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{Source}New hope for development of H1N1 vaccine

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posted on May, 18 2009 @ 11:54 PM

Researchers at a South Korean university say they have discovered a candidate strain for an H1N1 vaccine, though it has not yet been approved by health authorities in the United States or the World Health Organization.

The strain is a genetically modified version of a live virus, and could lead to a vaccine against H1N1 -- commonly known as swine flu, said Seo Sang-heui, a professor at Chungnam National University's College of Veterinary Medicine in South Korea.

"We created a candidate strain," Seo told CNN on Wednesday. The strain would still have to undergo additional testing and tweaking, but Seo believes it could be the right one to develop a vaccine.

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Well, it seems like the slew of vaccines are going to be coming up in the coming months. I am not so sure I trust this kind of news however. I mean the CDC said it would take 6 months to even start thinking about a vaccine, and now all of the sudden they have a "candidate" strain.

Much less it's manipulated by scientists at every turn.

Any thoughts?


posted on May, 19 2009 @ 05:10 AM
I read this on CNN- I think our links are the same, or similar :

I worry about a live vaccine, as that would mean that anyone given it would be in danger of contracting it (vs. a killed or attenuated virus); the people waiting in the clinic to receive it would be exposed to recently vaccinated people (and therefore, contagious!) and the vaccine could hit Wal-Marts, etc., and infect millions.

It's a choice I'm not sure I would want to make. Kudos to S. Korea for NOT waiting for the pharmas to step in, but is a live vaccine worth the risk it imposes to all of us? Not sure. Personally, I wouldn't take it, but I can't advise anyone regarding their own health...


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