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The Blasphemy Challenge, A Response, You Are Always Divine and Loved

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posted on May, 19 2009 @ 02:50 PM
Millions of you have watched the video, and many millions more have watch the blasphemy responses to the blasphemy responses, a process of which is the brain child of The Rational Response Squad. What the heck does rationality have to do with spirituality?

So over a thousand people get up and display their despair in video form, denying the existence of the Holy Ghost, beckoning damnation to hell. I am am encouraged by people grabbing a small moment of empowerment, but honestly, instead of a lifetime of empowerment these well meaning souls have set up a potential mind screw for life that most likely will rear it's ugly head in a moment of crisis, and well there is no way to deny Spirit, it is or it is not.

I am not sure what the the Spirit is, but Spirit is very close to my own life experience, and it is a shame that these people have not experienced it, because for me it is a wondrous thing.

I assert in this video, humanity is Divine, as many people believe. With that Divinity comes an inherent connection to source, not to be perverted by Christianity, or any other religion.

What gets me is the variation of the people who are putting up these videos, from every walk of life, however it is the young people that distresses me. People say, we see no signs of a Holy Ghost, or God, we have given up, we are ready to throw ourselves into the pit from despair, and live this life with no thought of anything higher than our own mortality.

And I see this not only on this YouTube Challenge but in many of the posters on this forum often feel the same way. Have people asked I wonder? Have they really asked? Have you asked? Have you asked for signs of there being more to life, such as the existence of Spirit? Not in the media, or outside yourself through world events, but for you personally, not as presented to you?

Also why have these people just given up. When should we let the torch drop, for those who have lost the sense and the wonderment of life having any kind of spiritual presence. Should there be a no man left behind policy, or well, do we just be quiet and let them go their way without sharing our personal optimism.

My Response

The Original Challenge

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