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It's Official: Bush Admin Saw Iraq As Religious War

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posted on May, 19 2009 @ 11:01 PM

Originally posted by Kokatsi
reply to post by jd140

Bush WAS quoted as being inspired by God to win that war. It would be easy to prove this from mainstream media.
It was quite some years ago. The linking of his private beliefs to the act of war caused quite an uproar, not his belief per se.

The thing is, he tolerated such document covers for a reason.
As Commander-in-Chief, he is responsible.

I am not against God, but America is a secular republic. By perpetrating and/or allowing these formalities our leaders sank to the level of Muslim fundamentalists they so despise.

OK, I have not seen these myself etc. But to my standards of testing truth they pass as believable.
If somebody posted a theory that Bush was secretly a mushroom, that would be difficult for me to accept even with scientific reasoning...

Just because he claimed to talk to Jesus doesn't mean that he is responsible for those cover sheets.

General Shaffer can put whatever he wants on his cover sheets. It has nothing to do with the President.

Besides that theres that whole Freedom of Speech thing. If Bush had told him not to put that on the sheets and that story got out, then you guys would be ripping him on that.

Proceed with the Bush bashing. I didn't mean to attempt to ruin the party.

posted on May, 20 2009 @ 05:49 AM
That's not how the military operates.

You forget the chain of command.
Freedom of speech works in the military quite differently. In fact, often it does not really exist. Not on matters related to duty or national security, or even national image.
(You have freedom of speech but you may have to leave - and then you have sworn to secrecy, that's how it mostly goes.) I have worked for the US military, albeit not for long.

It is always the top officer that is regarded as responsible for the whole thing, image and all, even if a lower no-name did it and the top officer does not even know about it - unless Bush or others higher up than that general in the chain of command have openly denounced that officer on record and tried to remove such quotes for example.

The same applies to Mr. Obama.

Regardless of your affiliation, you probably recognize that great power should go with great responsibility.

This is a small matter of image. Yet if I had been in the military under Bush, I would have resented Bible quotes on high orders if my own religion was Moslem, even more if it was Wiccan, Celtic, Buddhist or if I was an atheist.

In fact I might have left the Army in disappointment. The US is a secular democracy - precisely in order to ensure religious freedom. I do not have to lecture on that. So what am I doing on foreign soil to fight for someone else's religious ideas?

The problem is pretense and hypocrisy.

Saudi Arabia says they are a theocracy. So they are free to put Koranic verses on military materials. We are a secular republic, so we are not. If we are to become a Christian republic, we should modify the Constitution accordingly - as long as the people agree. The majority would not.

See that is a problem with the Bushists - they fit Saudi Arabia more than they fit a modern secular state with freedoms and all. Despite all their rhetoric about democracy.

People I know who sided with them do not really understand the type of legal freedom the US was founded to maintain. Do you?

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