally i think that there should be money compensation, but i doubt that Palestinians would agree to that. And Israel would never agree to refugees return.

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