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School Worker 'Dies Of Swine Flu' In New York

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posted on May, 18 2009 @ 07:29 AM

Mitchell Wiener died on Sunday evening, Flushing Hospital Medical Centre spokesman Andrew Rubin told AP news agency.

A woman and child wear masks while waiting in the subway system in New York Masks on NY subway Intermediate School 238 in Queens, where Mr Wiener worked, is one of 11 closed in New York City over swine flu fears.

By the time the school shut on Thursday, Mr Wiener, 55, had already been sick for nearly a week.

I guess it's not to surprising, I still think this variant is something we should be taking seriously, but this is not the one that is going to be the repeat of the Spanish flu.

It's a bit worrying that the school stayed open for a week after this guy was sick tho, I wonder how much contact he could of had... New york is a bad city to get the swine flu, and a school in new york is almost a perfect incubator I would think.


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