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I've got a fasicating dream from just days ago.

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posted on May, 18 2009 @ 07:58 AM
First off the nouns and then the verrberations. lastly comment

Barscene, karaoke to serenade the fiance, last call, parking lot at two in the morning sunlight at a late afternoon hieght illuminating the sky

as i wrote this dream down. it started with me having to deliver scrolls and messages to those that which had it sent to them. did that n my own joking passive mannor about twelve messages on parchment.
after my duty was done i met up with my fiance and a friend and his sig other. we were getting bored and offered to serenade my fiance with a karaoke. to which she declined and short there with after last call. this happend July tenth; we left to the parking lot to only notice the Sun was high noon in the sky at Winter. we walked around the bar establishment as we made it to the parking lot I looked back at the Sun to which had changed an "Oh-no" was said as I preceived the Sun as a wide span winged bird like an albotros or condor and A beefy looking malefigure emittanting from that which spot the Sun WAS and it tended to glow a white haze around to which I describe as the sainty aura easing to the eayes and pleasent to the preception. as I turned around whilest walking still 2wards the car my friend one of the three in my party deceased, thereafter hitting his head on a couple stones like a punlic stoning.
after we got to the car there was a roar then to the right of my preception area a shuttle all black with a convoy of all black air vehicles were tailing aside this shuttle with the tragecory towards the Sun. it was flying extremely slow altitudethe letters were, on the shuttle in english and of the coulr gray or off white.

*message delevry to the house i was at elves abode. the messenger hadst thou elves one message to with i wasn't allow to customary tip the delivery man of whom had an entourage.

**There was an EXPO happening in Vancouver they brought in old displays from the previos EXPO multiculturalism in '86 there I had to rename my daughter, she named her self; i linkedin tmy last name my grandparents were there it was in Vancouver it changed between the spots at home and the ROBOT EXPO grounds someone came into the home there were colourful obselete giant robots at the gate that they setup themselves and tended to look buylky and

like a QT Pulp fiction eh?? WERDI

posted on May, 18 2009 @ 08:08 AM
In terms of dream interpretation I would say that you feel you have a very important message to deliver to the world, one that might set you free!

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