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A history of Ufology and other random ufo history and information.

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posted on May, 18 2009 @ 01:37 AM
Just wanted to show everyone a brief history of ufology and some info that is good to know about the subject. This will be the first in depth post I've made so if there is spots people think I could have done better please let me know.

First a definition of the word is good to know "

Ufology (pronounced /juːˈfɒlədʒɪ/) is a neologism coined to describe the collective efforts of those who study unidentified flying object reports and associated evidence.

Most of the first recorded U.F.O. sightings by the Air Force were recorded in what was called "Project Sign", which lasted no more than a year. All cases recorded were ordered to be destroyed.

After this U.F.O. info started being collected with an Air Force Operation called "Project Blue Book." During the 22 years Project Blue Book was active 12,618 U.F.O sightings occurred and 701 of those sightings remained unidentified.

A couple of sightings I know of and one of which I have a similar experience to are: The Battle of Los Angeles, the link includes good pictures and info of an event that happened
over Los Angeles in 1942.

Another sighting I had a similar experience too was the Kenneth Arnold Sighting of 1947. The post I made about the similar experience can be read here.

Good sites for finding U.F.O. info include UFO Case Book, MUFON and UFO Today

The Vallée system, created by Jacques Vallée was a system used for recording UFO information. The table shown here is how the system works:

Type - I (a, b,c, d)- Observation of an unusual object, spherical discoidal, or of another geometry, on or situated close to the ground (tree height, or lower), which may be associated with traces - thermal, luminous, or mechanical effects. a - On or near ground. b - Near or over body of water. c - Occupants appear to display interest in witnesses by gestures or luminous signals. d - Object appears to be “scouting” a terrestrial vehicle. Type - II (a, b,c) - Observation of an unusual object with vertical cylindrical formation in the sky, associated with a diffuse cloud. This phenomenon has been given various names such as “cloud-cigar” or “cloud-sphere.” a - Moving erratically through the sky b - Object is stationary and gives rise to secondary objects (sometimes referred to as “satellite objects”) c - Object is surrounded by secondary objects Type - III (a, b,c, d,e)- Observation of an unusual object of spherical, discoidal or elliptical shape, stationary in the sky. a - Hovering between two periods of motion with “falling-leaf” descent, up and down, or pendulum motion b - Interruption of continuous flight to hover and then continue motion c - Alters appearance while hovering - e.g., change of luminosity, generation of secondary object, etc. d - “Dogfights” or swarming among several objects e - Trajectory abruptly altered during continuous flight to fly slowly above a certain area, circle, or suddenly change course Type IV (a, b,c, d) - Observation of an unusual object in continuous flight. a - Continuous flight b - Trajectory affected by nearby conventional aircraft c - Formation flight d - Wavy or zig-zag trajectory Type V (a, b,c)- Observation of an unusual object of indistinct appearance, i.e., appearing to be not fully material or solid in structure. a - Extended apparent diameter, non-point source luminous objects (“fuzzy”) b - Starlike objects (point source), motionless for extended periods c - Starlike objects rapidly crossing the sky, possibly with peculiar trajectories

SETI is also an interesting device that lots of ufo researchers study up on.
SETI is the "Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence" info about this can be found on the website SETI .

posted on May, 18 2009 @ 01:41 AM
Many people around the world consider themselves ufologists and are responsible for many things you might know about but might not have known.
I am getting tired and don't feel like writing out the list so I will just link wikipedia link "List of Ufologists".

I wanted to go more in depth with this but am feeling quite tired so I'll just leave it with that an info and either come back or make a new more detailed post sometime within the next few days.

Anyways stars and flags please if you find any of this info good to know or if you think I did alright for a first somewhat detailed post.

Resources used were Ufology @ Wikipedia, , and Project Case Book

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